How to Check Website Ranking on Google

How to Check Website Ranking on Google

How to Check Website Ranking on Google - For website owners who have been optimized (applied SEO techniques) to enter page 1 Google, then he is obliged to check the rank (position) of his website on the Google search page as a form of evaluation on the application of SEO. To evaluate this website ranking is actually more appropriate if done using Google Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console) because it can provide website rank data from a lot of keywords on the website. But this ranking comes from the average data position website for the time that has been past, the fastest usually 7 days ago. Well to check the current ranking of the website, it must directly use in the right way for the objective results, meaning that check any computer results (search ranking) the same if using the internet browser and the same location.

How to check the website rank on the Google search page

- Make sure that when opening is not logged in to Gmail

If you are logged in to Gmail, it could cause Blogspot or other Google-owned online tools (such as Youtube or Google Plus post) that we just created will enter page 1 of Google when in check ranking. Characteristic when in a state of Gmail login typed is the appearance of the picture icon gmails profile in the top right corner. If it is not logged in, then the top right is the Sign In button.

In a Google Account Login

- Clean Internet Browser from Cache and Cookies

Cache is the website files stored on the computer hard drive when the user browsing a website. Point to speed up browsing. When the user browsing the second time and so on, then the browser does not call again certain parts of the website to the server but take from the computer hard drive.

A cookie is a set of text stored on your computer by the website you are visiting. In general, cookies store your settings or preferences for a particular website, such as the selected language, or your location (country).

By clearing this cache and chocolate it is as if you just installed a new browser so that the results of website ranking checks become objective.

How to clean cache and cookies is almost the same for browsers: Ms. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, that is by pressing CTRL SHIFT DELETE keys together and hold for a while, it will exit the menu, then click the Clear Now / Delete button / Clear Browsing Data

- Check website rankings using different locations

This needs to be done because when the position of the website has not been the too strong optimization, then position/ranking on the location or a different city will be different as well. Moreover, Google also uses the Local Search algorithm, which will prioritize Websites that contain the keyword location or the nearest city.

So check the website ranking can be done by asking help another friend who is in a different location or city to check the position of the website on Google. Or the alternative way is to use the help of online services: service can help check the position of websites from various cities around the world.

Ceck Website by Country Location

How to check the position of websites from various locations or cities is easy to do:

1. Enter the Keyword that will check the position or rank it on Google

2. Select Location, by typing its city name, until exit the city name below it automatically, then select and click.

3. Select Country, eg Indonesia - google.

4. Klik Search

Check rank by phone

Device differences (gadgets) between computers and mobile devices (like mobile phones or tablet PCs) can also lead to differences in Google search results. So we need to check using different gadgets. If you do not want to bother switching gadgets, then we can use the help of Chrome or Firefox or Opera added Extension named User Agent Switcher for, as if, the search is done using a mobile device.

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