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Latest July 2018 Google algorithm | Google FRED

Image - Almost every day, Google releases updates to its ranking algorithm. Yes, indeed some are minor tweaks while others seriously have a big impact on SERPs (search results pages). This short guide article will help you to understand the most important algorithmic changes as well as penalties launched in recent years. Do not worry, the guide is very short and not too technical. Also equipped with some SEO advice for each section update algorithm/penalty. This can certainly help you bloggers and website managers, to grow your business online. Panda Released on February 24, 2011, the main focus of this one algorithm update is about duplication/plagiarism, thin content, user-generated spam, and keyword stuffing. How does the Google Panda algorithm work? Panda comes with what is called a "quality score" for the website page. This score is then used as a ranking factor on the Google search engine. Initially, Panda is a filter, not a part of Google'

Comparison of WordPress Advantages With Other Platforms

Image - This article is a continuation of posting  WHAT IS WEEBLY? , this time will be more focused on about the advantages possessed by WordPress compared to other platforms like one of the strongest rivals, namely Blogspot, followed by Weebly, Jigsy, and others. Let's look at the comparison carefully. Also, read the article about  10 Weebly Excess 1. Choice of themes/templates are more varied Themes/templates of a site are one very important factor. When a visitor goes to your site page, the first impression they get is a web display or layout. Themes are simple and interesting can make visitors feel like to linger on your website. WordPress provides an unlimited choice of themes, you can use free themes that have been provided with an unlimited amount. But if you want to use themes that are more personal or unique, you can edit a free theme, or it could be by buying themes to your liking. 2. Facilities Plugins On the WordPress blog, you can add certain

How to Insert Hreflang Tag Blog?

Image - How to Insert Hreflang Tag Blog?  Hello friends Blog Tips & Tricks, met again with the admin here before we have discussed how to optimize the performance of your blog through google webmaster tools. Among them is to determine the target visitors by country visitors. But not only that to further optimize site performance in governance we should also put hreflang tags on blog/site favored us, why? Installation hreflang tags on blog/web are the recommended by the google webmaster tools, this indicates that hreflang tags have a benefit that is great for the development of the site and of course also makes blogs more user Seo again in the future. But there are still many bloggers especially novice bloggers do not use this meta tag in the template. Plumpness they only verify web on google webmaster tools. With a variety of reasons. People think hreflang tags are not so important because they do not know what functions and uses, but most do not really know ho

Increase Blog Traffic By Setting Permalink

What is permalink? - Well on this occasion we will discuss one of the tricks to increase blog traffic by setting the right permalink, so the URL of our blog post more SEO friendly in the eyes of search engines. For SEO development and the temperature of blogs this is no longer a strange thing because Permalink does have a fairly important position in terms of increasing visitors, but for beginners alias newbie, permalink will be quite foreign things. So what is Permalink? Permalink which stands for 'Permanent Link'is a URL address or a permanent link about a post on a blog. Permalink WordPress with Blogger permalink is different, although in principle it's still a permalink. If on WordPress we can choose for some type of permalink, then in blogger platform cannot be that way. But it basically does not matter much, as long as the title matches what is posted and not too long (for bloggers). Which is called Permalink? As I mentioned above, a permal

Miscellaneous And Definition TOP LEVEL DOMAINS

Definition - What does Top-Level Domain (TLD) mean? -  Miscellaneous And Definition Top Level Domains TLD . | At least there are currently 3 types of domains that can be classified by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Namely Global TLD (gTLD ), Country TLD (gTLD), and Infrastructure TLD. Different utilization of each in essence to separate the meaning of references that ultimately represent certain fields that exist in the owner of the website name itself. In fact, the domain price also differs from each of the extensions. Understanding the Top Level Domain or TLD "Top Level Internet Domain or TLD is a reference to the last letter after the dot in a domain name. For example, has the top domain .com (or COM, since the domain name does not matter in capital or small). - Wikipedia" 3 of the Types of Top Level Domains TLD 1. Global Top-Level Domains (gTLD) Most consist of 3 letters or more. The extension entered in t

