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WordPress vs Drupal: Which is Better?

Wordpress vs Drupal
WordPress vs Drupal: Which is Better? - Indeed, each CMS has a loyal following. But here I will show you about the two CMSs in full. Please read this article until it's finished so you know and you can determine which CMS you will use and for what needs?

WordPress vs Drupal: Which is Faster?

Site loading speed is the most influential thing if you want to bring in a number of visitors and at the same time increase website rankings in search engines.

Even though it looks attractive, websites with slow loading speeds won't make visitors feel at home for long.

We will describe what each CMS does and has as a guarantee that your site will go up in the search engine.


Drupal has the advantage of increasing the performance and speed of loading a website. One reason is that the CMS platform is not an intensive resource. Drupal allows speed in server communication and also response time.

In addition, Drupal is the best choice because it is equipped with various features and tools to manage websites that are composed of thousands of pages. Even on this platform, you are allowed to add more extensions or features in order to improve performance, such as enabling caching websites.


One of the disadvantages of WordPress is the element of speed. We do not say that this CMS cannot load quickly, but generally, webmasters cannot optimize their websites. It's just that, if you know what you want to do or learn various techniques to speed up WordPress performance, then you can just get a website with very fast loading.

Another alternative, use hosting that is managed specifically for WordPress. In this way, loading the site can be faster because your website is run on a server that is fully optimized for WordPress.

Basically, WordPress offers the best performance for your site. However, if you install a lot of plugins, have a theme that is coding that is incompatible or not good, and fails to optimize the website, then this will affect the performance and speed of loading the site.

However, if you want to optimize images, use caching plugins, choose the best quality hosting, and download themes as needed, then website loading will be faster.


On the one hand, Drupal is faster than WordPress. It's even more likely that this CMS is the lightest. It's just that, to activate and configure your site on the Drupal platform so that its performance is more optimal requires technical capabilities.

On the other hand, WordPress is able to make loading your website faster per second or even, unfortunately, makes loading a website very slow. Of course, there are factors that influence directly, namely the manager, hosting, and your ability and knowledge to optimize the site. Fortunately, anyone, even beginners, can easily optimize the performance of WordPress sites because basically you only need to install and configure several plugins.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which is Safer?

Whatever website is created, of course, you want a guarantee of security. It's just that, in the internet world, no one is 100% safe or protected from harmful activities. Because of that, at least you have to provide as much security as possible for your website.

We will describe the level of security that these two platforms have and conclude which platforms are safer.


Over the years, Drupal has claimed its position as one of the safest content management systems. Even Drupal used to be used by the White House to create their official website, as well as other government websites. So, at least you know that the security offered by Drupal is not a mere talk (although in the end, the government website has switched to WordPress.

Drupal once faced security issues, mostly due to SQL injection, but this problem was finally resolved properly.

One thing is certain, Drupal is not playing around about security. Because the fewer sites run on Drupal and the fewer themes and plugins offered, the risk of your site being hit by a hacker attack is very small. However, it does not mean Drupal overrides security. Security remains the priority of this CMS platform.


The WordPress core is very safe. However, because of the many plugins and themes provided by third parties, the WordPress core is very vulnerable to security issues.

The risk of getting a security threat is also caused by the large number of users who use this CMS platform. In fact, WordPress is the most hacked CMS. However, this fact should not make you worry and fear.

Actually, you can handle vulnerability to security. Generally, hacking occurs because webmasters use old versions of plugins that are no longer updated.

On WordPress, you are faced with a large collection of plugins and themes, so the opportunity to install plugins or themes that are not coded is great.

Always remember to keep WordPress secure so that your website can avoid any type of security attack.


Overall, Drupal is safer because the risk of being hacked is very small. This is due to two things. First, not many use Drupal so the opportunity to be targeted for hacking is not so great. Second, the availability of plugins and themes is not so much that the security level is not easily broken.

WordPress can be a safe platform, but even then if you know the right and right way to protect and secure the site. As explained above, the core of WordPress is actually safe. It's just that, if you fail to secure the core, for example, continue to use plugins and themes that have not been updated for a long time, then your site can be vulnerable to internet threats.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which Is More Flexible?

Let's just say you are not a reliable and professional web developer where you will only use themes and plugins to create and modify sites.

