9 Mistakes In Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

9 Mistakes In Using Instagram As A Marketing ToolAs a result of this significant increase, many brands are beginning to use Instagram as a branding tool. This is not an impossibility given that half of Instagram users even spend an average of about 21 minutes just to see the latest updates in this app. The findings are also the underlying brand - brand top to enliven the use of Instagram as a means of branding their products.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand how to post Instagram to introduce their brand. As a result, many of them made mistakes while posting on Instagram. But do not worry, before you make the same mistake, it helps you listen to some errors in post-Instagram below.

Instagram Marketing Tool

Mistake # 1: Not Having a Clear Destination

Instagram provides a brand of opportunity to introduce themselves through photos and videos. This social media is perfect for showing how your product is used in real life, how a process runs from start to finish (recipes make food or fix a vehicle for example), or even answer questions that are often addressed to you via short videos. In essence, there will be many options you can do with Instagram.

Therefore, you need to determine the exact destination why you use Instagram and what strategy you will use. If you lack focus in deciding what strategy you choose for Instagram, your branding effort will be in vain. Worse yet, people will assume that your Instagram account is just an ordinary online shop account.

Mistake # 2: Less Focus on Quality Content

Just as important as the strategy you are going to use, the quality of your content should also be your concern. Just imagine how Instagram works. Users will scroll through tens of images at a glance and only read by skimming against the captions written. They will slow down and stop when there is one image they feel interesting. When they start searching the content through hashtags, they will scroll up to 3 columns of numbers until there is a flashy video or video.

That's the reason why you should focus on the quality of the content you post on Instagram. The better the quality of the content you post, do not be surprised if more and more people are interested in your account and your content.

Mistake # 3: Number of fewer Posts

In a study conducted by Union Metrics, the brands posting on Instagram averaged 1.5 times a day. In the same study, some brands even posted 1 content per hour.

No need to be too extreme when posting your content. The important thing is to be consistent in posting your content. If you can only post about 5 content a day, for example, it's important that you keep that number anytime. If you are less consistent in posting your content, the result is fatal. Some brands have even decreased followers because they are less consistent in posting their content.

However, you also should not sacrifice the quality of your content just to achieve post quota in a day. Therefore, adjust it to your abilities. Based on the experience of Writer.ID in handling Instagram account big brands, the most effective Instagram posts only about 2-5 per day. Too little will make your account seem passive, too much will make you like spamming.

Mistake # 4: Wrong Using Hashtag

Very likely if you use the wrong hashtag, be it too small, irrelevant, maybe not even use it at all.

Just like any other social media, hashtags play an important role in the "exploration" of related things. Even less well-known brands can build their branding momentum using hashtags.

As it turns out, the more you use hashtags in your content, the more users are interacting with the content. A study conducted by AgoraPulse even finds the fact that the more tags you provide in a single content, the more feedings Likes and Comments will be given to your content.

But again, it does not rule out the quality of your content. One more thing, be sure to use relevant hashtags.

Mistake # 5: Buy Followers

Like it or not, trading Instagram followers is a big business. Many startups who want to have followers in large quantities instantly use the services of buying and selling followers. Unfortunately, a lot of fake followers accounts will then be scheduled to be deleted by Instagram. This will greatly affect the number of their followers.

That's the danger of buying followers. In addition to being prone to fake accounts, followers you have are less loyal to follow your account.

It's good if you increase the number of followers through quality content as well as a consistent posting schedule. Though it's a bit long to raise followers in this way, at least you have loyal followers.

Mistake # 6: Failure to Maximize Followers

Make no mistake, your followers also greatly affect the branding you want to wake up. Not the number of followers, but how you always interact with your followers. This interaction will further reduce the distance between you and your followers.

The simplest way to do this is to mention one of your followers in your content. Let your followers spread your content and use your hashtag. Therefore, you need to create a good hashtag.

Error # 7: Excessive in Promotion

Who does not like the promotion? Most people like discounts, the big sale, or even free shipping costs.

Unfortunately, too many promotions in your content will affect your number of organic followers. They will instantly unfollow too many promotional accounts in it.

As we know, Instagram is a place to share photos and messages with a deep impression. People will shy away from such promotional content as they are considered to be disturbing their pleasure in sharing Instagram experiences.

Mistake # 8: Less Selling On Instagram

Sometimes, their own products sell less on Instagram. State Electricity Company (PLN) for example, they do not have a product that looks form. It is impossible to give the appearance of electricity as content.

Actually, there is another way to do this. For example, you can provide a gap in the production process of your product or the impact of your product to the surrounding community. Or also your customer service hospitality in serving customers. So, the product is not always the main focus of your content.

Mistake # 9: Amateur, Less Experience in the Field of Social Media

Experience is very important as the main weapon, especially if you have never even dabbled in the world of social media. It's just like fighting without weapons.

Therefore, human resources are at least familiar with the development of social media. However, if you do not have these human resources, you may be able to use an expert third party in the social media field. One of the reasons some brands believe in the author ID is to have experienced human resources for it. High flying hours and often solve the problems that arise is a benchmark that can be seen clearly.

That was a few errors in Instagram posts that are often done by most startups in using Instagram as a branding medium. Therefore, do not let those mistakes show up and undermine your business strategy.

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