How to Get Free Premium VPN Account In ZenMate App

How to Get Free Premium VPN Account In ZenMate App - ZenMate is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) application that provides secure connection services for Android users. Where with ZenMate VPN application you can browse to any site without any positive internet blocking warning that often disrupts your surfing activity in cyberspace.

ZenMate App Dekstop Browser

In the application itself provides the free trial premium account for 7 days, so after that time out my friend must pay to be able to use the premium features in this application.

Well for my friend who wants to still be able to enjoy the premium features of this application for free, on this occasion we will share a tutorial on how to get a free premium VPN account in the ZenMate app easily.

ZenMate App

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How to get a free premium VPN account in the ZenMate app

Basically, the workings of this ZenMate VPN application is to encrypt all your activities while visiting a site so the IP on your Android device will not be detected so that the browsing activity remains safe. Well enough is enough, let us proceed with the tutorial below:

  • Install the ZenMate VPN app first through the Google Play Store.

  • Do the registration, as we have explained above that the first time buddy registration will get the free trial offer premium account for 7 days.

  • Here you have to wait until your trials run out.

  • If the free trial period is up, please create a new email account at YOPMAIL. COM. Why Yopmail? because of the process of making it very easy and faster.

  • Once the email address is finished, go back to the ZenMate VPN app and enter the email and the one you just created in Yopmail earlier. Then click menu "Send Verification Code".

  • Return to Yopmail site, and open your mailbox, then click the link in the email to verify your account.

  • Now please check the VPN account in the ZenMate app, my friend will get a premium account again with a 7 day trial period.

  • If the free trial is up, you just repeat the above steps in sequence to get the premium feature ZenMate application back hehe.

  • Done.


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