How to Create Quality Backlinks With Pyramid Link Method

How to Create Quality Backlinks With Pyramid Link Method - Link building or making backlinks either with dummy sites (blogs) or others is one of so many search engine optimization techniques that still remain so powerful to add a place of one site or site (blog) on search results both google, bing and another.

Indeed, in this internet world, link building techniques and techniques for making quality backlinks have been reviewed in search engine optimization communities and sites or blogs that discuss knowledge of search engine optimization, but you must also be smart to select info or techniques you use, because many search engine optimization techniques that can plot your site (blog) from search engines like google.

Powerfull Backlink

And at this time I will also teach you about how to do link building or step for quality backlinks that you can use on your site or blog.

But you must recognize also link building techniques or create backlinks that you do with your own it has been included in the blackhat search engine optimation, so for those of you who often make backlinks and still say if you create a site (blog) with whitehat search engine optimation, so you have lied course make backlinks that have been included in the blackhat search engine optimation.

Is the search engine optimization technique that I will also convey to you this blackhat technique search engine optimization ?? certainly, backlinks that do not include blackhat search engine optimization is only backlinks  folded link bait or backlinks that made other people for your site (blog) you without you ask, generally because of your quality content.

Is the link building technique or step for quality backlinks that I convey this also includes techniques that are not useful ?? Certainly not, because the link building techniques that I convey this is a technique that has been guaranteed not to make your site (blog) slumped or loss at all.

Is the link building technique or step for quality backlinks is safe ?? It is definitely a technique that I give this is a safe technique, although the technique of making a quality backlink is clear blackhat search engine optimation I believe your site (blog) will also be safe after using this link building technique, the risk is just around 5 percent, so so hard to know by google.

Perhaps just enough information about the quality of our backlinks immediately steps to make it.


BackLink Building

Powerful Backlink
Technique step make this quality backlink will also be me to be part of the technique once again, for this first material I will also convey link building techniques using dummy site (blog) or PBN, many materials that I will also share next so just look forward to the technique link building further in the concentration of information.

Why do I prioritize link building with dummy (blog) sites ??? because backlinks from dummy (blog) sites that you have included on the contextual links, as well as contextual link this is a backlink so good quality for your site (blog).


Have you know the site (blog) dummy what is it ?? site (blog) dummy is the site (blog) used to be a supporter of the site (blog) main or general referred money site, dummy (blog) site has many types that you can get for free and some are paid, paid public is referred to as PBN (private site (blog) network) for the exact results are paid more satisfactory. but the free ones have also been steadily ultimately.

To backlinks with this dummy (blog) site, we also need a backlink scheme for your site (blog), what is its role ?? scheme is used to strengthen the quality of your backlinks and can also reduce the possibility to get penalized from search engines like google.

The scheme in making backlinks with dummy sites or PBNs are so many kinds, there is wheel link building, pyramid link building, and other differences, except using existing schemes I hope you can also create your own scheme, do not just use try to make !.

For this material, I suggest to use pyramid link building scheme because it is more secure and finally also tolerable, pyramid link building scheme you can see below.
Pyramid Backlink

From the 3 pieces of the scheme from me that you just set the schema you want it is the pyramid link building scheme, or you can also try to create your own pyramid link building scheme.

Once you know the theme you will also use so it's time to check the interests you need in making quality backlinks by way of this link building pyramid.


  1. The main site so money site (the site you will also give backlinks)

  2. Site or site (blog) tier 1, use the most dummy sites or PBNs that you have, you can also use zombie sites to be your tier 1 site. (remember tiers or must be more qualified than the next tier), the role of tier 1 row is to give quality backlinks immediately to your money site.

  3. Tier 2 site, you can also use the dummy or PBN sites so this tier 2 site, except dummy sites and PBN, you can also use the social bookmark so tier 2, the role of tier 2 row is to give quality backlinks for the site (blog) or tier 1 line sites you have.

