5 Tricks to Maximize Your Google Adsense Earnings

How to Increase Adsense Earning - Google Adsense is one of the pay per click (PPC) programs that are among the most sought after by Bloggers. In addition to its easy registration process, the program also promises great revenue. A blogger can earn income ranging from millions to tens of millions of dollars each month by becoming a Google Adsense publisher.

google adsense ads placement

However, not all bloggers have sweet stories from Google Adsense. There are still many bloggers who are upset because the income of hundreds or thousands of dollars has not looked a bit from their blog.
Our tips for improving Google Adsense earnings are below, I am sure able to increase your income.

1. Maximize Ads Placement

As per experience, the most profitable ad placement is in the first Alenia of your article. The situation occurs because what visitors first see when visiting your blog is advertising. So, chances are they will click on the ads. The most well-sized ad is 336 × 280.
google adsense ads placement 2

The picture above shows that there are Google Adsense ads right in the first Alenia of a paragraph. The next ads that have the greatest potential for clicks are the ad in the middle of the article. So, when a visitor is reading your article, he will see the ad right in the area he is reading. These ads, of course, are very potential to get clicks. For the middle of the article, it is advisable to provide 720 × 90 and 468 × 60 rectangular ads.
google adsense ads placement 3

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The third ad placement is underneath your article. After a visitor reads your article, he will instantly see the ad at the bottom of the article. The location of the ad is still right in the spot or area where it reads. It is recommended that you use the same ads with the ads at the beginning of the article that is 336 × 280.
google adsense ads placement 4

The next ad location that you can choose is the sidebar. The 300 × 600 vertical ad display is the best recommendation for you. With a large ad size, visitors will find it easier to view and interested in clicking.

2. Uniform Ad Color

The same color of ads with the color of articles can make visitors do not know that it is your Google Adsense ads. They think the ad is a link from your blog that led to another page.
google adsense ads placement 5

See how the above ads have the same black color as the color of your article. That way, the potential clicks get higher because the ads are also located in the reading spots.

3. Keywords with High Click Value

When doing research on Google Keyword Planner, you can choose keywords with estimated high-cost click charges. Not a few bloggers who successfully do this strategy and get a nominal click so high.

google adsense ads placement 6

Look at the suggested bid column, you will find a price list or cost per click for a keyword. Keywords English does provide a cost of click large enough with a range between $4 to $16 or more, so you are advised to focus on English-language blogs rather than Indonesian.

4. Increase Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic

Nothing is more valuable than traffic when you want to get the best results through any Pay Per Click including Google Adsense. Focus on increasing visitors to your blog every time. Along with the increase of visitors, it is strongly believed that your income will also increase.

To increase the number of visitors, do update the article regularly and simply use two SEO strategies that dummy blogs and submit links to social bookmarking sites which have ranked high.

5. Optimize your Google Adsense Earning with Youtube

Did you know that Youtube is a site that is currently more reliable? So many bloggers make use of the video creation for Youtube since there is a monetizing feature through Google Adsense. Reportedly, by uploading videos via potential keywords, you can increase the number of visitors quickly. In contrast to blogs that take a long time to be able to bring visitors.

google adsense ads placement 7

Furthermore, the potential clicks that you can get through videos can be bigger than blogs. That's because youtube content is more static and unlike blogs that have elongated or vertical content so that visitors can scroll bar and ultimately make them not see ads.

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