5 Ways to Accelerate Loading Blog

Blogboosters.netHow to Accelerate Loading Blog - The speed of loading for a blog is a very important factor after quality content. You definitely do not want it if the blog is empty for visitors because loading a very long blog. Very in pity when the content that you create is very good, but due to the long loading of visitors so lazy to read and even run off to other blogs.

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In essence, visitors prefer blogs that have fast loading (fast loading) because they do not want to waste a lot of time while being surfing on a blog. Therefore, from now on down your ego do not be too passionate about the style of a cool template but even slow downloading blog. It's time you think how to speed up loading the blog so that the visitors do not run away.

How to Accelerate Loading Blog

In addition to disadvantage visitor resulting from loading the old blog, we as a blog owner also affected blogs become lonely. Therefore you need to do some of the following simple ways for faster blog loading and the opportunity to get ranked in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

1. Use and Optimization In Pictures

The main factor that makes blog loading becomes slow is the use of excessive images on the Home Page and Single Post. Use the image as efficiently as possible, if it is in need of an image in a post then compress it first to the smallest size. Use the PNG format to keep images from breaking when compressed. The recommended image size limit is under 40 kb.

2. Wise In Using Widgets

Many beginner bloggers are competing in beautify the look of his blog by adding various widgets that are not necessarily all the widgets are important for visitors. Install the important widgets only and remove the widgets that are not feeling important to be available empty space for advertising. Widgets that are recommended to install include Popular Post, Recent Post, Social Media and Tag Label, please combine some of these widgets.

3. Use of Advertising

The presence of ads in a blog is as an embellishment for the owner of the blog because their ads earn income (earnings). But it is not okay to put ads in all places with a very large size. Instead of profit even stumped, because the number of ads in pairs loading blog so slow and visitors will run away because of the page filled with ads that are very disturbing for them. The impact of your blog will be quiet from visitors.

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4. Do not Overuse Color

The use of excessive colors will increase the capacity on the blog and consequently, loading becomes slow. Use basic colors such as black and white and use other colors as necessary. Visitors today prefer a blog with a minimalist view that has a lot of white space empty. Just look at the big website now only use a maximum of three types of color only.

5. Using AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages or accelerated mobile pages. Currently, Google is very fond of blogs that use AMP, so do not let your blog do not use AMP. Especially now almost 80% of users access a site through a smartphone.

Conclusion loading speed on a blog is very important so do not be sincere. If you find it difficult or no time to optimize your blog loading, you can use the Speeding Blog Loading Service at blogboosters.net. This service will speed up loading your blog up to 90% faster than before. On the guarantee, your blog will be faster and faster both using the platform Blogspot or WordPress.


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