3 Best Android antivirus applications without Ads and light

Blogboosters.net - Android is now the most widely used Communication Technology tool. Not just for Phone and SMS but to do internet activity. When browsing online it will be a lot of viruses that may get into your smartphone. Not only computers or PCs that can be attacked but HP Android also can be infected.

Due to the virus that enters the smartphone, you will experience disturbances such as loading becomes slow even the screen can die. There are also other factors such as applications cannot be opened or the android screen suddenly restarts itself. To avoid it all then required a special Android Antivirus to be safe from various disorders.

best and most powerful and most powerful 3rd android antivirus I have recommended from dozens of apps in the Play Store. You can download it for free, requiring only a small amount of internet quota. With this antivirus application this option does not display annoying ads and if installed does not take up much space (lightly).

3 Best Android antivirus applications without Ads and light

1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Antivirust Anti Theft Fiture

The first car antivirus is Avast where in addition can be used on Android devices you can also use on the Computer. Your smartphone will be protected against all virus threats, infected URLs, theft, and even terminal hacking. You can install it on both Internal and External Memory.

2. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security)

Virus Cleaner HI Fiture
This is an application that plays a role to remove other apps that could potentially harm your mobile phone. To use it quite easily but HP must make sure your device is rooted. If not then this app can not be used. It is also one of the best antivirus in the world that many users.

All smartphones can use it like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Advan, Nokia and other smartphones. Do not hesitate to try because it is powerful enough and proven to detect the incoming virus. The latest version is 1.0.3 which you can download for free and use the Indonesian language.

3. AVG Antivirus Security

AVG AntiVirusAVG AntiVirus Security Fiture
The last antivirus is AVG which is also your applications to block the incoming virus. Detects any android applications installed whether malicious or not. Filtering every incoming file either Photos or Vidio. By installing it can reduce the risk of virus entry.

In addition, this application can also speed up the loading process is lighter when using it. In the year 2018 has done a lot of updates so that its users will be easier to use it. Do not hesitate to try it as it will not reduce your phone's RAM performance.

That's the best and best free antivirus android in 2018. You just choose one of them and certainly no adverse ads. How to use it is quite easy and you can do every day to protect dangerous files. That way you can perform activities on the internet freely and securely.


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