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TIPS ON BEST IMAGE SIZE FOR YOUR BLOG - In posting an article, it certainly will not be far from the affairs of a photo or picture. Because the image is also a very supportive blog in order to appear more beautiful. What is the size of a good and ideal blog post image? Does it have to match a certain size and dimension? What length and width should follow the rules? Okay, let me review a bit about the best image formats and sizes for blog articles. Usually, beginner bloggers rarely take care of this problem, provided there are images that fit and appropriate it will be uploaded directly to the blog. Regarding the size of the blog post image affairs later, as a result, the image will look less tidy and if it has a large size will slow loading the blog itself. Note also if you will take pictures on the internet and in pairs of blogs, make sure the image is copyright-free so that no one claimed ownership of the image. Better yet, if we use our own image. The ideal image forma

5 Tricks to Maximize Your Google Adsense Earnings

How to Increase Adsense Earning - Google Adsense is one of the pay per click (PPC) programs that are among the most sought after by Bloggers. In addition to its easy registration process, the program also promises great revenue. A blogger can earn income ranging from millions to tens of millions of dollars each month by becoming a Google Adsense publisher. However, not all bloggers have sweet stories from Google Adsense. There are still many bloggers who are upset because the income of hundreds or thousands of dollars has not looked a bit from their blog. Our tips for improving Google Adsense earnings are below, I am sure able to increase your income. 1. Maximize Ads Placement As per experience, the most profitable ad placement is in the first Alenia of your article. The situation occurs because what visitors first see when visiting your blog is advertising. So, chances are they will click on the ads. The most well-sized ad is 336 × 280. The picture above shows tha

The Importance of Content Marketing to Your SEO Strategy

The Importance of Content Marketing to Your SEO Strategy - By realizing the important role of content in SEO, then it is certain you will afterward focus on content creation and content publishing. Be careful .. this could be a big mistake. Not all content is good for SEO. If made carelessly, will not produce anything. Humans do not want to read a lot of unreasonable content, as well as with Google. Therefore pay attention to the following rules: 1. Always prioritize the quality of the content No one wants to read low quality content, Google does not want to want low-quality content at the top position. ( Unless there is no other content ) So do not create low-quality content, the more low-quality content on your website the lower the quality of your website as a whole. 2. Google ranks pages, not websites They do not care if your website has 1000 pages or only 1, which gets the best position only the best content. The number of pages has no effect. In add