In this case, you need a flexible CMS so you can easily create sites, and also add features without having to master technical things, such as programming languages.

We will describe how flexible these two CMSs are.


Drupal customization is managed through extensions and modules. This is the same as WordPress which also uses themes and plugins.

It's just that Drupal customization is not so easy unless you know how to use coding. Most Drupal extensions must be located, install, and set up by your own, and this is not at all as easy as that offered WordPress.

You can see for yourself that Drupal-based sites are unique because most websites are created and developed by experienced professional developers.

If you are not an expert in website development, then you can't help but have to buy a Drupal theme that has been developed by experts or look for free themes.

There are also Drupal related modules that you can use to install and integrate features, such as Yoast, Twitter, Shopify, and many more.


WordPress offers many choices of plugins and themes. The core of your site will be created using themes, while additional features are added by installing plugins.

Not only is the free version, but you will also find a premium version of a set of themes and plugins. Generally, the premium version has better quality, equipped with a set of features, even offering professional support.

With WordPress, you can create any site.


If you are a beginner but want to keep managing web features and designs, WordPress is the best choice. While Drupal, this platform has a high learning curve so that it will require more capabilities if you want to create a website with a unique and interesting appearance.

However, if you are an expert in programming languages, Drupal is a better choice than WordPress because you can manage and develop the site according to your wants and needs.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which Is More SEO FRIENDLY

Search Engine Optimization is not based on what platform is used, but there are some tricks that make one better than the other. Of course how the site owner builds SEO on their site. Indeed, in fact, Drupal is built specifically for more friendly search engines, but WordPress has many plugins that can improve this SEO.

Drupal pages tend to load faster because of the default caching feature, and search engines place better preferences for websites faster. Drupal is also capable of handling large amounts of content. A large volume of useful content is important for SEO.

One big difference between the two is how they handle mobile sites. Many Drupal mobile themes run better than a subdomain, which creates two separate URLs to index in the search engine, namely and WordPress doesn't have a problem with this because most of the WordPress themes are responsive.

WordPress vs Drupal: WHO USES IT?

Drupal has the White House and The Economist as users, while WordPress has The New York Times and CNN. Because of the varied benefits discussed earlier, WordPress is the clear choice for the purpose of creating websites and content publishing, and Drupal is good for those who need a stable and measurable website without prioritizing aesthetics.

Overall, developers take to Drupal because it is strong and flexible, so they can work their magic on it and create their own solutions. Bloggers and small businesses who don't have the knowledge or time and want something very easy to use will choose for WordPress.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which Is More Cheapest COST

For both, it's free for you to download and use, but premium plugins and themes for Drupal are more expensive than WordPress because indeed Drupal is more complicated, while there are many free choices on WordPress.

But still, you have to remember, that if your website grows day by day, of course, you will need significant resources for the Server if you use WordPress, but you can handle it with the best hosting selection.

Search Engine Optimization is not based on what platform is used, but there are some tricks that make one better than the other. Of course how the site owner builds SEO on their site. Indeed, in fact, Drupal is built specifically for more friendly search engines, but WordPress has many plugins that can improve this SEO.

Drupal pages tend to load faster because of the default caching feature, and search engines place better preferences for websites faster. Drupal is also capable of handling large amounts of content. A large volume of useful content is important for SEO.

One big difference between the two is how they handle mobile sites. Many Drupal mobile themes run better than a subdomain, which creates two separate URLs to index in the search engine, namely and WordPress doesn't have a problem with this because most of the WordPress themes are responsive.

WordPress vs Drupal: Which Is can use MULTI-AUTHOR

If your website will be used as a publishing platform and you need the ability to let some authors enter, create profiles, and post articles then WordPress is certainly better.

There are various types of authors suggesting, from Subscriptions where you can only view content, to Editors who can edit other jobs. Of course, there are also Admin who control the site. As an Admin, you can also edit the capabilities of each user and create new roles, making WordPress very flexible in this area. You can also add roles in Drupal, but there are a few standard roles that have been set beforehand.

Drupal comes with a basic revision solution, so some writers can work on an article at the same time and see the edits tracked. WordPress requires a plugin to be able to do this, but there are many competent versions available.

Advantages of Drupal

Drupal offers the best level of security and also a variety of content customization options and high performance.

