How to Create Quality Backlinks With Pyramid Link Method

How to Create Quality Backlinks With Pyramid Link Method - Link building or making backlinks either with dummy sites (blogs) or others is one of so many search engine optimization techniques that still remain so powerful to add a place of one site or site (blog) on search results both google, bing and another.

Indeed, in this internet world, link building techniques and techniques for making quality backlinks have been reviewed in search engine optimization communities and sites or blogs that discuss knowledge of search engine optimization, but you must also be smart to select info or techniques you use, because many search engine optimization techniques that can plot your site (blog) from search engines like google.

Powerfull Backlink

And at this time I will also teach you about how to do link building or step for quality backlinks that you can use on your site or blog.

But you must recognize also link building techniques or create backlinks that you do with your own it has been included in the blackhat search engine optimation, so for those of you who often make backlinks and still say if you create a site (blog) with whitehat search engine optimation, so you have lied course make backlinks that have been included in the blackhat search engine optimation.

Is the search engine optimization technique that I will also convey to you this blackhat technique search engine optimization ?? certainly, backlinks that do not include blackhat search engine optimization is only backlinks  folded link bait or backlinks that made other people for your site (blog) you without you ask, generally because of your quality content.

Is the link building technique or step for quality backlinks that I convey this also includes techniques that are not useful ?? Certainly not, because the link building techniques that I convey this is a technique that has been guaranteed not to make your site (blog) slumped or loss at all.

Is the link building technique or step for quality backlinks is safe ?? It is definitely a technique that I give this is a safe technique, although the technique of making a quality backlink is clear blackhat search engine optimation I believe your site (blog) will also be safe after using this link building technique, the risk is just around 5 percent, so so hard to know by google.

Perhaps just enough information about the quality of our backlinks immediately steps to make it.


BackLink Building

Powerful Backlink
Technique step make this quality backlink will also be me to be part of the technique once again, for this first material I will also convey link building techniques using dummy site (blog) or PBN, many materials that I will also share next so just look forward to the technique link building further in the concentration of information.

Why do I prioritize link building with dummy (blog) sites ??? because backlinks from dummy (blog) sites that you have included on the contextual links, as well as contextual link this is a backlink so good quality for your site (blog).


Have you know the site (blog) dummy what is it ?? site (blog) dummy is the site (blog) used to be a supporter of the site (blog) main or general referred money site, dummy (blog) site has many types that you can get for free and some are paid, paid public is referred to as PBN (private site (blog) network) for the exact results are paid more satisfactory. but the free ones have also been steadily ultimately.

To backlinks with this dummy (blog) site, we also need a backlink scheme for your site (blog), what is its role ?? scheme is used to strengthen the quality of your backlinks and can also reduce the possibility to get penalized from search engines like google.

The scheme in making backlinks with dummy sites or PBNs are so many kinds, there is wheel link building, pyramid link building, and other differences, except using existing schemes I hope you can also create your own scheme, do not just use try to make !.

For this material, I suggest to use pyramid link building scheme because it is more secure and finally also tolerable, pyramid link building scheme you can see below.
Pyramid Backlink

From the 3 pieces of the scheme from me that you just set the schema you want it is the pyramid link building scheme, or you can also try to create your own pyramid link building scheme.

Once you know the theme you will also use so it's time to check the interests you need in making quality backlinks by way of this link building pyramid.


  1. The main site so money site (the site you will also give backlinks)

  2. Site or site (blog) tier 1, use the most dummy sites or PBNs that you have, you can also use zombie sites to be your tier 1 site. (remember tiers or must be more qualified than the next tier), the role of tier 1 row is to give quality backlinks immediately to your money site.

  3. Tier 2 site, you can also use the dummy or PBN sites so this tier 2 site, except dummy sites and PBN, you can also use the social bookmark so tier 2, the role of tier 2 row is to give quality backlinks for the site (blog) or tier 1 line sites you have.

  4. Tier 3 line, for tier 3 you can use social sharing to be your tier 3 row, its role to give backlink to your tier 2 row.
    you can also use some further tier, but in this article, I just review that use 3 tier.

After all that equipment you have so it's time you make quality backlinks by way of this link building pyramid.


  1. Create an article on your site with your keywords (keywords) that you have set yourself (the article you will also give backlinks) if you want to give backlinks on your homepage so you do not need to create articles once again, you just will also give backlinks to the home page of the site (blog) or your site.

  2. After the first step you are working on, after that you should create an article with the same niche or theme on your tier 1 (blog) site, why must the same ?? because backlinks getting more quality once again when the backlink is relevant to your content. in the article you make on the tier 1 website you must also link to your money site, you can use keywords (keywords) that you are pursuing an anchor text, or using naked URL is okay.

  3. After the article with the backlink of the tier 1 site to your money site is over, to perfect the form of link building pyramid you must create a sense content once again on your tier 2 (blog) site, but this opportunity you must provide a backlink for the site (blog) tier 1 is not for your money site (pyramid link building), if you use social bookmark so tier 2 so you just live to submit your articles are filled with links criteria that I have said

  4. After all that is over, to close the form pyramid link building you just live share link from the article on your site (blog) tier 2 just to some social media.

  5. After everything is finished let google index your backlinks with the natural note the impact will not immediately feel, it's all necessary moment !.

How?? Can you create quality backlinks using this link building pyramid? maybe it's just material from me for this opportunity, look forward to furthering material in focus info. net if you still do not understand or need to ask questions about the technique for quality backlinks using this link building pyramid, please discuss comments!


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