5 Ways to Accelerate Loading Blog

Image -  How to Accelerate Loading Blog - The speed of loading for a blog is a very important factor after quality content. You definitely do not want it if the blog is empty for visitors because loading a very long blog. Very in pity when the content that you create is very good, but due to the long loading of visitors so lazy to read and even run off to other blogs. In essence, visitors prefer blogs that have fast loading (fast loading) because they do not want to waste a lot of time while being surfing on a blog. Therefore, from now on down your ego do not be too passionate about the style of a cool template but even slow downloading blog. It's time you think how to speed up loading the blog so that the visitors do not run away. How to Accelerate Loading Blog In addition to disadvantage visitor resulting from loading the old blog, we as a blog owner also affected blogs become lonely. Therefore you need to do some of the following simple ways for faster bl


Introduction Of  WEEBLY - Weebly is a means to create a free website . Using the widget format, allows the user to create a page with just a few clicks, dragging and dropping different page elements (images, text, or interactive content, etc.) onto the page and populating the content. The site was created by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, and Chris Fanini, and all who attend Penn State for a bachelor's degree. Weebly was included in Time magazine as the best Fourth Site of fifty sites in 2007. So if we conclude Weebly is a free domains provider site. Simple like Blogspot. Features Existing On WEEBLY The Weebly editor's interface allows users to easily and quickly "drag and drop" content into open web pages, which is a key weekly feature. In addition, Weebly users can create theme designs, add blogs, and of course free of ads. Weebly consists of 2 types of account that are free account and pro account, for the free account only limited to make 2 web

10 Weebly Excess

10 Weebly Excess - In addition to WordPress and Blogspot, another good sales site construction platform is Weebly. Signing up for a Weebly account is free. Users can use the various functions or elements provided by Weebly to build a professional sales page. In this article, we will not touch on how to use Weebly, we only discuss the advantages offered by Weebly to build a successful sales page. 10 Weebly Excess 1) No need of coding skills - Weebly uses a simple drag-and-drop menu, that is, the user just needs to click on the desired element, then release the click in the desired space. To build an online business page in a short time, Weebly is the smartest and most accurate choice. 2) Multimedia elements - Weebly Free users can use Embedded Document to upload PDF, M.Word, M. Excel and M. PowerPoint documents. If the user has upgraded to Weebly Pro, users can insert Video, Music, Flash, and Youtube Video elements to enrich the content of our sales page. 3) Custom HTML

How to Create Sitemap in Blog 2018, Automatically Match Label [Update 100% work]

Image -  How to create a sitemap in blog 2018 -  provide a feature list of the contents of the blog to make the visitors to find the article easily. Where the sitemap/contents list serves as a list of articles you have publish.yang will automatically adjust to your previous articles based on the label. Usually, the table of contents can be shaped according to the category/label and not. for advice only, it is better to use the table of contents that have been grouped by category, because that readers easily find the information according to the niche they want / select. Sitemap form that I share is quite simple so it will be faster to access, other advantages are automatically matched label, simple and will not burden the blog. Just follow the following how to create a sitemap blog with ease. How to create a sitemap in blog 2018 automatically by label  1. Before you have made first the label for your articles. If it is just to create a list of contents blog.

Easy Ways To Get Blog Fast Indexed Google

Image - The easiest way to get your blog and articles quickly indexed google you can use my tips, make sure you have successfully registered your blog/website to Google, if not please see my previous article " register Website or Blog to Google Webmaster Tools. 1. Post Articles regularly Articles on Blog / Website is the most important thing for google bot easy indexing, we can create articles regularly, aiming for Google + (plus) to our website, note also the article we make not to the result Copy / Paste. 2. Submit SiteMap to Google Webmaster The sitemap is a map of sites whose contents are links, this way according to SEO experts is mandatory, because if our Website has a sitemap it will simplify the Google Bot to Index. 3. Ping Blog / Website Pinging aims to inform Google Bot that our website is up to date, usually, I ping after posting. To ping, you can use or 4. Share our articles to social bookmarking or s