Here are some of the advantages Drupal has to offer:
  • Able to support various teams. Drupal has a sophisticated permission control system that allows easy management and user control. Drupal also offers a better level of flexibility than WordPress.
  • Various languages. Multi-language options are included with the core installation. If you want to create a website that offers a variety of language options, then you can do it easily.
  • The best choice for organizational content. If you want to publish a variety of content, you can use the complete Drupal taxonomy system. The system is very flexible and can be customized to meet established standards or content criteria.
  • Solid content customization capabilities. Drupal allows various custom content and page types. Even though you can add the same functionality to the WordPress site, the functionality is integrated into the Drupal core or core.

Excellence WordPress

WordPress excels in flexibility, ease of use, and a large community that is ready to help anytime.

Here are some of the benefits WordPress has to offer:
  • Easy to use. Even though it has a little learning curve, after trying to take the time to play with WordPress, you will realize that this cm is able to realize all your ideas and dreams. When compared to Drupal, WordPress is very easy to use, especially for novice webmasters and those who don't master technical understanding.
  • Flexible. With the many themes and plugins available, you can create the desired site without having to hire the services of a developer.
  • Cheap. Besides hosting and domain names, you also need themes and plugins to create a website, and these two tools can be obtained free of charge.
  • Large online community. Whatever the problem, whether related to support or the site, you can find a solution on Google. In addition, you will also find a variety of sites that are fully dedicated to WordPress so that you can improve your capabilities in a short time.


Choosing the best CMS website has become one of the important steps in creating a professional website. Using an improper CMS will only trouble you.

Overall, Drupal is a solid CMS. The platform has been equipped with various advanced features and has also been optimized for high performance and security. Although very flexible, Drupal has a quite difficult learning curve. If you don't want to bother learning about programming but want to create a website quickly, then choose WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS that is very intuitive and easy to use. Even though you can create various websites, both simple and large (like Mashable), WordPress is still friendly for novice webmasters.

By using the right combination of plugins, choosing a solid theme, and activating a quality hosting website, success is within your grasp. In addition, the popularity of WordPress that is increasingly mushrooming makes it easier for you to find and find various other useful tutorials and information that will help you deal with various problems that arise.

In conclusion, WordPress remains the best CMS website for Drupal vs WordPress cases.

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Advantages of WordPress Compared to Other Platforms

8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Must Installed to Boost Your SEO

8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress - To increase the power of SEO WordPress blog we definitely need an SEO plugin, which is where the role of this plugin really helps us to SEO optimization. one of them with SEO plugin that I share following, you need to know almost all WordPress users use an SEO plugin to set their SEO strategy . with the WordPress plugin would be easier to do optimization in managing WordPress blog. and on this occasion, I will share the 8 best SEO plugins for WordPress blog optimization . with the support of this plugin is expected WordPress site performance can get ranking in search results following this SEO plugin that you must have for your WordPress website.


SEO pressor plugin is a premium plugin that you can use to handle optimization on your WordPress blog. this plugin is deliberately sold premium because the features that are carried in this plugin is very complete for a WordPress blog, using SEO pressor plugin you will not need another SEO plugin. but if you want to use another plugin. so pressor can be directly compatible and side by side with other plugins. this is what makes this plugin very liked by WordPress users.

SEO Pressor

Main feature:
  • Supports keyword LSI

  • There is an SEO score for every post and this as your reference to predict SEO in every post

  • Automatic Internal Links

  • Automatic cloaking of external links

  • Supports to edit description

  • SEO Image Optimization

  • Dublin Core meta tag support Facebook Open Graph, Twitter and google plus

  • Automatic Tag Generator

  • Analysis 3 Target keywords

  • Post slug optimization


Yoas SEO

The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast puts a second SEO plugin that is widely used by WordPress users. This plugin also provides premium and free. and you can have it right now. many say that WP plugin is very helpful for WordPress blog owners. and myself love the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

Main feature
  • Import and export. This feature will be very useful if you have multiple sites, you need to configure the plugin on one of your sites and import settings for all other websites.

  • Support Breadcrumbs For Internal links

  • Optimize RSS feeds

  • XML Sitemaps

  • Facebook Open Graph, Twitter dan google plus

  • Analysis of the page by using this plugin we can content analysts through analysis with SEO scores and suggestions to improve search engine page optimization.

