The Obligatory Marketing Content Strategy

The Obligatory Marketing Content Strategy - Did you know that 76% of B2C marketers claim to use a content marketing strategy? Interestingly, based on research conducted by site, only 37% of those who say that the strategy is effectively applied. Then, what happens to other B2C marketers so they can not successfully implement the strategy?

It's a fundamental concept that you need a good content strategy if you really want to succeed in digital marketing. At the beginning of the social media first appearance, a tweet can easily be known by all people around the world. The brand just needs to "show up", start a conversation, engagement with whatever the audience interests and their content will spread by itself. Now customers have a higher and more selective understanding of what they will be looking at. Capturing the attention of the audience will be more challenging, especially make them convert.

Content Marketing Strategy

With the rapid changes in the digital marketing world, it is important that you prioritize marketing content for both B2C and B2B. You can start with some of the content marketing strategies below.

Documenting the Strategy

Whatever marketing content strategy you will apply, do not forget to document it. The results of research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute show that marketers who document their content marketing strategies have greater potential to implement the strategy effectively and able to suppress the budget issued.

There are no specific rules how far or far you should do the documentation, but focus on the main outline and every step you take in the content marketing strategy. Start by writing outlines of the channels you use, the content you want to produce, and the ultimate goal. Seek help from the marketing team to review the strategy and make any necessary adjustments.

Focus Attention on Customers

Ultimately, all forms of digital marketing strategies are efforts to increase sales, including marketing content. Even so, you need to remember that marketing content is not a means to "thrust" your product to the target audience. Content marketing is about your audience. Understand their needs and the issues they are facing. Make your findings an inspiration for the content you create.

In order to successfully run it, you need to "step back" momentarily from your various products, then look them in the target audience glasses. You will need a customer identity to determine what points will help your engagement. So always put the customer in top priority when creating a content marketing strategy.

Always Prepare a Special Budget

You may have heard from various sources that marketing content can help you get traffic and leads for free, that you only need to provide potentially viral content and send potential audiences to the landing page. In some cases, it can actually happen. Unfortunately, implementing a content marketing strategy can be more complicated than that.

You should spend some time to execute a content marketing strategy. Or if you will not do it yourself, then you recruit a writer and work with him. Budget is certainly needed to pay for the author's services. In addition, you also need a variety of software, graphic design, and maybe a new employee to handle social media. In essence, always prepare a special budget so you do not lose it when the marketing content strategy that you set up it requires the expenditure of funds.

Develop Personal Audiences

Who is your target audience for your product sales? What is the lifestyle they apply? Will they be willing to spend a certain amount of money to buy your product? To answer these questions, you need the persona of the audience. That way, the execution of your content marketing strategy can be effective.

Identify your target audience through social media, blogs, YouTube, and other platforms that you would include in your content marketing strategy. Do not just find out who your target audience is and what they want, but also develop persona until you know their pain points and how they interact with different types of content.

Best Idea for the Best Channel

Everything has its own place. The best marketing content you think may not work if you use it on the wrong channel. To prevent this from happening, break down your ideas and perform specific identification until you find the right channel pair for each of your marketing content.

For example, a blog post about a business that includes the importance of building a network on LinkedIn will bring better results when shared through social media. If you still want to do promotions on other social media like Twitter, include excerpts from articles that can arouse the audience's curiosity so they open a link to the article.

Caution on User Experience

Without a solid user experience, your marketing content strategy will be quickly ignored and will not lead to sales. You've created high-end and up-to-date content, now it's time to make sure that users can easily access your content from both desktop and mobile devices. Easy access to content will help your engagement.

Use every mobile device you can find and check every marketing content you publish. Is the Call-to-Action that you put can be filled quickly and directly be submit with only one button? Are your main content in a clearly visible part of the web page? Do users know what to do when they visit your mobile website for the first time? Identify it and do not forget to make sure that your website has a fast loading time.

Maximize Social Media as Channel

Daniel Newman, a contributor to the Forbes magazine website, through one of his articles explains how marketers can maximize social media as a channel and not just a strategy. Now, you can no longer restrict yourself to using one particular social media or using it all. It will only make your content marketing strategy in vain.

Newman also recommends that you consider social media as one of the many channels that support your business marketing content campaign. How will you integrate one channel with another? Each channel that you need to be able to perform well for the success of your content marketing strategy by offering the same quality, optimization and personalization.

Those are some of the content marketing strategies that you can apply to your business. Marketing content is not a trend that just goes away quickly. Though more viscous with digital nuances, you also need to make sure that the marketing content you create is able to provide good performance in the offline realm. Ignoring the things audiences do outside of social media can lead to a loss of opportunity for engagement and increase brand awareness. Therefore, identify both of these domains and you will get the desired result marketing strategy results. Good luck!

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