How to Insert Hreflang Tag Blog?

How to Insert Hreflang Tag Blog - How to Insert Hreflang Tag Blog?  Hello friends Blog Tips & Tricks, met again with the admin here before we have discussed how to optimize the performance of your blog through google webmaster tools. Among them is to determine the target visitors by country visitors. But not only that to further optimize site performance in governance we should also put hreflang tags on blog/site favored us, why?

Installation hreflang tags on blog/web are the recommended by the google webmaster tools, this indicates that hreflang tags have a benefit that is great for the development of the site and of course also makes blogs more user Seo again in the future.

But there are still many bloggers especially novice bloggers do not use this meta tag in the template. Plumpness they only verify web on google webmaster tools. With a variety of reasons. People think hreflang tags are not so important because they do not know what functions and uses, but most do not really know how to set it up . for this reason that on this occasion the Admin Blog Tips & Tricks will discuss how to put meta tags Hreflang and what are the benefits for the blog?

How to Insert Meta Tag Hreflang and What Can We Do To Blog?

How to Insert # 3 Tag In Blogs

Friends do not need to hesitate to put this meta tag for Use hreflang tag was suggested directly by google webmaster tools. So surely this tag provides many benefits and uses for blogs/ websites/web that we manage. To put it kindly friends paste the code below in the blog template just below the "<head>"
Insert Hreflang Tag Blog

<link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='x-default' rel='alternate'/>
<link rel="alternate" href="http://Alamat Blog Anda" hreflang="x-default" />
<link href="data:blog.url " hreflang="x-default" rel="alternate" />

If you only want to target the blog in one country, then please change the "x-default" with a target state ID.

Example code hreflang tags to capture the Amharic-language search.

<link rel="alternate" href="http://URL Blog" hreflang="am" />
International Targeting

What are the Benefits Tag Hreflang For Blog

Indirectly using hreflang tags on blog/websites, we will get a lot of benefits and advantages. Among the benefits to blogs that use hreflang tag is as follows:

Benefits hreflang tag # 1. Improve SEO Blog

hreflang or rel = "alternative" hreflang = "x" is a code that serves to instruct each robot (spider bot) that crawl the blog to display the content or articles on our site according to the language of the visitor (visitors) the web. Thus spider bot will be an automatic translation of content according to users based on the state language of the IP address used. So that visitors will feel comfortable and at ease to linger on our site because it does not confuse the writing language they do not understand.

So, indirectly helpful hreflang tags to make it more SEO Blog.

On our site contains an article entitled " What Is a Keyword Stuffing and Consequences Against Blog ". There is someone from another country who type or search in the language used eg English "What is Keyword Stuffing and the result against Blog", then the articles that will appear on the SERP is no longer "What is Keyword Stuffing and Consequences Of Blog" but changed to "what is Keyword Stuffing and the result against blog", as well as with all other posts that are on the blog. Not only that snippet that is displayed on the SERP also in an English version (the language used by visitors).

Benefits hreflang tags # 2. Lowering Bounce Rate

Addition Hreflang tags can lower the bounce rate blog/ web/site because it serves as an auto tag translate so that visitors from any country can understand or comprehend the entire content of your blog when they access it. Thus they automatically can enjoy our articles and understand what we want to convey for reading content in accordance with their everyday language.

It is already the admin for yourself, before this blog many visitors from abroad get a result bounce rate blog above 60%, but after installing the meta tag hreflang percentage blog bounce rate is down to 18% -21%.

Benefit  hreflang tags # 3 Safe from Google penalty

Why insert the tag hreflang, we can safely blog from google penalty? the answer is because by using a secure site content hreflang tag of index duplicate content. Where we all know that duplicate content is very dangerous for the progress of the blog, which ultimately got banned / penalty and deleted by Google especially if we create a free blog on blogger.

By adding hreflang tags in the template, the content will be considered or categorized by spiders and bots as the original article (original) although in the articles we write no duplicate content with other websites (web in different languages). So it is likely the site will appear in search results SERP also great.

So little knowledge can admin wrote about the benefits of hreflang tags that admin Blog Tips & Tricks to know. Hopefully useful and can be a source of useful information, especially for those who read it.

How easy is not it?, Hopefully, a short article about how to How to Insert Hreflang Tag and What Can We Do to Blog?    This can help friends find it difficult if there is one admin apologize and if there are not clear please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below, greeting blogger.


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