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5 BEST AND FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS -  Having a blog is a great way for anyone who wants to express a thought, an idea, a story in a post, or it can be used to create a web presence for your company and provide content for internet users. If you are planning to create a blog, but do not want to bother with hosting problems, develop and use your own, there are many choices of blogging platforms that you can use. The service offers a large number of features and, of course, is also free. HERE ARE 5 MOST POPULAR FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS. 1. WORDPRESS is a feature-rich blogger platform, as well as a huge number of users and developers all over the world. WordPress is a popular open source web software and offers many features in the free version - traffic stats, anti-spam filters, SEO , best free themes and more. If you choose to use, then you do not have to doubt the greatness of this platform because it has proven many famous and popular blogs inc

How to Check Website Ranking on Google

How to Check Website Ranking on Google How to Check Website Ranking on Google - For website owners who have been optimized (applied SEO techniques) to enter page 1 Google, then he is obliged to check the rank (position) of his website on the Google search page as a form of evaluation on the application of SEO. To evaluate this website ranking is actually more appropriate if done using Google Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console ) because it can provide website rank data from a lot of keywords on the website. But this ranking comes from the average data position website for the time that has been past, the fastest usually 7 days ago. Well to check the current ranking of the website, it must directly use in the right way for the objective results, meaning that check any computer results (search ranking) the same if using the internet browser and the same location. How to check the website rank on the Google search page - Make sure that when opening is

How to Write Good Articles for SEO

How to Write Good Articles for SEO - Good article writing techniques we need to master if you want to apply SEO on the website. Website articles, or also called body copy, are an important part of On-page SEO . The main information we want to convey to website visitors is here. Not only that, the success in creating a viral effect is very dependent on the content that we write in it. Search engines like Google also look at our articles and assess whether they are eligible to appear on the first page of search results or not. Here we will learn how to write good articles for SEO . Writing Articles for Readers Formerly, New Optimization for Search Engines  This is the rule of article writing that should not be broken. Write for readers (human) first and then we optimize the text for SEO friendly. Do not get upside down! Basically, any search engine wants to present the best content to the people who are searching. Therefore, prioritize visitors instead of search engines. Useful art

How to Develop Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Develop Digital Marketing Strategy - Today, to be successful is no longer just a dream. Technological developments already support your success. You can do business even from home. The capital of course skill and utilization of technology. The digital world with the internet today is a medium that we can use especially in business. Many opportunities that the internet offers to support business success. One of them in marketing. This one marketing solution is the capital in achieving business success because the traditional marketing of the scope is no longer as wide as the internet. However, of course, in this digital marketing, there is a special strategy that must be used for marketing goes well. So, the concept also needs to know as a factor or category that will be the developer. The concept of digital marketing there is three, ranging from content marketing, search engine marketing, and social media strategy. These three concepts will be provisions that enable

What Is The Advertising Network And Knowing More

What Is The Advertising Network And Knowing More - Advertising Networks is a company that connects advertisers with many audiences through the website. Ad networks allow advertisers to purchase digital ads across publisher sites and apps. The term "ad network " by itself is a neutral medium in the sense that there is an ad network " Television Ad Network " or " Print Network ads ", but increasingly used to mean " online ad network " as the effect of aggregation advertisement publisher space and sales to advertisers is most often seen in the online space . The fundamental difference between traditional media advertising networks and online ad networks is that online ad networks use ad servers center to provide advertising to consumers, which is possible targeting, tracking and reporting impressions in a way that is not possible with analog alternative media. A Brief History Ad networks grew during the dot-com boom that began in the mid-9

Link Building and Tier Backlink

Link Building and Tier Backlink - Link building is the thing most often suggested by experts in doing the SEO process. Among many other guides, the guides that we provide can be guaranteed the most complete and can be applied easily. Before knowing more about the ways you can do for link building, you need to know what exactly link building itself. Link building is a process to get backlinks from other websites to your own website. If you want to get a lot of web visitors or visitors to your website, then one way is to try to make the content on your website appear on the first page of search results search engine like Google. Then, how to make your content appear on the first page of Google? Obviously by implementing SEO. What are the actual practices? Striving for a backlink is one of them. What is a backlink? Check out the following explanation! Definition of Backlink Common backlinks are also known as inbound links. This inbound link means the incoming link to a w