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How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger?

How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger?

How to create a Script Anti Bomb Click for Blogger? because I think bloggers would have been familiar with this term. What else you've been accepted as an Adsense publisher.

Click bomb or commonly called invalid click is usually done by a fellow blogger who envies with our blogs. There are also bloggers who deliberately cheat click advertising itself to make a profit.

Impact as bad for us as Adsense publishers are, will our Adsense account got banned and we are no longer allowed to be publishers of advertising from Google. that is why the word baned highly feared by bloggers who are already believed to be an Adsense publisher.

A little tip of to shy away from bomb-click one is don't just spread your blog link in forums that indeed we are not exactly sure it's safe or not. especially forum Blogger and Adsense.

Because Adsense bloggers and forums the average already know the ins and outs of her blog how. b…

Set AD Balance Adsense 50% to increase Income

Set AD Balance Adsense 50% to increase Income - Increase the value of CPC or CPC Adsense targeted by the owners of a blog today. Some use how to create a blog with a certain nice like about Technology, Business or Health blog. Unlike the multi-content, a blog must play the brain so that the income becomes maximal. One way to maximize your Adsense earnings is to set the AD Balance 50%.

AD Balance is a facility or feature provided by Adsense to manage the display of Ads that appear on the Blog. With this arrangement then all advertisers cannot simply display their ads on blogs. Such as Po * no ads will be difficult to perform if the AD Balance settings are getting smaller. This ad filtering also works to not show ads with small CPC / CPC values.

Previously Blogboosters already set AD Balance 70% and the results are quite convincing because Adsense Revenue is increasing. There are advantages and disadvantages when you do setting AD Balance and each different blog different results. If wa…

8 Ways of SEO Optimization to get 1 Google Ranking Easily

8 Ways of SEO Optimization to get 1 Google Ranking Easily - In this morning I will give tips and tutorials about 8 Ways of SEO Optimization to get 1 Google Ranking Easily. In creating a blog, whatever the topic of the blog, the purpose of making blogs and platforms used what remains the main target of a true blogger is to make the article become more famous and easily found by anyone whether it be Google, visitors or someone Internet users who they may very need material to learn. Even many beginner bloggers and semi-professionals and professionals instantly endeavoring with various types of ways to find how to rank 1 google.

How to rank 1 google, basically can be said not too difficult and not too easy. Can be difficult and can be easily dependent on the keyword (keyword) that we target. If we target or target the keyword to be an article title but your competitors are quite a lot and difficult, then the chances of being a google 1 ranking will be quite difficult as well, besides requ…


WHY GOOGLE DOES NOT INDEX YOUR WEBSITE - Why is my website not indexed? Perhaps these are some questions for some website owners who have just launched their website and may also be the first time to have a website.

This index is the most important SEO feature of all time. Because Google has to index your site for your site to get organic traffic from Google. If your site is not indexed, it's the same as a dead website and like a website lost in the wilderness. And no one will find your content organically, as this is not part of Google's search index.

Google Search No Index Website

If your website experiences it then the first step you need to do is fix the indexing problem by diagnosing the indexing problem. Here are some lists that will help you make improvements to indexing issues by finding the causes and improvements on your website.

1. YOUR WEBSITE IS INDEXED UNDER WWW OR NON-WWW DOMAINTechnically www is a subdomain. So, is not the same as http://www.exam…