Link Building and Tier Backlink

Link Building and Tier Backlink - Link building is the thing most often suggested by experts in doing the SEO process. Among many other guides, the guides that we provide can be guaranteed the most complete and can be applied easily.

Before knowing more about the ways you can do for link building, you need to know what exactly link building itself. Link building is a process to get backlinks from other websites to your own website.

If you want to get a lot of web visitors or visitors to your website, then one way is to try to make the content on your website appear on the first page of search results search engine like Google.

Link Building

Then, how to make your content appear on the first page of Google? Obviously by implementing SEO. What are the actual practices? Striving for a backlink is one of them. What is a backlink? Check out the following explanation!

Definition of Backlink

Common backlinks are also known as inbound links. This inbound link means the incoming link to a website. Technically, backlinks are any links received by the website of a web node. The web node itself is a web page, directory, or other top-level domain.

Initially, inbound links are important for the basic navigation of the web. Now, inbound links are important for ranking in search engines related to the SEO process. The number of backlinks or inbound links is an indicator of the popularity of a website on the internet. It is also used by search engines like Google to determine the ranking of a page on your website.

How to Build Backlinks

There are many ways to build quality backlinks for your website. Here, we'll give you some ways you can practice immediately to get your website traffic up!

  • Fix all technical errors on your website!

Error 404 Warning from Google

Common technical errors can make your user experience bad. Well, if it happens like that Google will limit your organic traffic growth. The first thing you need to do is avoid it so your backlink can work optimally. Imagine if you've managed to reach visitors from the backlinks they click on other websites, but they have problems accessing the page on your website. Some of the usual technical issues experienced are the speed of loading, the display is chaotic because the website is not mobile friendly, the content is double, and 404 error. 

Actually, if you use a certified hosting provider that has been officially guaranteed quality, things like that most likely will not happen. Because good hosting is able to guarantee your loading speed and does not cause crashes when there is a density of visitors on your website. Regarding the chaotic look, you can take advantage of the many web themes that are now mobile-friendly and lightweight.

  • Develop a powerful site architecture!

A strong site architecture has a very positive impact on how your link equity is distributed to your website. The better your site architecture, the fewer backlinks you need. This is commonly referred to as a "reverse silo".

How does it work? Position your backlink sections strategically according to which priority is more likely to be accessed by people. For example, compared to category clicks, website visitors will be more interested in clicking the title or post images directly. Then place your latest post or another post in places that are easy to see and access your website visitors.

  • Generate quality content!

How do you define quality content? Of course, the first requirement must be met is the content that is deep and unique about a topic. Let's say you want to make a review about a movie on your blog post. If you only cover the movie in great detail or as in the general review, your content must be short, valueless and not unique. 

Try to add personal value to your content and support it with lots of interesting multimedia to read. You can share the review of the film's review into detailed sections like "CGI Effects on Movies", "Acting Capabilities of Actors", and "Plot Film". As we often do on our blog. We often discuss technical matters about IT, typically include infographics and images to complement our content. Other than that,

  • Make your friend's authority site!

Websites that are already popular on search engines, websites that have high domain authority should you make friends. Building a connection with a high authority site can be very profitable for your website. The value of their authority can also boost the value of authority of your website through backlinks. How to? Try to ask them to link to the page or content on your website or vice versa. Actually, by creating quality content only, websites or others will naturally want to link to your website. Why? Because people certainly quote or suggest good and quality things to others.

  • Make sure your backlinks come from a clean website!

This last point is no less important. You need to review whether websites that generate backlinks on you have a good or clean website history. Because websites that are often penalized by a search engine like Google can also lower your ranking in search engines.So, what if there is a bad website that makes backlinks to your website? Try to find a way to contact them and plead with them so they can dismiss the link. Usually, the website manager does it by email. About the clean website itself, can actually be seen from anywhere? Usually, a website whose content contains bad links such as click bait. 

Websites where visitors will get out of the page shortly after they know they were cheated or fished, so their bounce rate is high. Bounce rate is measured from the short time a web visitor remains on a page (access the page). In addition, you can also look for other factors that are common to make a website penalized by a search engine like Google. If a website meets these penalty factors, then the website does not come from a clean environment and you need to immediately terminate the existence of a link to the website. Your connections are like in your real-world social life, where you are supported by constructive relationships for your own reputation and success.