  • You can edit the .htaccess and robots.txt files of the WordPress dashboard.


Features that have plugin all in one SEO pack almost the same as WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. This SEO plugin also provides premium, if you want your SEO performance better use this plugin to handle your WordPress site. This plugin can also be used for online stores and other sales web.

All In One SEO Pack

Main feature:

  • Includes almost all the features of the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

  • URL Canonical

  • Advanced Page Navigation links

  • Google analytics support

  • SEO integration for the WordPress e-commerce site


The fourth plugin is also not inferior to another SEO plugin, with support features similar to another SEO plugin SEO Ultimate into a plugin you can use for SEO optimization. you can use this plugin for free that you can download on


Main feature:
  • Monitor 404: This plugin will monitor your blog for 404 (page not found) error.

  • Code / Script insertion - A panel where you will be able to enter the code and script in the blog header or footer.

  • Build automated internal links - This generates automatic internal links from posts to another post/ category/tags.

  • File Editor - A panel to make it easier for you to edit .htaccess and robots.txt

  • Meta Description Editor

  • Meta Keywords Editor

  • Meta tag Robot Editor

  • Nofollow Manager - You easily set no follow links on categories, tags, authors, feeds, comments, archive pages and more.

  • Slug optimizer

  • Title tag rewriter - this plugin will make SEO friendly post title automatically

  • Import and Export


SEO Friendly Images

Seo Friendly Images is the best and most popular SEO plugin for SEO image plugin. This allows you to automatically add title and Alt tags to your images based on the settings you provide in the configuration page. by using this free plugin you can easily add target keywords in title and alt image tags. It optimizes your blog completely which means you can optimize image seo on every post.


SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links provides automated SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and more. SEO Smart Link will automatically create keyword and phrase links in posts and comments that match your posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. so you will be made easier to create internal links using this plugin. for other options about the internal link, plugins can open the SEO plugin page for internal links.



Broken Link Checker plugin will help you to know broken link (broken link) which consequently is SEO on your site page will be bad for the search engine. by using this plugin we will know which broken links you can fix and which links you should throw away. Broken Link Checker plugin is free and can be found at

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Google XML Sitemaps is one of the best plugins for generating sitemaps automatically for WordPress blogs. Every time you publish a post. This plugin will automatically update to XML sitemap and ping search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You can also exclude certain categories in the sitemap. You can also change the priority of the page and content sitemaps through the very easy configuration screen.


Thus the 8 best plugins for WordPress. although there are many other SEO plugins, the best and popular plugin only on the 8 plugins. if you just started to create a WordPress blog you can use the best WP plugin for self-hosting blog. by using a plugin like this is expected SEO optimization will be easier and no less important SEO performance will further improve our blog site. hopefully, with this article, I share this helpful will also increase your view of the importance of the role of the plugin in building a WordPress site.

SEO Optimization in 5 Minutes to Achieve Google First Page

SEO Optimization in 5 Minutes to Achieve Google's First Page - Search engine optimization, or commonly known as SEO, is a popular term in the digital marketing world. SEO optimization can be said to work if our website has a good ranking on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for organic search results.

Speaking of SEO optimization, you can imagine if 1 of your product keywords appear on the # 1 page of Google, and the product page is visited by 1000 visitors per day, surely you can predict what will happen? Certainly, your handphone order will not stop ringing.

SEO Optimazion to Be on 1 Google

Ordering comes because Google is displaying your products on the first page! But is it easy to be on page 1 Google?

In practice, not all site owners understand all the technical stuff related to digital marketing. Generally, they need the help of digital marketing consultants to handle their online campaigns.

However, of course, the site owner must provide a fee that is not small to recruit a consultant or work with a digital marketing agency to manage the marketing of the site they build.

UpToPromo Offers Solutions

UpToPromo sees this constraint as a potential business opportunity. With the experience of managing over 100,000 SEO projects spread across Russia, Poland, Thailand, Hongkong and Indonesia, UpToPromo which is part of SEOPULT.RU's multinational SEO group and then creates an automated SEO solution tool that is easier to operate by layman though.

