How to Create Sitemap in Blog 2018, Automatically Match Label [Update 100% work]

How to Create Sitemap

Blogboosters.netHow to create a sitemap in blog 2018 -  provide a feature list of the contents of the blog to make the visitors to find the article easily. Where the sitemap/contents list serves as a list of articles you have publish.yang will automatically adjust to your previous articles based on the label.

Usually, the table of contents can be shaped according to the category/label and not. for advice only, it is better to use the table of contents that have been grouped by category, because that readers easily find the information according to the niche they want / select.

Sitemap form that I share is quite simple so it will be faster to access, other advantages are automatically matched label, simple and will not burden the blog.

Just follow the following how to create a sitemap blog with ease.

How to create a sitemap in blog 2018 automatically by label 

1. Before you have made first the label for your articles. If it is just to create a list of contents blog.

2. On the blogger, Dashboard goes to> page> new page.

3. Give the title of the sitemap page or table of contents. Choose HTML (not compose), copy the
script below then publishes it.

<script src=""></script><script src=";alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc"></script>

Replace the red text with your blog URL

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4. next step if want sitemap is shown in blog navigation:

go to page> select "view"> copy the URL

then select the theme> edit HTML> search the name "sitemap/table of contents" by pressing the (CTRL + F) button to make it easier.jika not yet, create sitemap link below, then install in your blog navigation.

that's how to create a sitemap in blog 2018 or create a list of contents blog.semoga useful.
<li><a href='#'>sitemap</a></li>

Note: uncheck # to paste the URL of the sitemap page earlier

That's how to create a sitemap in blog 2018 or create a list of contents blog.


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