Increase Blog Traffic By Setting Permalink

What is permalink? - Well on this occasion we will discuss one of the tricks to increase blog traffic by setting the right permalink, so the URL of our blog post more SEO friendly in the eyes of search engines.
For SEO development and the temperature of blogs this is no longer a strange thing because Permalink does have a fairly important position in terms of increasing visitors, but for beginners alias newbie, permalink will be quite foreign things.

So what is Permalink? Permalink which stands for 'Permanent Link'is a URL address or a permanent link about a post on a blog. Permalink WordPress with Blogger permalink is different, although in principle it's still a permalink. If on WordPress we can choose for some type of permalink, then in blogger platform cannot be that way. But it basically does not matter much, as long as the title matches what is posted and not too long (for bloggers).

Which is called Permalink?

As I mentioned above, a permalink is a URL address or a permanent link about a post on a blog. Consider the following example:

Permalink Blogger
Permalink Blogger

New Permalink
New Permalink

Well, example URL 1 and 2 above is a permalink. then why I love different colors and bold? Here we discuss the permalink on the blogger platform, not in WordPress.
In bold writing is the blog URL, while for the whole URL is Permalink of a blog post. So ... already know dong permalink that what ???

Now the red permalink is a permalink structure that automatically adjusts when we make the title of a blog post, while the green color is a customized permalink structure. Then what's the difference? can both work? yes indeed all can work, but in the red text, there is no word 'permalink', while who want to discuss in the post is a permalink. it is less than the green permalink. Surely can understand now...?!

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Then, how to set permalink on a blogger platform?

It's easy, on the new blogger dashboard interface the facility set permalink is already available. We can see it when creating a post, on the right panel will see some setting options and one of those options is to set the permalink. following his screenshots.
Custom Permalink

Do not expect bloggers to give an 'exact' permalink with the post title. Blogger will 'circumcise' the title if the title is too long. blogger permalink will only retrieve words from the title of a maximum of 4 to 6 short words. So, it's good to give a short title, solid, clear and strategic. The point is strategic here is a keyword a post and reflects the contents of the post.

Okay, yeah, you can do it anyway? may be useful!

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