8 Ways of SEO Optimization to get 1 Google Ranking Easily

8 Ways of SEO Optimization to get 1 Google Ranking Easily - In this morning I will give tips and tutorials about 8 Ways of SEO Optimization to get 1 Google Ranking Easily. In creating a blog, whatever the topic of the blog, the purpose of making blogs and platforms used what remains the main target of a true blogger is to make the article become more famous and easily found by anyone whether it be Google, visitors or someone Internet users who they may very need material to learn. Even many beginner bloggers and semi-professionals and professionals instantly endeavoring with various types of ways to find how to rank 1 google.

How to Optimization of SEO

How to rank 1 google, basically can be said not too difficult and not too easy. Can be difficult and can be easily dependent on the keyword (keyword) that we target. If we target or target the keyword to be an article title but your competitors are quite a lot and difficult, then the chances of being a google 1 ranking will be quite difficult as well, besides requiring the thoughts poured into the article we also have to think SEO Extra hard. But if the keywords that we target or shoot is less desirable by internet users and the level for competition in google easy in terms of not much, then how to go to page one google will be easier for us to get it without the need for help from backlink do-follow or no-follow though.

Optimization of SEO to get the rank of 1 google

The only way to create a blog on the first page of Google can we do by optimizing SEO or using SEO optimization techniques, including SEO On page or off page SEO optimization. Here are tips and tricks you can do to get a ranking of 1 google or appear on the front page of google and become number 1 in google.

1. Keyword In the title tag placed at the beginning of the first syllable.

To be no 1 google one of the efforts we can do is put your target or targeted keywords in the title tag (TITLE ARTICLES) right at the beginning of writing in the first paragraph. This is one of the best On page SEO methods I've ever done, it's best to get your target keyword placed right at the beginning of the first paragraph syllable. For SEO Friendly blog templates may be a great title tag as the title of the article is usually already set using heading 1 or h1 and This way is a very good way to look at the search engine.

Keywords at the beginning of the syllable to rank 1 google

2. The length of an article should be at least in excess of 1500 words.

To get into the first page of Google is to create an article with a length exceeding 1500. Have you ever tried to create an article for that long? Maybe this is one of the most disliked activity by the bloggers where this blogger just wants everything instant when to get no 1 in google way is quite difficult. In addition to creating an article with a minimum of 1500 short articles is very tiring and boring, but if you know the benefits of making long articles in the sense of more than 1500 words, then you will be tempted and want to make long articles as much as possible because this way can also make a blog you are ranked 1 google.

Many of the bloggers prefer short, crisp but well-optimized short articles, but here you need to know by having articles that have many syllables in terms of length more than 1500 words or even more than your article will be easier to be found by google search engine, bing or Yandex. Rich in LSI keywords and very easy to find with different types of keywords in the article. Serp IQ is one of them, apart from SEO on page or other off page Content that is very easy to find and occupy the top 10 in google from the search results or search engines is the content of articles that have more than 2000 syllables, especially after writing 2000 syllables we add with a good optimization must have been in imagine we will be easier to be in the first position in google. The advantages of other long articles refer to the following.
  • Our bounce out rate is getting better.

  • More likely for our articles distributed by visitors.

  • The time the visitor will be longer let alone the article makes it feel at home.

3. Speed Loading A Page.

Once in a while try to check how fast loading your blog page and never underestimate the loading speed of a page. You may create pages with many knick-knacks and blogs look beautiful, attractive, charming but do not forget what you should focus first because designing the blog too much is just a waste of your time. And you should be more concerned with the speed of your blog loading page rather than the knick-knacks that make your blog beautiful but slow when opened. What is the importance of page loading speed, instead of attracting blogs more interested visitors? well, it depends on you,

Tips Use google page insight to see how fast your website or blog is managing, the faster the higher your chances to enter the top 10 start page google.

4. Keyword laying or keyword.

At this time Google itself is not paying attention to key density, but you need to remember keyword density also you can not let it because of keyword density also as a benchmark for search engines. Google still uses keyword density to measure the relevance level with the articles associated with keywords to search.

Proper placement and accuracy of keyword density are one of the factors that can affect page rank on search engines. In order to optimize you better and certainly more stable do the placement of keywords such as the steps that exist in the following.

  • Put the keywords or keywords that you have targeted and targeted at the URL of the blog, but still be remembered again the shorter URL of your blog page it will be better too.

  • Put the keyword or keyword you targeted in the first paragraph in the first 100-word area in each article

  • Put the keyword or keyword that you target and targeted on Tag heading 2 (H2) also heading 3 (H3) or one of them is the right keyword laying indirectly has informed google search engine that the article you created is about keywords the.

  • Blogger Tips: Put your keywords or keywords in the blog URL, the first paragraph in each syllable amounted to 100 syllables first, and also put keywords or keywords that you are targeting on the H2 or H3 tags in the article you create.

5. Relevance Backlink (Natural backlink or high quality)

The relevance of backlinks is one of the most important factors as well and is instrumental to create a blog at the first page of google. One of the very important and important roles in the eyes of Google search engine and determine the position of a google search engine page that is backlink do-follow obtained from relevant articles, relevant articles are meant articles that have the same topic and related to your articles or articles of others. And we recommend this do-follow link placed in the article. (According to Mat cus 1 site wide considered 1 backlink only) and source backlink from our website or blog has high PageRank. The higher the PageRank of your backlink source, the greater your chances to be number 1 in google.

6. Visitor visit time (Dwell Time)

Another factor in making your blog into a google 1 ranking is the time visitors visit. this is one of the tips for other bloggers is to keep the visitors who visit your blog feel at home reading your article or feel at home for long while interacting to the site or website that we manage. The more visitors are old and very comfortable to see the article or read your article robot google analytic will provide a signal/signal that the articles contained on the site or website that you manage there are an interesting article and quality. You need to know also that the Google search engine also categorizes dwell time or visitor visit as one of the important signal rankings. The higher your dwell time rate,

dwell time to get the first page of googled well time to get Google first page

Here is an effort to get dwell time or increase the survival time of visitors or also can be called efforts to make the visitors feel at home to our blog. consider the following.
  • Create articles or content with long syllables that have more than 1500 syllables.

  • Internal linking, internal linking is a related link. This link also allows visitors to feel at ease and linger to read the quality articles you serve.

  • Publishing articles are always fresh and consistently presented.

  • Use the archive widget or create a sitemap for visitors to easily search for articles that might make this visitor interested and stay longer on your blog.

  • Innovative blog navigation.
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7. Responsive Blog Design.

This is a time when many smartphones flying anywhere. From the start smartphones and tablets that are more sophisticated of course. By having a responsive blog view design it allows visitors to easily access and browse your site through media like hp, smartphone or tablet and such. With the same view when the blog or article we access through laptop/computer is one factor to get the rank of Google in the search engine page. For the current blog or website, you all must have the feature can be accessed anywhere or through any kind of conversation, be it via smartphones, laptops, hp computers and such. Google categorizes that blogs that have responsive designs can increase the blog traffic.

"Blogger Tips: Choose a template design that can be accessed through popular media as well as advanced gadgets laptop/computer, smartphone, mobile phone, and tablet"

8. Avoid Duplicate content.

One of the most hated things in the eyes of Google is duplicate content, duplicate content is a different page with different URL but it refers to the same page. Duplicate content is inevitable in some cases like recent post widget, popular post, random post, archive blog link commentators. But you do not worry about this. there is a way to cope with duplicate content and generally do this very easy and easy way you just need to add rel = 'canonical'

Thus information on 8 Ways of SEO optimization to get 1 google ranking easily, hopefully useful. thanks.


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