Automatic SEO services UpToPromo is an off page SEO optimization solution by using rapid backlink diversification for optimization of your site in TOP 10 Great on Google search. From this service, you will enjoy how SEO optimization is easy, fast and effective by simply selecting keywords, and let the system work.

With Automated UpToPromo SEO Tools you just simply spend 5 minutes on your website SEO optimization settings to get to the first page of Google.

Give me easy steps you can take for SEO optimization using Uptopromo services:

1. Register at

In this stage, you only need to enter the email and password that will be used to login to your account in

2. Add an optimization project

After you have finished registering, a page to add to the project will appear. To add a new project, you must enter the URL address.

3. Project Settings

Selecting keywords - After you enter the site for optimization, the system will automatically index your site, search and provide keywords/keywords that match your site.
Projects - To add an optimization project, the system will create a list of the keywords that best fit your site to get your site into the Top 10 Google rankings.
Create keywords - You can also enter your own keywords by typing them in a text box or uploading a list of keywords, then click "Add". Once you've set up your keyword list, do not forget to click "Add All". Finally, you can return to this option to add, subtract or edit selected keywords.

4. Budget Optimization

After the addition of keyword lists, the system will set each keyword for the anchor, the most appropriate URL and Budget page for keyword optimization.

Budget optimization starts from $3 for 1 keyword and optimization for 1 month

5. Start Optimization

To enable optimization you only need to do top ups worth a total budget + tax 10%. Unlike other SEO agencies, UpToPromo has the following advantages:
  • You do not need to understand SEO technical

  • It does not cost a lot to hire an SEO expert / SEO Agency

  • There is no doubt as to whether the results of keyword optimization will work because UpToPromo displays the

  • results of LIVE keyword optimization

  • The budget required is very flexible

  • Report keyword movement Very Easy to see because it is shown in Graph

  • You are not bound by any contract

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You can start setting up your website SEO Optimization easily and quickly, in just over 5 minutes with UpToPromo now. Only by registering at for free then this tool will help make your website there page 1 Google for you.

Good luck!

4 Important Factors to Consider Before Renting SEO Services

SEO Services

4 Important Factors to Consider Before Renting SEO Services - Do you currently want to hire SEO services for your site? Wait, it's best to just choose an SEO company to optimize your business website. As a consumer, you should also be cautious about SEO services because not everyone can provide you with good service.

Indeed, more and more companies that used to focus on offline eventually decided to target the online marketplace. One of the examples we can see is the Sun that has launched their e-commerce, So are the other small businesses, who eventually create online store sites or blogs for their business.

However, creating blogs and websites for businesses does not automatically help business growth because the site should have traffic from multiple sources. One of the best sources of traffic on the internet is the search engines as usual traffic from search engines is potential customers who are ready to buy goods. To get traffic from a search engine then you have to understand about SEO (search engine optimization).

If we've been talking about search engine and SEO then we will remember Google, this one search engine is very dynamic and updates regularly. With good SEO techniques, a new business site can fit into the Google homepage. Therefore, when you want to hire SEO services you should be careful.

Before you hire an SEO company to optimize your site, note some of the factors that you should consider following.

1. Hiring an SEO Services Company Seeing Its Experience

The experience of an SEO services company is very influential on the end result of your site's SEO campaign. Therefore, note how long an SEO company and any clients who have worked with the company.

We rarely find an SEO service company offering their services using Google Adwords ads. In my opinion, this is not the case, but if you want to get the best SEO services you should choose SEO services that are well-optimized and in organic search results on Google.

It's worthless if you're wondering before deciding to hire SEO services. Ask a simple question, such as "How many years have you been in this business and how many clients did you serve?"

2. Ask the Optimization Process Before Renting SEO Services

You need to know how an SEO services company you are going to hire to optimize. Never try SEO services that use a black hat strategy (a strategy prohibited by Google). This illicit strategy still exists today, for example; keyword stuffing, cloaking, massive backlinks, and so forth.

Maybe you're a layman about this problem, it would be wise to consult someone who understands the SEO strategy. Or if it is possible that a good SEO service company usually wants to explain to their prospective clients.

Ask a simple question regarding the SEO process that will be done by the SEO company you are evaluating, such as "What process do you do to optimize my site and how to get backlinks to my site?".

