It's How To Get Rich Quickly To Be A Millionaire Even A Billionaire, Prove Itself

The title of the article is rather BOOMBASTIC yes because the topic of how to become rich is always interesting and much talked about. Very many internet users are looking for information on how to get rich quick and become a millionaire.
To Be A Millionaire Even A Billionaire

Actually, it would be even more fantastic if the title "How to Become a Billionaire / Trillionaire" for being a millionaire is actually VERY MAINSTREAM for all of us. Having savings or assets of several million, tens of millions or hundreds of millions is definitely possible. But wait, the billionaire is actually a millionaire, right? Because the assets owned MILLIONS MILLION hiiii.

Okay, back to topic. Do you want to be a rich man and become a millionaire is something grandiose? I do not think so! The rich definition depends on ourselves, but you can do it, not just to survive but to enjoy life as well.

How To Get Rich Rich & Become a Millionaire?

If you want to be rich (millionaires or even billionaires), is it enough to 'just' by saving? Of course not. And the rich never doubled their money in the way that Dimas Kanjeng did, it was a fraud.

Here are some tips from successful people for you who are looking for the RIGHT QUICK way!

1. Increase Income, Not Working Hours

What does this point mean? All human beings in this world both have 24 hours a day and it is actually time that is not considered always less and always less. So, if you're overtime to get rich, think about the effect - you're saturated or you get sick. Therefore, increasing the value of your income would be much more effective than adding your working hours, right?

How to increase income? Try to take a workable business opportunity without making you leave the main job. One business opportunity that can be done without having to leave the main job is to run an online business.

What are examples of a workable online business? Please read the short explanation in the article about online business. It should also be noted that Internet business is not a rich fast business because it requires a process to be successful. Start from learning, practice, and repeat all the learning and practice to increase profit so you become rich.

2. Investment, Not Saving

There are still many people who think that saving is a way to get rich quick. I think this is the wrong way. Prove yourself, whether by way of saving you can get rich quick?

Indeed this way is not wrong but of course, your process becomes rich become slow, why? Note the value of your money is not increased and even tends to decline every year, probably because of inflation and so on.

Therefore, try to find a more effective way by investing in property that can provide an income of about 15% -50%, investing into a business that can give yields of about 20% -100%, and few deposits that give the interest of 6% -7%. With the value of an increased investment then your wealth will grow by itself.

3. Wise, Not Prestige

No doubt when someone has a lot of money then the thought is "this money is willing to buy what?". Yes at least used to show off to others that we have money.

Who does not like fancy stuff? Who else does not chuckle in awe and say that someone becomes successful when having a luxury item? But, think first, whether you are able to care for the luxury goods? This is not the way to become rich, because it will only spend more of your money.

Luxury goods require maintenance! Not to mention if you give luxury by way of installment, hmmm. So, instead of prestige, better wise. Use the money you have for much more important things - use the money for items that suit your needs.

For example, if you already have more money than the goods you have, such as you buy a European car then you should certainly have more money than the price you buy the car, right?

4. Avoid Non-Generate Debt

If you can for anything do not get into debt, this is one way to get rich quick that effectual. However, sometimes circumstances force us to owe to get something that we really need. If this happens to you (owe), wisely use the money you borrow.

The wise will use money from debt to build/grow a business or invest, while fools owe just for the sake of buying luxury and lifestyle. Businesses and assets can grow and make more money, while the value of luxury goods is sure to decrease and you will incur losses. So, think carefully about the use of your money.

If your wife/husband wants to borrow money (debt), make sure that the debt is for long-term business or business, not to buy luxury or lifestyle. Or if it is a debt to buy something, make sure it is to buy the property.

Never get used to buying a luxury by way of installments. Initially, the installment feels small, but this installment will gradually damage your financial flows. And in the end, your income can be used only to pay the installment.

5. Learning and Keep Learning

Yes, the way to get rich is the process of learning and learning, whether it is learning from others or from others. Usually, someone who earns 5 million a month knows only how to get Rp 5 million a month, then you learn how to earn Rp 10 million per month, then Rp 20 million per month, soon.

Therefore, do not stop learning. Invest your money to learn a science or knowledge from others to increase your 'selling point' to achieve a better career.

You need a different science. So how? Of course, you can expand your association, leave the comfort zone. Having influencers can also motivate you to become rich, pay attention to their words and watch what they are doing!

6. Be thankful and give charity

Is it true that giving thanks and charity is one of the proven rich quick ways? Whatever your current condition, it is appropriate to remain grateful to the Almighty. The rich who start a business from scratch to success are often grateful and charitable.

This gratitude is a good start to start all the activities you will do if you want to get rich quick and succeed in every activity. The sense of love will make us more easily get positive things that are around us.

In addition to being grateful, charity is your way of helping others who are more in need, and this enables you to absorb the positive things around you that will make you rich quick. It is not the concept of giving and receiving bigger, it is wrong. Giving/giving charity the concept is to give up what we have to others without expecting any reward.

In man, there is always a desire to give something to others. By giving, a human being feels beneficial to his surroundings and makes him happier. Happy humans will work better and more effectively than people who work while scowling. It is then that will make a person achieve his goal immediately, such as getting rich quick.

Being a rich man is not a fancy thing, the ways mentioned in this article are certainly not a grand thing, is not it? How to get rich quick and become a millionaire can be done by managing what you have today in a good and effective way.

Remember too! Being rich is not a goal to look at others, but more important is your perspective on yourself and the environment. You know how to enjoy your life. That way, you can use money wisely, not just ambition and prestige that often even drop someone. Hope this article inspires.


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