How to Fixed Mixed Content After HTTPS Setting

How to Fixed Mixed Content After HTTPS Setting - If you have enabled HTTPS settings on blogs, on some blogs, there will be mixed content. In case of mixed content, the HTTPS will be gray with the exclamation mark instead of green with the green padlock.

Mixed content occurs because the source within the blog that the browser should download is still using HTTP, such as for js files, images, and videos. The source of this mixed content can be in blog templates, inside widgets, or in posts.

Luckily for users of AMP HTML template, because from the beginning it is required to use HTTPS source, then there will be no mixed content. How to fix mixed content after setting HTTPS is actually quite easy, just need accuracy. The actually mixed content of each blog will be different, but how to fix it just the same way by looking at the source mixed content and then convert it into HTTPS. For example, I took a screenshot of a blog that still contained mixed content. Please inspect your HTTPS blog page element in gray.

Then in the top right corner of the box inspect element there will be a number for the yellow warning and the number for the red error, please click the number that will appear a new box in the inspect element that shows what are the warning and error on the blog.

After that please find the cause of its mixed content, if you have met please how the URL code in the edit HTML, as follows.

If still having trouble please ask in the comment field, use <code> the URL of the gray blog page </ code> to save your blog URL in Disqus comments so I can try to help you by seeing it directly on your blog.


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