10 Weebly Excess

10 Weebly Excess - In addition to WordPress and Blogspot, another good sales site construction platform is Weebly. Signing up for a Weebly account is free. Users can use the various functions or elements provided by Weebly to build a professional sales page.

In this article, we will not touch on how to use Weebly, we only discuss the advantages offered by Weebly to build a successful sales page.

10 Weebly Excess

1) No need of coding skills - Weebly uses a simple drag-and-drop menu, that is, the user just needs to click on the desired element, then release the click in the desired space. To build an online business page in a short time, Weebly is the smartest and most accurate choice.

2) Multimedia elements - Weebly Free users can use Embedded Document to upload PDF, M.Word, M. Excel and M. PowerPoint documents. If the user has upgraded to Weebly Pro, users can insert Video, Music, Flash, and Youtube Video elements to enrich the content of our sales page.

3) Custom HTML Elements - Users can copy and paste HTML code from other sources in this element, eg calendar, digital clock, visitor counter, calculator and so on. If users use email marketing software such as Aweber, users can copy and paste the Opt-In form into this element to intensify email marketing.

4) Password Protection - For Weebly Pro, if a user wants to protect a particular page with a password, the user can use the settings to add the page with a password. Visitors who want to read the page need to get a password from the site owner to read it.

5) Build-In SEO - Users can enter keywords to get a better ranking in search engines. Users can also enter the Google Analytics code in the Footer and Google Webmaster code or other code into the header to help improve the performance of the website.

6) Revenue Elements - Consumers can place product photos, selling prices and the short description of the products offered. All sales revenue will be received via PayPal account. Users can choose to place "Add To Cart" or 'Buy Now'

7) Contact Form - Users can have their own Contact Form for various purposes, such as membership registration, purchase information, feedback, inquiries, questionnaires and so on.

8) Hundreds of professional designs - Site designs that include various niche are provided by Weebly and ready to use. Users can change the design as many times as possible, depending on user requirements.

9) Plug-In - There is a built-in plug-in for pages developed using Weebly. For example the plug-in header and template.

10) Stock Photo Professional - An interesting picture is the success factor of a sales page. Weebly also provides professional quality stock, whether free or paid, for consumer use. The user just needs to type the desired image keywords, then the user can choose the required pictures. For paid images, users are only charged USD5 for each purchased picture.

Such are the advantages of Weebly. Be Weebly as the website development platform for your online business.


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