The Importance of Content Marketing to Your SEO Strategy

The Importance of Content Marketing to Your SEO Strategy - By realizing the important role of content in SEO, then it is certain you will afterward focus on content creation and content publishing.

Be careful .. this could be a big mistake.

Not all content is good for SEO. If made carelessly, will not produce anything.
Humans do not want to read a lot of unreasonable content, as well as with Google.

Therefore pay attention to the following rules:

Content Marketing (SEO)

1. Always prioritize the quality of the content

No one wants to read low quality content, Google does not want to want low-quality content at the top position.

(Unless there is no other content)

So do not create low-quality content, the more low-quality content on your website the lower the quality of your website as a whole.

2. Google ranks pages, not websites

They do not care if your website has 1000 pages or only 1, which gets the best position only the best content.

The number of pages has no effect.

In addition, if you have many pages that target certain keywords then it means you will also compete with yourself ... but generally, Google only displays 1 page from 1 website.

So it's better to create 1 content with the highest quality possible than to create 2 different content with the exact same topic.

3. The quantity of content is not very important

Quantity is almost always inversely proportional to quality. Unless you have many professional writers.

The more often you publish the content, the more difficult it is to maintain quality.

Content is important.

..but do not just create content because you want to have content.

Make sure what is covered in your content is not the same as the other website, and make sure your content is higher.

4. Use of keywords

Content marketers often forget the keyword.
Though keywords play an important role in SEO.

The use of keywords in articles can turn content into a blunt sword, a sharp sword, or a double-edged sword.

There are 4 main mistakes in using keywords for content:

  • Keyword stuffing - using the same keywords over and over again on a single page, hoping that Google thinks this content is relevant to the keyword, whereas it is fatal.

  • General keyword - targeting keywords that are too general or broad with no regard for search intent or search purposes.

  • Without keywords - if you've published a lot of content, you'll find that content that targets a particular keyword will appropriately get a larger volume of visitors than those who do not target it at all.

  • Internal competition - 1 website generally only appears once on one page of search results. If more than one of your content is targeting the same main keyword, then you will happen internal competition page. Therefore do diversify keywords for each page. By realizing this, then what you should do after publishing your content is to tell the existence to others.

5. Quality content is not enough

Although content plays the greatest role, Google is a robot.

Google can determine whether articles are relevant to what they want but they can not directly read the article to determine its quality.

Therefore they need external factors:

Reader satisfaction.

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