How to Create Free Website with Weebly

Weebly provides free subdomains as well as TLD domain integration
Weebly Logo - We have discussed many free blog platforms, such as and We also have time to review the free blog tutorial on Tumblr. So, it's good if we now try another platform that is also well known in Indonesia, namely Weebly.

Weebly is a web platform that offers a wide enough option for personal bloggers and sellers. In addition to being a place of personal bloggers displaying self-profile, Weebly can also be used to sell online through tools-tools offered.

  • Go to the Weebly site.
  • Then click the Sign-Up button to register an account.
  • When a popup appears, select the registration option that you think is easiest.
    Weebly Sign Up

  • After the registration is complete, you will be offered the option to sell, just select the Not Now option.
    Weebly Chane Category

  • Next, you are asked to choose a theme for the blog. Choose the one that you find most interesting.
    Weebly Choose Theme

  • Your blog is half-finished, this is the basic theme. To customize the contents, just click Start Editing.
    Weeble Theme Editor

  • Well, in this step you need not a moment. Because I'm sure you're studying the interface and function of each card on the left. So, the canvas on the right now the status is still draft, you can change according to taste. For example, replace the logo, text, images and so forth. Please try and see what the results.
    Weebly Theme Builder

  • When it feels right, click the Publish button until a new popup window will appear that will offer the domain. Fill it with the name up, later will appear subdomain option with domain affix on the back. It's for free option. But if you want to go directly to the paid, you can choose an existing domain extension on it.
    Choose Domain in Weebly
  • The subdomain is done.
    Choose Subdomain Complete
  • Next is a notification that the web has been published. This means that the web with your own subdomain name can be accessed online anywhere.
    Weebly Website Publish

Note About Weebly

  • I think Weebly is less suitable for dynamic blogs where content is constantly changing, constantly being updated. Weebly is more suited to web profiles both personal or corporate.
  • To log in to the web, you must visit site and log in with your account.
  • Weebly is light and simple, perfect for beginners who avoid complicated CMS systems.
  • Weebly can also be integrated into domains that are outside their platform. We will try first, and if successful will be made the tutorial, stay tuned!


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