How to Make Money on Tap Cash Rewards with Ease - How do I get money from Tap Cash Rewards? Earlier you have to know first what is the application Tap Cash Rewards. This is an Android application that provides rewards or rewards to its users. Tap Cash Rewards was launched by a mobile advertising company called Tap Cash inc.

This Android app can be installed for free through Google Play. Once installed, we need to do some simple settings in our account. Furthermore, we can get points (credits) that can later be redeemed or cashed via Paypal, Steam Google Play Gift Card or Gift Card to be used to buy premium apps on Google Play.

How to Make Money from Tap Cash Rewards

To obtain money with Tap Cash Rewards is actually quite simple and absolutely free of charge. You only need to install the application on your Android Tap Cash Rewards you, then do some of the things required by the application, such as playing a game application and other applications, as well as watch videos, recommended Tap Cash.

Furthermore, you will get points (credits) automatically. The number of credits earned from one application about 80 to 400 points. Well, if you want to get 1000 points then you simply install or run any application that offers a 4 to 250 credits or more.

Ok, for more details, follow the steps below, not to miss:

1. Install Application Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewords Application

Go to Google Play and then type Tap Cash Rewards in the search field there. Next, tap on Tap Cash Rewards logo, you'll see a link that application installation. Tap Install,

2. Sign In Using Facebook Account

Sign in Tap Cash Rewords

Tap Cash Rewards After the application is successfully installed, then open the application. Later there will be a confirmation display button "Grant Permission", tap the button. You will be redirected to the main page of the application Tap Cas Rewards.

SETTING then tap on the top left and tap Check-in button to sign in using your Facebook account.

After signing in with your Facebook account, you will get a gift Point of 10,000. Tap the button Redeem Gift Cards on your smartphone screen.

Up here you have successfully registered and have an account with Tap Cash Reward.

3. Get a total amount of Rewards

Furthermore, you can get a reward by doing various activities in the Tap Cash Rewards app. Some of these activities include:

  • Install recommended app (most gaming applications)
  • Run applications that have been installed
  • Daily login application to Tap Cash Rewards
  • Recommended App Share to Facebook
  • Invite friends to use the app Tap Cash Rewards
Tap Cash Rewords

Of the actual application we can get up to 2000 points, but on condition that you have to run applications that are recommended for 7 consecutive days, at least 3 minutes per day. But, of course, you may choose any other convenient way to collect points.

The more rewards points earned, the greater the money that can be withdrawn from this application. I personally prefer to install and play the game that is recommended rather than Share to Facebook because of the average of my friends, not gamers.
How to Thaw Point Tap Cash

That ye be not confused with the value of the points Tap Cash if thawed/cashed, the following is the Tap Cash Rewards points value in dollars (USD):

  • 10.000 credits Tap Cash = $1
  • 50.000 credits Tap Cash = $5
  • 100.000 credits Tap Cash = $10

For melting points Tap Cash through Paypal and Steam Gift Card with a minimum value of 100,000 points, equivalent to $ 10.

Melting Points Tap Cash Rewords

When the points you've reached the minimum value (100,000 points) then you can simply withdraw via Paypal. I personally prefer to use Paypal because Paypal funds will be transferred to an account at a local bank.

Step melt (withdrawal) points in the Tap Cash to Paypal is very easy. Sign in to your user page by tapping on the top left, then select the menu withdrawal. Next specify the points that want to be exchanged for money (minimum $ 10), and enter your PayPal email account, Submit.

Well, so is a short tutorial on how to get money from Tap Cash Rewards, an Android app moneymaker is suitable for you who love to play games smartphone. Besides playing cool games, you can also make money allowance of app Tap Cash Rewards.


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