  4. Tier 3 line, for tier 3 you can use social sharing to be your tier 3 row, its role to give backlink to your tier 2 row.
    you can also use some further tier, but in this article, I just review that use 3 tier.

After all that equipment you have so it's time you make quality backlinks by way of this link building pyramid.


  1. Create an article on your site with your keywords (keywords) that you have set yourself (the article you will also give backlinks) if you want to give backlinks on your homepage so you do not need to create articles once again, you just will also give backlinks to the home page of the site (blog) or your site.

  2. After the first step you are working on, after that you should create an article with the same niche or theme on your tier 1 (blog) site, why must the same ?? because backlinks getting more quality once again when the backlink is relevant to your content. in the article you make on the tier 1 website you must also link to your money site, you can use keywords (keywords) that you are pursuing an anchor text, or using naked URL is okay.

  3. After the article with the backlink of the tier 1 site to your money site is over, to perfect the form of link building pyramid you must create a sense content once again on your tier 2 (blog) site, but this opportunity you must provide a backlink for the site (blog) tier 1 is not for your money site (pyramid link building), if you use social bookmark so tier 2 so you just live to submit your articles are filled with links criteria that I have said

  4. After all that is over, to close the form pyramid link building you just live share link from the article on your site (blog) tier 2 just to some social media.

  5. After everything is finished let google index your backlinks with the natural note the impact will not immediately feel, it's all necessary moment !.

How?? Can you create quality backlinks using this link building pyramid? maybe it's just material from me for this opportunity, look forward to furthering material in focus info. net if you still do not understand or need to ask questions about the technique for quality backlinks using this link building pyramid, please discuss comments!

How to Report Blog Duplicated Content to Google DMCA

How to Report Blog Duplicated Content to Google DMCA - This time we will discuss is how to report duplicated article (copy paste) to Google DMCA. So for those who do not know or still lay, this Google DMCA is one of the free tools provided by Google to crack down on the perpetrators of our blog article copied. So for friends who often experience the article duplicate by others, can use this DMCA removal tool from Google. Guaranteed duplicated content articles reported immediately disappear from the circulation of Google.

Experience Reporting Article Duplicated to Google DMCA

My experience using this tool started exactly a few days ago. As usual, I checked the backlinks that led to the blog There are some blogs that include the URL of this blog but once I check his blog was full article round Duplicated round (unedited intent). And most surprisingly, not only the article Duplicated. Images and even AdSense ads also come to Duplicated: 'v. Although the ads do not appear anyway. But clearly, there is a space/gap between paragraphs that I believe is similar ad space ads belonging to this blog.

It instantly makes me curious and wants to try to report to the Google DMCA. This is because it is the first time report blog duplicated in Google DMCA. So yes a little hesitate too, is it true that the article reported will soon be removed by Google? Then how to report it?

Okay, then the old-time directly refer to the tutorial to submit articles Duplicated to Google DMCA follows.

Here I will provide a step-by-step example to report to Google DMCA. The way is easy and of course free. So my friends do not need to confuse the cost issue.

The first step please go to the Google DMCA Notice page. In it, there is a form that needs to be filled to report plagiarism content.

Please fill in with valid data to avoid rejection when reporting. If you are confused, can be adjusted with me below. So to make it easy, here I divide into 4 parts, namely Contact Information, Copyrighted Work, Sworn Statements and Signature.

1. Contact Information

How to Report Duplicated Content to Google DMCA

In this section, there are several fields filled with first name, last name, company name, copyright holder, email address and state/territory. Please fill in with actual information data as a form of responsibility regarding the reports submitted to Google DMCA.

First name: Fill in your first name
Last name: Fill your last name/family
Company name: Can be filled with the name of your blog (not required)
Copyright holder: Options are customized
Email address: Fill in the email linked to the blog for easier approval
Country/Region: US

2. Copyrighted Work

How to Report Duplicated Content to Google DMCA1

In this section, there are 3 columns. Each has a specific function. Among others are:

Column 1 serves as a content description container in plagiarism/copies. So just fill in the example of paragraphs/sentences are plagiarism / Copas. If the copies a full article still enter 1 paragraph only.