3 Best Android antivirus applications without Ads and light

Image - Android is now the most widely used Communication Technology tool. Not just for Phone and SMS but to do internet activity. When browsing online it will be a lot of viruses that may get into your smartphone. Not only computers or PCs that can be attacked but HP Android also can be infected. Due to the virus that enters the smartphone, you will experience disturbances such as loading becomes slow even the screen can die. There are also other factors such as applications cannot be opened or the android screen suddenly restarts itself. To avoid it all then required a special Android Antivirus to be safe from various disorders. best and most powerful and most powerful 3rd android antivirus I have recommended from dozens of apps in the Play Store. You can download it for free, requiring only a small amount of internet quota. With this antivirus application this option does not display annoying ads and if installed does not take up much space (lightly). 3 Best Andr

7 Ways To Use Blogs To Boost Your Online Business Sales

Blogboosters - One way to increase effective sales is through blogs. But there are many small online business owners who doubt it. They assume that blogging business only for large companies only. Though now blogs can improve or blog lifting a product. Thus from this blog strengthening business strategy for business When used properly, blogs can benefit all types of businesses. Here's how to use blogs to increase online business sales: 1. Attracting Customer Candidate Interests All online business owners will certainly try to attract potential new potential customers. One way is through blog business. Actually how to use blogs to attract prospective customers is not too difficult. You just write some articles with interesting content. Then prospective customers will search for information through the internet, then inadvertently will visit your blog thanks to the written content. If the content is felt interesting and useful then they will not hesitate to consider yo

Here's What You Need To Know About Fortnite Season 5 To Be Able to Survive

Nearly ten months after its release, Fortnite : Battle Royale continues to be a huge success. With the debut of Fortnite Season 5 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and mobile, it seems the players cannot get enough passion in the royale fighting genre. But if you read this, chances are you are a newcomer interested in the game and want to know what it takes to do it well. Season 5 updates change the game map and introduce some new mechanics, such as Rift that directs you into the air, but the game's core mechanism remains unchanged. Though you may be familiar with battle royale games, Fortnite is slightly different. The game continues with the last player format but adds its own turn that changes everything, you can instantly build walls and stairs, allowing you to create a castle to protect yourself. Fortnite drops you to an island with 99 other players, and the last player (or team) is left alive to win. Although similar to games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, many s

What's New from Fortnite Season 5

Image t - Fortnite gives a new refresh. Epic Games developers place challenges into the game in the form of seasons or seasons with different themes. This update goes to season 5 launched by Epic Games. This week, Fortnite players have been given the biggest patch in Season 5. This update brings many new changes to the highly popular mobile gaming. The map has been expanded with several new locations called Paradise Palms and Lazy Links, as well as some other updates that are not less interesting. Launched Mirror page, Saturday (14/7), Epic Games server had crashed due to the many players who want to update.k Viking, desert, and ancient statues that have appeared on the island as a war arena. "It changed the world of Fortnite as we know it," the Epic Games team said in a statement. "In addition, vehicles that can be boarded up to four people in the game Fortnite has arrived. Take the All Terrain Kart (ATK) zinky with your squad and discover all the my

How to Create Free Website with Weebly

Weebly provides free subdomains as well as TLD domain integration - We have discussed many free blog platforms, such as and We also have time to review the free blog tutorial on Tumblr. So, it's good if we now try another platform that is also well known in Indonesia, namely Weebly. Weebly is a web platform that offers a wide enough option for personal bloggers and sellers. In addition to being a place of personal bloggers displaying self-profile, Weebly can also be used to sell online through tools-tools offered. Go to the Weebly site. Then click the Sign-Up button to register an account. When a popup appears, select the registration option that you think is easiest. After the registration is complete, you will be offered the option to sell, just select the Not Now option. Next, you are asked to choose a theme for the blog. Choose the one that you find most interesting. Your blog is half-finished, this i

10+ Latest Online Business Opportunities Without Big and Reliable Capital

Image - Along with the rapid increase of internet users and also economic growth in Indonesia today, business development in Indonesia also apparently experienced a fairly rapid increase. The growth of this business looks very prominent in the field of online business and offline go Online business. In addition to the field of commerce (buying and selling via the internet), the online business also experienced rapid growth in the field of information technology (IT). Media information that used to be through conventional newspapers is now an online newspaper such as;,,,,, and many others. Internet business is also widely run by those who have skills in certain areas and want to make money from these skills. We must have often seen an offline business that is then marketed online to increase sales or to make the brand more famous. One of the offline goes online business that really interests me is the busin