7 Ways to Smartly Write Quality Articles Like Readers

How to Write Quality SEO Articles - Creating articles that are really good in the eyes of the reader is an ability that must be trained continuously.

You can't write quality articles with a single trial, need habits, experience, and preparation so that what is conveyed is right on target.

in the world of blogging ...

To write interesting articles does not have to be guided by good writing rules in Indonesian language material.

but how do we present writing that is interesting, nice to read from the side of word preparation, the form of writing and how well the article is understood.

the most important thing we do is how to make each article look readable from the reader and the search engine side. that's the main goal.

A great feeling if we have a lot of things to put into the worksheet and want to write it immediately.

but only a few lines write down the idea, my friend realizes that my friend does not have enough ideas and materials to write them immediately.

it looks stupid…

How to Make Viral Videos on YouTube For Chanel to Become More Famous

By making viral videos on YouTube, it will make channels more popular and more widely known by the public.

In addition, it will also potentially get a lot of visitors and the number of subscriptions that will continue to grow.

By making videos viral, of course, YouTube's AdSense earnings are also increasing.

How to Make Viral Videos on YouTube

Based on the recognition of creator content, there are at least 6 ways to make viral videos on YouTube. The six methods are as follows:

1. Create Emotion Video

Be aware that the friend often clicks on a video because the title and the image are very emotional. Not even a few people finally happily reshared the video.

So the best way to get the video we created is to create videos that emotionally stimulate.

Emotional videos are of course many types, yes guys, ranging from angry, sad, touched, entertained, excited, sympathetic and others.

In addition to the contents of a video that can really arouse emotions, the title and video capture should…

What is the difference between immature and mature?

Mature or Immature Blogger?

What is the Mature blogger? A person who goes through the stages or process of development has reached the level of maturity or maturity in the mindset and behavior related to his routine as a blogger, while immature blogger is the opposite.

No blogger reaches their maturity without going through the stages or maturation process. Like a butterfly, before becoming an adult must go through the cocoon and imitation phase.

Indeed, it will feel the difference when you first learn. There is an error, making a mistake or wrong that is certain and usually happens. What else? all need time and the process remains a process. Step it up? please skip as much as possible.

As the seconds change minutes, minutes change hours, change days and so on from week to week, month and year to year, bloggers who wrestle their world with earnestness gradually and perhaps unwittingly by him will pass the maturation process.

How to find out who is an adult blogger, still in process or …

How To Embed Videos Uploaded On Blogger To Be Responsive

Until now I still haven't found a lot of Bloggers who use video uploads on Blogger. Yes, of course maybe the reason is that the videos uploaded on Blogger cannot be cashed like Youtube.

But in my opinion, this is not the right reason not to use this one Blogger feature. We can still produce from advertisements posted on posts. This can be useful for tutorial videos with free video hosting from Blogger.

But another problem is Blogger's video embed code is not yet responsive. Of course, this can interfere with the appearance of the blog on a smaller screen. For that now I will share tricks so that the videos uploaded on Blogger can be responsive.

Uploading videos on Blogger are very easy, obviously, the video file must be prepared, for example with MP4 format. Please click the upload video icon in the top bar in the post editor in compose mode as shown below.

Please upload your video. After the video upload process is complete, please switch the post editor to HTML mode to get …

5 Tips to Make a Good and Effective Online Ad Description

The mushrooming of online buying and selling sites in the present is indeed much easier for us as economic players in this regard as a seller of goods. Call it Kaskus Buying and Selling Forum, buying and selling forums on Facebook or Behind the convenience of online buying and selling offered, I often see in them (a seller) selling merchandise that seems to be an alias with an important guideline, which is quick to sell and return on capital.

Because of this ignorance sometimes causes advertisements made and published on various online buying and selling sites to be unseen and impressed that the seller does not intend to sell his merchandise in the eyes of the buyers. Here through this article, I want to try to share a little about my experience in buying and selling online, especially in making ad descriptions so that the results are effective and according to the goals we want. Here's the review:
Theory1. Create an Ad Strict Title. 
Interesting here in a different sen…

What Is Promotion and its Important For Business?

Business always runs smoothly and success is certainly the hope of all business people when starting the business. To get to that stage is certainly not easy and through a long and winding process. Patience, good at seeing opportunities, and continuing to innovate are tips that must be known to anyone who wants to enter the business world.

One of the things that business people need to do to reach that point is the marketing process. An important aspect of marketing is often known as 4p, namely product, price, place, and promotion.

1. Forms of Promotion for Business

In a sense, in addition to part of the marketing activities process, promotion is all the effort made in business to introduce its products to the public so as to attract potential customers to buy these products so as to increase sales income. The question of whether a promotion is important for businesses has a clear answer, that is, yes, promotion to business is obviously very important.

Forms of promotion for businesse…