3. Notice the Reputation of SEO Services Company

Use only SEO services from reputable companies. This is not just about the position of an SEO service company site on Google, but overall how it works on the reputation of other people's businesses through search engine optimization.

There are many ways we can do to know the reputation of an SEO service, one of which is to ask clients of the SEO services company. Or you can also ask open questions through some online media, such as in the Forum, on Facebook, and so forth.

Testimonials from other users are a valuable reference, but we know that not all the testimonials are from real users. Beware of false testimonials, because now there are also testimonials.

Some things you need to do to check the reputation of an SEO services company:

Note the position of their site on Google for these keywords: "SEO Services", "SEO Services Company", "Professional SEO Services"
Investigate any client who has worked with them, maybe you can ask about the client's experience

4. Be Careful with the Guarantee of SEO Services

There are several SEO services companies that provide a # 1 ranking guarantee to their prospective clients. In fact, no one can guarantee a site can appear in the # 1 Google organic search results. The position is a prize for sites whose content is relevant to the keywords and is well-optimized.

Additionally, every keyword on Google must have a competitor's site and they also optimize for that keyword. If you want to hire SEO services, it is best to avoid SEO companies that provide guaranteed positions # 1, # 2, and # 3, because they are likely to use any means even prohibited. This can have a long-term adverse impact on your business site.

Then, what can we expect from SEO services?

It would be wise if the SEO service company gave your site a guarantee that you could enter the first page, but for that position, it could change at any time because Google is always updated.

Questions that you can ask the SEO company you are evaluating: "Do you guarantee that my site can reach the first page?".

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Blogger Tips for Beginners 2019

Blogger For Beginners

Blogger Tips for Beginners 2019 - I can say I have been long enough for blogging activity. To start it just to make a little money. Quite a lot of experience that I get when becoming a blogger. From the experience of bitter, tamarind, wry, until the taste is sweet. Well on this occasion I want to share some tips for learning to blog specifically for my friends who want to blog but still confused how and where to start.

Learn Blogging for Beginners

The first thing you need to ask my friends is "Why Ngeblog?" I'm sure I have a reason why I want to blog. Maybe because my friend is very fond of writing, wants to be famous on the internet, creating styles, enjoy because of no job, want to make a lot of money from a blog, or others. To be sure everyone has different reasons why you want to become a blogger. The reason blogging is closely related to our goal. Without a clear reason, my friend will be hard to determine the purpose. Is the purpose of blogging important? The answer is below. Benefits of blogging If my friend has a reason why want to blog, then my friend also have to know the benefits of blogs to be sure friends blogging is a very fun thing. Here are some benefits you can get if you become a blogger:

1. Become a great writer

Honestly, the first time I got to know my blog including people who can not write. Just to write a single sentence is very difficult. It makes sense to remember my background of a highly educated person, only a small school graduate who is not very smart, still very close to his next-door neighbor. But since becoming a blogger, Alhamdulillah little by little I started writing smoothly. Although it can not be pretty good, I think this is very unusual. Well if my friend is a person who likes to write, then I'm sure if my friend's blog skills to write buddy will increase and may not be a great writer.

2. Helping others

The benefits of blogging are also not only for ourselves because our blog can also help others with the knowledge or knowledge we have. Nothing else is more fun than blogging in addition to helping others.

3. Build trust

If we can help others through the blog then we will be trusted by our blog readers because it has provided useful information for them.
What is the importance of trust? I'm sure my friends know that the online world is growing. Everyday internet users are growing and more and more people are starting to expand their business into the online world. One of the keys to online business success is trust. Well, blogs are a great place to build that trust.

4. Building Network

Another benefit is that we can easily build networks through blogs. If our blog is consistently filled with useful writing in accordance with our expertise, then more and more loyal readers who diligently visit our blog. If we already have trust and also a vast network on the internet, it will be very easy to grow business on the internet.

5. Make Money

The latter, of course, the blog can also be a place to make money. How? I will explain in more detail below. Well, that's some of the benefits of blogging that you can get. Actually, there are many more, but I only write 5 that I think is the biggest. Where to start?

Start blogging

Starting blogging is actually very easy, but most people confuse themselves.