Column 2 serves to show where your original content is located. So just fill in your article link that has been copied. For example: https: //original.tld/how-to-get-the cat

Column 3 serves to show the location of the copied article. So just fill it with blog link copies article. If for example there are 10 plagiarism stay enter everything. 1 line for 1 link. For example: https: //copas.tld/how-to-got-the cat

3. Sworn Statements

The next section is Sworn Statements. Here your task only needs to check the three statements that have been provided.

4. Signature / Signature

There are 2 points you need to fill in this section. The first is the date with the format MM / DD / YYYY which means, month/ day/year. Next the second is your full name. So do not be mistaken.

The last step is to click the Submit button to finish the reporting process to Google DMCA. Make sure you have checked one by one the form before Submit. It aims to avoid form filling error.

If already submitted, just wait for the removal process to run. Well if you want to know whether the copies actors link has been successfully deleted or can not through the following link. There will be whether the report you have sent has been approved or not.

as additional, the report you send in DMCA Notice is not necessarily always granted. There are times when Google DMCA rejects your report. Usually, Google DMCA will send an email containing the lack of information/data that you enter on the form.

Okay, I ended up here. This is how to easily report Duplicated articles to Google DMCA. Good luck and hopefully useful.

9 Mistakes In Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

9 Mistakes In Using Instagram As A Marketing ToolAs a result of this significant increase, many brands are beginning to use Instagram as a branding tool. This is not an impossibility given that half of Instagram users even spend an average of about 21 minutes just to see the latest updates in this app. The findings are also the underlying brand - brand top to enliven the use of Instagram as a means of branding their products.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand how to post Instagram to introduce their brand. As a result, many of them made mistakes while posting on Instagram. But do not worry, before you make the same mistake, it helps you listen to some errors in post-Instagram below.

Instagram Marketing Tool

Mistake # 1: Not Having a Clear Destination

Instagram provides a brand of opportunity to introduce themselves through photos and videos. This social media is perfect for showing how your product is used in real life, how a process runs from start to finish (recipes make food or fix a vehicle for example), or even answer questions that are often addressed to you via short videos. In essence, there will be many options you can do with Instagram.

Therefore, you need to determine the exact destination why you use Instagram and what strategy you will use. If you lack focus in deciding what strategy you choose for Instagram, your branding effort will be in vain. Worse yet, people will assume that your Instagram account is just an ordinary online shop account.

Mistake # 2: Less Focus on Quality Content

Just as important as the strategy you are going to use, the quality of your content should also be your concern. Just imagine how Instagram works. Users will scroll through tens of images at a glance and only read by skimming against the captions written. They will slow down and stop when there is one image they feel interesting. When they start searching the content through hashtags, they will scroll up to 3 columns of numbers until there is a flashy video or video.

That's the reason why you should focus on the quality of the content you post on Instagram. The better the quality of the content you post, do not be surprised if more and more people are interested in your account and your content.

Mistake # 3: Number of fewer Posts

In a study conducted by Union Metrics, the brands posting on Instagram averaged 1.5 times a day. In the same study, some brands even posted 1 content per hour.

No need to be too extreme when posting your content. The important thing is to be consistent in posting your content. If you can only post about 5 content a day, for example, it's important that you keep that number anytime. If you are less consistent in posting your content, the result is fatal. Some brands have even decreased followers because they are less consistent in posting their content.

However, you also should not sacrifice the quality of your content just to achieve post quota in a day. Therefore, adjust it to your abilities. Based on the experience of Writer.ID in handling Instagram account big brands, the most effective Instagram posts only about 2-5 per day. Too little will make your account seem passive, too much will make you like spamming.

Mistake # 4: Wrong Using Hashtag

Very likely if you use the wrong hashtag, be it too small, irrelevant, maybe not even use it at all.

Just like any other social media, hashtags play an important role in the "exploration" of related things. Even less well-known brands can build their branding momentum using hashtags.

