Why Domain from Freenome have a Poor Quality? - Many bloggers are beginners, always want a free domain, but want to get a steady quality, yes obviously cannot, all need capital do not rely free upon on.

Premium Domain
Premium Domain
If again wants a free, can, but I think the quality is less good, especially if you make free domain from freenom. Free domain that is provided freenom and can you get for free; .ga .tk .ml .cf .gq

Then Why Free Domain From Freenom Has Poor Quality?

1. Blog Becomes Visible, Not Qualified

Probably many of you know, that the average free domain of freenom is used to commit fraud, spam etc. which of course makes free domain reputation from freenom (ga .tk .ml .cf .gq) to a bad domain in the eyes of users, because it has had the impression of domain poor.

2. Hard to Enter Page one

If you ask, why free domain from freenom hard to enter page one in SERP Indonesia, it is because the domain of freenom is a ccTLD domain, not domain TLD, ccTLD domain is more targeted to get a visitor from 1 country, for example, domain target visitor .id Indonesia. USA target American visitors.
  • Domain .ga target visitors from Gabon country.

  • The .tk target domain of visitors from Tokalu country.

  • Domain .ml target visitors from the country of Mali.

  • Domain .cf target visitors from countries Africa.

  • Domain .gq target visitors from countries Equatorial Guinea.
So you can make sure you are very difficult to enter page one in Google Indonesia, maybe you think can change the target country, to be appropriate, it certainly can not anymore because Google has updated ccTLD algorithm, so ccTLD domain tailored to the target country from his domain.

3. Difficult to Get Non-Hosted Adsense Account

Formerly free domain from freenom can be received Adsense easily, but now has different, due to a reputation of this domain is bad because of spam, fraud, negative content etc, so Google has no longer accept blogs that use the free domain from freenom

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4. Domain Can Be Disabled Anytime By Freenom As You Like Without Notice

If you use a free domain from freenom you should be more careful, because the freenom could suddenly disable its domains for no apparent reason. If you want to scold the freenom party for turning off its domain for no apparent reason, I think that's useless, because the domain you get is free, different if possible pay.


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