1. Set goals

Is the purpose of blogging important? Very important. If we do not have a goal then certainly our blog will become unclear where the destination will go, and we also become inconsistent in taking care of our blog. Blogging takes time, energy, and mind. Do not let everything is wasted because it has no clear purpose.

2. Define the topic

Choose a topic that really interested friend in accordance with your hobby or expertise buddy. If my friend chooses a topic my own friend does not really like, then my blog will not last long.

3. Choose blogging service

Lots of services that we can use for blogging, such as,,, and so forth. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I think is the right choice for my friend. In addition to free, is very easy to use for beginners.

4. Start writing

If my friend already has a blog then the most important is to fill your blog with writing. Begin to write whatever you want to write according to the topic you have chosen the buddy.

5. Beautify the blog The real thing is not so important to be done by beginner bloggers but there is no harm if the done origin is not excessive. You can change the template or view your blog better, install widgets for a more beautiful view, and more. But remember! Do not overdo it because the most addictive novice blogger mutually templates or display that in the end just a waste of time. The error is often done beginner blogger

Blogger Starter Error

Once you know how to start blogging, then you should listen to some errors that are often done by beginner bloggers so you do not need to do the following:

1. Too busy with the display

As I mentioned a little bit above, the mistake almost made by most beginner bloggers is too busy with the look. Matching templates, plug-off widgets, etc. But nothing is important at all. Which will make your blog known and visited by many people later not because of the look, but the content that is on your blog.

2. Quantity and not quality

Beginner bloggers usually compete to fill his blog with as many posts as possible in hopes of being able to get a lot of visitors regardless of whether the results of the post itself or the results of other bloggers plagiarism

3. Too much reading 

For information but minimal exercise As a beginner blogger is usually a sense of curiosity is very large. Read this until its head is full of information and confused which one should be practiced. A better bit of information but actually practiced rather than most information but completely unused. 

4. Building Network Another 

A Benefit is that we can easily build networks through blogs. If our blog is consistently filled with useful posts according to our expertise, then more and more loyal readers who diligently visit our blog. If we already have trust and also a vast network on the internet, it will be very easy to grow business on the internet. 

5. Make Money The latter

Of course, the blog can also be a place to make money. How? I will explain in more detail next post.

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Grow a Blog

Blogger Builder

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Grow a Blog - If I used to create a blog all that is free to make a site with Blogger (Hosting is definitely Free), Templates download search for Free and do not buy Domains are still using Blogspot. It turns out it will be useless as I did for 5 years did not produce anything. Far from being expected because everything is instantaneous because the article is a lot of copies here and there. That is what makes me fall into the cliff that will be difficult to achieve the word success.

The first stage I made a blog should make the blog as much as possible and do not use a completely free. Here are some early stage tips when you first build a blog/website.

Name and address of Short-Term Domain BLOG (TLD)

Blogging Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Grow a Blog - Creating blog names and blog addresses is easy to Remember. Word in blog address greatly affects the visitor because your site address will be remembered at this time feel comfortable with the article you serve. The shorter the word in the blog address the better and we should check it to sites that sell domains whose prices are already available or not. If available please set and immediately you buy a domain that matches your blog.

Use Premium Templates and Do not Free

The initial stage of creating a blog with a Premium template is mandatory you do so that the article you post is not useless. Many advantages Template Premium, if you want to know the difference please ask on the homepage google, there are many provided the material. With Premium templates then your posts more quickly detect and can compete on the Google homepage. If you use a free one I can make sure as good as any posts you will be hard to compete on the Google homepage.

Editing Blogger Template and listing to blog to Webmaster

Please use the Premium template you buy with reasonable (No need to use many Widgets). Use widgets as needed such as Popular Post, Recent Post, and Blog Label. With a little widget then loading your blog will be fast and much preferred by visitors. To register your blog to the webmaster please you visit here and for how to register please you search on google banya sites that make the tutorial. Create your blog 100% SEO by reading this article.

Create an article every day at least one article

At this stage, many beginner bloggers do not continue blogging because running out of writing ideas. Just like when I first pursue writing on this blog cannot do that. Commitment to writing is the key for you to do blog writing every day. Just like when you work in a company, you are required to enter and work within the time specified by Company Regulations. Bloggers must make these provisions by creating a schedule to write blog articles. That way you will get used to doing it just like when you work.

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