As it turns out, the more you use hashtags in your content, the more users are interacting with the content. A study conducted by AgoraPulse even finds the fact that the more tags you provide in a single content, the more feedings Likes and Comments will be given to your content.

But again, it does not rule out the quality of your content. One more thing, be sure to use relevant hashtags.

Mistake # 5: Buy Followers

Like it or not, trading Instagram followers is a big business. Many startups who want to have followers in large quantities instantly use the services of buying and selling followers. Unfortunately, a lot of fake followers accounts will then be scheduled to be deleted by Instagram. This will greatly affect the number of their followers.

That's the danger of buying followers. In addition to being prone to fake accounts, followers you have are less loyal to follow your account.

It's good if you increase the number of followers through quality content as well as a consistent posting schedule. Though it's a bit long to raise followers in this way, at least you have loyal followers.

Mistake # 6: Failure to Maximize Followers

Make no mistake, your followers also greatly affect the branding you want to wake up. Not the number of followers, but how you always interact with your followers. This interaction will further reduce the distance between you and your followers.

The simplest way to do this is to mention one of your followers in your content. Let your followers spread your content and use your hashtag. Therefore, you need to create a good hashtag.

Error # 7: Excessive in Promotion

Who does not like the promotion? Most people like discounts, the big sale, or even free shipping costs.

Unfortunately, too many promotions in your content will affect your number of organic followers. They will instantly unfollow too many promotional accounts in it.

As we know, Instagram is a place to share photos and messages with a deep impression. People will shy away from such promotional content as they are considered to be disturbing their pleasure in sharing Instagram experiences.

Mistake # 8: Less Selling On Instagram

Sometimes, their own products sell less on Instagram. State Electricity Company (PLN) for example, they do not have a product that looks form. It is impossible to give the appearance of electricity as content.

Actually, there is another way to do this. For example, you can provide a gap in the production process of your product or the impact of your product to the surrounding community. Or also your customer service hospitality in serving customers. So, the product is not always the main focus of your content.

Mistake # 9: Amateur, Less Experience in the Field of Social Media

Experience is very important as the main weapon, especially if you have never even dabbled in the world of social media. It's just like fighting without weapons.

Therefore, human resources are at least familiar with the development of social media. However, if you do not have these human resources, you may be able to use an expert third party in the social media field. One of the reasons some brands believe in the author ID is to have experienced human resources for it. High flying hours and often solve the problems that arise is a benchmark that can be seen clearly.

That was a few errors in Instagram posts that are often done by most startups in using Instagram as a branding medium. Therefore, do not let those mistakes show up and undermine your business strategy.

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The Obligatory Marketing Content Strategy

The Obligatory Marketing Content Strategy - Did you know that 76% of B2C marketers claim to use a content marketing strategy? Interestingly, based on research conducted by site, only 37% of those who say that the strategy is effectively applied. Then, what happens to other B2C marketers so they can not successfully implement the strategy?

It's a fundamental concept that you need a good content strategy if you really want to succeed in digital marketing. At the beginning of the social media first appearance, a tweet can easily be known by all people around the world. The brand just needs to "show up", start a conversation, engagement with whatever the audience interests and their content will spread by itself. Now customers have a higher and more selective understanding of what they will be looking at. Capturing the attention of the audience will be more challenging, especially make them convert.

Content Marketing Strategy

With the rapid changes in the digital marketing world, it is important that you prioritize marketing content for both B2C and B2B. You can start with some of the content marketing strategies below.

Documenting the Strategy

Whatever marketing content strategy you will apply, do not forget to document it. The results of research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute show that marketers who document their content marketing strategies have greater potential to implement the strategy effectively and able to suppress the budget issued.

There are no specific rules how far or far you should do the documentation, but focus on the main outline and every step you take in the content marketing strategy. Start by writing outlines of the channels you use, the content you want to produce, and the ultimate goal. Seek help from the marketing team to review the strategy and make any necessary adjustments.

