Understanding the VPN and its function and benefits

Understanding the VPN and its function and benefits - Let us understand together about what is a VPN because now the technology has been growing quite rapidly.

A. Know what VPN is

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network", is a connection between one network with another network in private through the Internet (public). Called the Virtual Network because the VPN uses the Internet network as a medium of interaction aka alias not directly. And called Private Network because VPN is private only means that certain people can access it. The data sent over the VPN is encrypted so it is safe enough and the secret is maintained, even though it is transmitted over the internet network, that is the definition of VPN.

B. Know the benefits and functions of VPN

a. The function of the VPN

The function of Virtual Private Network technology, such as the following:
1. Confidentiality (Confidentially).
VPN is a technology that uses the Internet network or public network that is certainly very vulnerable to the theft of information or data. So the VPN uses an encryption method to scramble the passing of data. By using the encryption method, the security data will be sufficiently secure from data theft. Although there are parties who can tap the data through the Internet network or the path of the VPN itself, but not necessarily the tapping can read the data because the data has previously been scrambled. Can be inferred from this function confidentially means that the data transmitted in haya can be accessed by people who are entitled only.

2. Data Integrity (Data Integrity).
VPN has a technology that can maintain the integrity of information or data starting from the data is sent until the data reaches the place at the point. So that data on the move can be protected from various kinds of interruptions such as data lost, damaged, or manipulated by irresponsible parties.

3. Source authentication (Origin Authentication).
PVN has the ability to authenticate the source of the data transmission it will receive. PVN can inspect incoming data and access information from its source, then the address of the source data will be approved if the authentication process succeeds, so the VPN can guarantee all data sent as well as received from sources that really it should, no information or data sent by the other party and the data being falsified.

b. Benefits of VPN

Some of the benefits of VPN, such as below:

VPN Benefits

Remote Access - That means using VPN we can access the computer or office network, from anywhere as long as connected to the internet or public network.
Security - by using a VPN connection we can browse, searching securely when accessing the virtual world or public internet network such as hotspots or internet in the cafes.
Can save network setup costs - VPN can also be used as an alternative way to connect a large enough local network at a lower cost. Because the data transmission used on the VPN using internet network media or public network that previously existed without the need to build their own network.

C. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of VPNs

a. The advantages as below:
Can be used as a more cost-effective solution for a large organization or business with special computer network facilities.
It can improve the mobility of an organization or business by directly connecting to a home network or mobile employees to the organization.
And can customize security features.

b. And the shortcomings are as below:
Due to the provision of access to employees globally, the security factor becomes a risk, it can put sensitive information from organizations or companies globally accessible, because using VPNs requires more attention to the establishment of a fairly good security system and clear.
Hopefully writing on understanding the VPN above can you understand and sorry if there is a mistake. Thank you for reading it may be useful.

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