Backlink Tier

Tiered link building was popular as a way to generate links on websites that raise page rank on Google. One link building is also considered a good strategy to drive links and manipulate search results pages (SERP) that are expected to increase the click-through rate (CTR) and organic visitors.

Actually, tiered link building is known to people as black hat SEO. Blackhat SEO in question is an SEO effort that is prohibited by search engines like Google. Why? Because the ways that are done are cheating or cheating. Why is it cheating and cheating? Because it can lead Internet users to links that are not natural or manipulative.

However, you can seek tiered link building that is not classified as black hat SEO. This can avoid a negative impact on your website and the treatment is still classified as white hat SEO. How to? Check out the following explanation!

  • Creating Content for Guest Contributors (Tier One)

Inviting other people or websites to create content that can be linked to a page on your website is one of the important ways to build quality links. However, you are not expected to choose any website that links to your website. Preferably, the website is a website that has a high domain authority that can also affect your domain authority level as well. How to find a high domain authority website? Simply put, search for popular websites in search results. If you want to be surer, there are some tools that you can use where you just enter the website address in the fields available. One of the checker tools is MOZ Open Site Explorer.

MOZ Open Site Homepage

  • Commenting on Blogs and Forums (Tier Two)

By actively commenting on other blogs or on forums relevant to your website, you can build links that can generate profits for your website. In addition, you can also channel the authority value to your website. This is, once again, done so that your website can rank well in search engines like Google. You can start by first searching for topics related to your post. This is what you need to do to keep you from irrelevant link issues. For irrelevant links may be penalized by Google. Since we agreed at the beginning of the discussion to do tiered link building that is white hat SEO, then you need to do this, do not link to irrelevant websites.

  • Creating Profile Link (Tier Two)

Creating a profile link is a great way to help people find your website. This link profile can also increase the popularity of your website online. You can include your website link on all social media and status or profile in your chat app. By utilizing the author column on the website where you are contributing, you can also create a profile link. For example, you write for a great writing platform that is another website, in the biofield try to enter your website address naturally with a sentence like "(your name) is also actively writing about music and movies on (website name that attached the link to your website address) ". There are many website maker profiles that you can visit, one of which is AboutMe. You may need to visit it to help you create a link profile.

Link Building Tools

There are many software or online tools that can simplify your work in building backlinks. Here we will give you two best:
Ahrefs Column

We have tested the use of Ahrefs, this tool is very helpful in facilitating the process of link building which of course aims similar to the SEO process. You definitely want the content on your website to rank well on Google search pages as we've previously said. Ahrefs allows you to check the backlink profile of your competitors. Not only that, but you can also review their top pages and the development of their links. You just enter the website address of your competitors and the graph can be directly shown. This tool can really make your work easier. 

Actually, this tool has been widely used and advised by the experts in the world of SEO and has long been used since the Internet began to be widely used. Ahrefs is available free for 30 days trial and when compared to other similar tools, the price is not too expensive. If you seriously want to develop your website, you need to invest a professional tool this one.
SEMrush Column

SEMrush is a set of all-in-one tools. Tagline delivered on their homepage is accurate, this tool is complete. SEMrush not only can help you to do the task from day to day but also provides deep analysis that is very clear and easy to understand. That way, you can use existing data to create a strategy for your digital marketing and the results can make your website performance significantly improved. 

A similar opinion was also conveyed by an SEO engineer from Ebay named Umit Yilmaz who has tested the use of SEMrush. This tool is considered complete because there are also special content and PR tools that allow you to monitor the interactions that occur in social media, follow existing industry trends, and display an audit of your backlinks. In essence, SEMrush can provide a complete audit of your SEO. The price of this tool is 99 US Dollars per month. There is a money-back guarantee when you find this tool is problematic or unhelpful. For us, services like this are good and not risky so it is worth trying.


Through this article, you have got complete information about link building so you can increase your website traffic. Not only do you know the exact ways to generate backlinks, but you also understand how technical that goes on backlinks and what the importance of the process is. In addition, at the end of the article, we also provide our review of two online tools that can help you in link building as one of the SEO processes for maximum performance of your website.

SEO process needs to be done consistently and the results can not be obtained overnight. However, you can start now. Also, read our other SEO related articles. To find out more about how to form an optimal web page for SEO, read the anatomy guide on page SEO that we created before. For those of you who are engaged in e-commerce, you may be interested to know e-commerce specific SEO tips. I hope this helps!


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