Easy Ways To Get Blog Fast Indexed Google

Blogboosters.net - The easiest way to get your blog and articles quickly indexed google you can use my tips, make sure you have successfully registered your blog/website to Google, if not please see my previous article " register Website or Blog to Google Webmaster Tools.
How to Get Fast Indeks Google

1. Post Articles regularly

Articles on Blog / Website is the most important thing for google bot easy indexing, we can create articles regularly, aiming for Google + (plus) to our website, note also the article we make not to the result Copy / Paste.

2. Submit SiteMap to Google Webmaster

The sitemap is a map of sites whose contents are links, this way according to SEO experts is mandatory, because if our Website has a sitemap it will simplify the Google Bot to Index.

3. Ping Blog / Website

Pinging aims to inform Google Bot that our website is up to date, usually, I ping after posting. To ping, you can use pingomatic.com or blogsearch.google.com/ping

4. Share our articles to social bookmarking or social media

This method is also very influential for a fast blog indexed, especially if the articles that we make a lot to share it to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Digg because the website has a high PageRank. Submit also your articles to Lintas.me for more power.

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5. Submit Url Artikel like Google Webmaster

Submitting your post URL to google is instant and proven fast, with just seconds the URL submitted will appear in google search results. This tool we can use for free.

6. Minimum domains used PR 2

Although Pagerank (PR) has not been updated, even now it is deleted. However, Domains that once had a PR is still powerful to play SEO.
Until recently (the Year 2017), I have 2 domains of former PR3 and PR4. The PR3 domain is just seconds after the post is published, the post page is already in the index google. While the PR4 even lost in terms of google index. Heheee I do not know what causes it.

Okay so my article this time how fast blog indexed google, may be useful.


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