Set AD Balance Adsense 50% to increase Income

Set AD Balance Adsense 50% to increase Income - Increase the value of CPC or CPC Adsense targeted by the owners of a blog today. Some use how to create a blog with a certain nice like about Technology, Business or Health blog. Unlike the multi-content, a blog must play the brain so that the income becomes maximal. One way to maximize your Adsense earnings is to set the AD Balance 50%.

AD Balance is a facility or feature provided by Adsense to manage the display of Ads that appear on the Blog. With this arrangement then all advertisers cannot simply display their ads on blogs. Such as Po * no ads will be difficult to perform if the AD Balance settings are getting smaller. This ad filtering also works to not show ads with small CPC / CPC values.

Previously Blogboosters already set AD Balance 70% and the results are quite convincing because Adsense Revenue is increasing. There are advantages and disadvantages when you do setting AD Balance and each different blog different results. If want we must dare to try so AD Balance how best and most effective we use.

Here's how to set AD Balance Adsense 50%

How to Set AD Balance Adsense

Go to Adsense account dashboard >> My ads >> Content >> Ad balance >> Please set Ads with 50% and Estimated 100%. Click SET UP AN EXPERIMENT to do the Experiment but click APPLY if you apply it. Before doing this setting better buddy try with Ad Balance on it like setting 70%, 65%, 60%, 55%, and last 50%.

Advantages using 50% AD Balance:

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) / CTR (Clickthrough rate) increases up to 100%

  • CPC (Cost per Click) / CPC (Cost per click) increases over the next few days.

  • Adsense Ads that appear in accordance with the contents of the article

  • Ads Po * no and have low click value automatically do not show

  • The total income for one day or even one month is definitely increasing.
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Disadvantages of using 50% AD Balance:

  • Adsense Ads will be hard to appear in news articles, usually appear after a few minutes or Google has detected the article mate.

  • Adsense ads will not appear entirely in one blog post. Example: Ads appear in the bottom and below the posts but the ads above the posts do not appear so the number of ads does not be too much.

  • Display blog less attractive when there are ads that do not appear because there is a little space or know a little space.
As I said above that the AD Balance Adsense settings very different results each blog. To multi-content blog better buddy using AD Balance 50% up to 60%. As for one nice blog you can use 70% because more advertisers are attracted to the site with a nice one.

Please do the experiment but do for one or two new months to make changes again so we know the results. Good luck and hopefully this 50% AD Balance settings information are used to increase your Adsense earnings.


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