Focus Attention on Customers

Ultimately, all forms of digital marketing strategies are efforts to increase sales, including marketing content. Even so, you need to remember that marketing content is not a means to "thrust" your product to the target audience. Content marketing is about your audience. Understand their needs and the issues they are facing. Make your findings an inspiration for the content you create.

In order to successfully run it, you need to "step back" momentarily from your various products, then look them in the target audience glasses. You will need a customer identity to determine what points will help your engagement. So always put the customer in top priority when creating a content marketing strategy.

Always Prepare a Special Budget

You may have heard from various sources that marketing content can help you get traffic and leads for free, that you only need to provide potentially viral content and send potential audiences to the landing page. In some cases, it can actually happen. Unfortunately, implementing a content marketing strategy can be more complicated than that.

You should spend some time to execute a content marketing strategy. Or if you will not do it yourself, then you recruit a writer and work with him. Budget is certainly needed to pay for the author's services. In addition, you also need a variety of software, graphic design, and maybe a new employee to handle social media. In essence, always prepare a special budget so you do not lose it when the marketing content strategy that you set up it requires the expenditure of funds.

Develop Personal Audiences

Who is your target audience for your product sales? What is the lifestyle they apply? Will they be willing to spend a certain amount of money to buy your product? To answer these questions, you need the persona of the audience. That way, the execution of your content marketing strategy can be effective.

Identify your target audience through social media, blogs, YouTube, and other platforms that you would include in your content marketing strategy. Do not just find out who your target audience is and what they want, but also develop persona until you know their pain points and how they interact with different types of content.

Best Idea for the Best Channel

Everything has its own place. The best marketing content you think may not work if you use it on the wrong channel. To prevent this from happening, break down your ideas and perform specific identification until you find the right channel pair for each of your marketing content.

For example, a blog post about a business that includes the importance of building a network on LinkedIn will bring better results when shared through social media. If you still want to do promotions on other social media like Twitter, include excerpts from articles that can arouse the audience's curiosity so they open a link to the article.

Caution on User Experience

Without a solid user experience, your marketing content strategy will be quickly ignored and will not lead to sales. You've created high-end and up-to-date content, now it's time to make sure that users can easily access your content from both desktop and mobile devices. Easy access to content will help your engagement.

Use every mobile device you can find and check every marketing content you publish. Is the Call-to-Action that you put can be filled quickly and directly be submit with only one button? Are your main content in a clearly visible part of the web page? Do users know what to do when they visit your mobile website for the first time? Identify it and do not forget to make sure that your website has a fast loading time.

Maximize Social Media as Channel

Daniel Newman, a contributor to the Forbes magazine website, through one of his articles explains how marketers can maximize social media as a channel and not just a strategy. Now, you can no longer restrict yourself to using one particular social media or using it all. It will only make your content marketing strategy in vain.

Newman also recommends that you consider social media as one of the many channels that support your business marketing content campaign. How will you integrate one channel with another? Each channel that you need to be able to perform well for the success of your content marketing strategy by offering the same quality, optimization and personalization.

Those are some of the content marketing strategies that you can apply to your business. Marketing content is not a trend that just goes away quickly. Though more viscous with digital nuances, you also need to make sure that the marketing content you create is able to provide good performance in the offline realm. Ignoring the things audiences do outside of social media can lead to a loss of opportunity for engagement and increase brand awareness. Therefore, identify both of these domains and you will get the desired result marketing strategy results. Good luck!

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Understanding the VPN and its function and benefits

Understanding the VPN and its function and benefits - Let us understand together about what is a VPN because now the technology has been growing quite rapidly.

A. Know what VPN is

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network", is a connection between one network with another network in private through the Internet (public). Called the Virtual Network because the VPN uses the Internet network as a medium of interaction aka alias not directly. And called Private Network because VPN is private only means that certain people can access it. The data sent over the VPN is encrypted so it is safe enough and the secret is maintained, even though it is transmitted over the internet network, that is the definition of VPN.

