How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Post Title - Perhaps novice bloggers never thought, how to make SEO friendly post titles, because it is one of Google's search engine optimization factors to get a good ranking on search, and the effect of blogs get organic Google traffic and visitors to a lot.

Create SEO Friendly Blog Post Title

The beginner bloggers, never want to care about the issue of SEO, I noticed only the interest of interesting templates, for what we spend too much time to take care of the template until the months just edit here and there, the template we can get for free and already is provided by master templates.

To you know the title is the entrance of a visitor who will read the article on our blog.

You can look at social media, content/articles that are shared / sharing is a title that spurs emotions and attraction so that others want to read it.

Used in social media that provides like and sharing, they do not care about the content of the article, what is relevant or not, or what site.

Beginners just think, how to display post titles on the blog, but they do not want to think how to create an interesting blog title and make visitors curious to click and readers who have visitors see in Google search engine and social media.

But you need to remember the title should be relevant to the contents of the article so that visitors do not feel disappointed and will continue reading other articles.

The title of SEO friendly is highly favored by the search engines and will get a higher ranking.

Example if you already have 200 articles, how many articles titles that have been popular on your blog, try to start looking back, starting from now if you want your blog always get high traffic through search engines and social media.

In this discussion, I will share tips on how to create a search engine friendly title not only to get organic traffic sources but will increase CTR

Sample SEO Title: " How to Create a Quick Post Title Appears in Google Search " with an example of this title, if you are a blogger will definitely click on the title, because it contains the attraction to read the article, and definitely in the mind want the article fast in the machine Google search.

If the blog wants many visitors please follow the steps - steps below hopefully will make your blog will be more visitors.

How to create an SEO Friendly Title

Keep in mind that titles should contain keywords and try not too long.

Step 1: 

Analyze Keyword Articles

Analyzing keywords is the first step to make your post with SEO friendly titles. There are many keyword research tools available online, such as. Let me explain how I analyze keyword search articles on Google. "How to get more blog traffic".

Ordinary I use free tools like keyword tool and Ubersuggest and others, to do keyword research, from the main keywords to be used as article material. I continue to do the analysis, find out which articles are the most searched for visitors on the Google search engine and the low competition level, continue to search for long tail keywords based on seed keywords that are already targeted. And the end of finding the title as you wish.

Step 2: 

Inserting Key Keywords In The Title

Once a keyword research has been done and getting the keywords as expected, the next step is to enter the post title.

For example, two keywords from the results of research using tools:

  1. High traffic blog.
  2. Google's first page

From the above keywords will be used as post title as an example:

  1. How to Get High Blog Traffic
  2. The first blog entry on Google.

After we enter the main keywords in the title Post, the next stage to do the title optimization SEO friendly.

  1. Tips to increase blog traffic quickly.
  2. SEO optimization tips for blog articles to enter the first page of Google.

The result is a search engine friendly title and appeals to visitors who want to quickly get visitors to their blogs, when visitors read the article in your blog, look at the related article there is a title posting SEO optimization tips for blog articles to enter the first page of Google  they will definitely readers of the article


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