B. Know the benefits and functions of VPN

a. The function of the VPN

The function of Virtual Private Network technology, such as the following:
1. Confidentiality (Confidentially).
VPN is a technology that uses the Internet network or public network that is certainly very vulnerable to the theft of information or data. So the VPN uses an encryption method to scramble the passing of data. By using the encryption method, the security data will be sufficiently secure from data theft. Although there are parties who can tap the data through the Internet network or the path of the VPN itself, but not necessarily the tapping can read the data because the data has previously been scrambled. Can be inferred from this function confidentially means that the data transmitted in haya can be accessed by people who are entitled only.

2. Data Integrity (Data Integrity).
VPN has a technology that can maintain the integrity of information or data starting from the data is sent until the data reaches the place at the point. So that data on the move can be protected from various kinds of interruptions such as data lost, damaged, or manipulated by irresponsible parties.

3. Source authentication (Origin Authentication).
PVN has the ability to authenticate the source of the data transmission it will receive. PVN can inspect incoming data and access information from its source, then the address of the source data will be approved if the authentication process succeeds, so the VPN can guarantee all data sent as well as received from sources that really it should, no information or data sent by the other party and the data being falsified.

b. Benefits of VPN

Some of the benefits of VPN, such as below:

VPN Benefits

Remote Access - That means using VPN we can access the computer or office network, from anywhere as long as connected to the internet or public network.
Security - by using a VPN connection we can browse, searching securely when accessing the virtual world or public internet network such as hotspots or internet in the cafes.
Can save network setup costs - VPN can also be used as an alternative way to connect a large enough local network at a lower cost. Because the data transmission used on the VPN using internet network media or public network that previously existed without the need to build their own network.

C. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of VPNs

a. The advantages as below:
Can be used as a more cost-effective solution for a large organization or business with special computer network facilities.
It can improve the mobility of an organization or business by directly connecting to a home network or mobile employees to the organization.
And can customize security features.

b. And the shortcomings are as below:
Due to the provision of access to employees globally, the security factor becomes a risk, it can put sensitive information from organizations or companies globally accessible, because using VPNs requires more attention to the establishment of a fairly good security system and clear.
Hopefully writing on understanding the VPN above can you understand and sorry if there is a mistake. Thank you for reading it may be useful.

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How to Get Free Premium VPN Account In ZenMate App

How to Get Free Premium VPN Account In ZenMate App - ZenMate is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application that provides secure connection services for Android users. Where with ZenMate VPN application you can browse to any site without any positive internet blocking warning that often disrupts your surfing activity in cyberspace.

ZenMate App Dekstop Browser

In the application itself provides the free trial premium account for 7 days, so after that time out my friend must pay to be able to use the premium features in this application.

Well for my friend who wants to still be able to enjoy the premium features of this application for free, on this occasion we will share a tutorial on how to get a free premium VPN account in the ZenMate app easily.

ZenMate App

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How to get a free premium VPN account in the ZenMate app

Basically, the workings of this ZenMate VPN application is to encrypt all your activities while visiting a site so the IP on your Android device will not be detected so that the browsing activity remains safe. Well enough is enough, let us proceed with the tutorial below:

  • Install the ZenMate VPN app first through the Google Play Store.

  • Do the registration, as we have explained above that the first time buddy registration will get the free trial offer premium account for 7 days.

  • Here you have to wait until your trials run out.

  • If the free trial period is up, please create a new email account at YOPMAIL. COM. Why Yopmail? because of the process of making it very easy and faster.

  • Once the email address is finished, go back to the ZenMate VPN app and enter the email and the one you just created in Yopmail earlier. Then click menu "Send Verification Code".

  • Return to Yopmail site, and open your mailbox, then click the link in the email to verify your account.

  • Now please check the VPN account in the ZenMate app, my friend will get a premium account again with a 7 day trial period.

  • If the free trial is up, you just repeat the above steps in sequence to get the premium feature ZenMate application back hehe.

  • Done.