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Definition - What does Top-Level Domain (TLD) mean?

Blogboosters.netMiscellaneous And Definition Top Level Domains TLD. | At least there are currently 3 types of domains that can be classified by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Namely Global TLD (gTLD ), Country TLD (gTLD), and Infrastructure TLD. Different utilization of each in essence to separate the meaning of references that ultimately represent certain fields that exist in the owner of the website name itself. In fact, the domain price also differs from each of the extensions.

Understanding the Top Level Domain or TLD

"Top Level Internet Domain or TLD is a reference to the last letter after the dot in a domain name. For example, www.google.com has the top domain .com (or COM, since the domain name does not matter in capital or small). - Wikipedia"

3 of the Types of Top Level Domains TLD

1. Global Top-Level Domains (gTLD)

Most consist of 3 letters or more. The extension entered in the gTLD type can be freely used by anyone, wherever it comes from except  .mil (military) and .gov (Government). .mil and .gov Can be used only by the United States Government. So if you find a website that uses the domain. Miles already ascertained it belongs to the United States military. So is .gov.
When gTLD is dissected more deeply, there will be 2 subclassifications, ie sponsored top-level domains (sTLD) that are owned solely by organizations, organizations, associations, government agencies, and individuals in a particular area that are sponsored eg .aero, .coop and. The other subclassification is for extensions where there is no sponsorship relationship with gTLD. Commonly called (unsponsored top-level domains (uTLD), for example .biz, .info, .name and .pro.

2. Country code top-level domains (ccTLD)

Extensions used for websites in certain countries. For example .id is an extension specifically reserved for websites that exist in the State of Indonesia. So it is not possible to find a website with .id domain with the main content of Mandarin.
Infrastructure top-level domains
This extension is still very strange. Examples that are predicted to specialize in a particular infrastructure project. Only this type of domain has only 2 registered, ie. arpa and .root

Examples of Various Top Level Domains TLD and Market prices.

3. Public gTLD 

Here is a list of Domains TLD most widely used by website owners around the World with their respective uses.

.com: For commercial websites. (most widely used, in addition to popular, also included in the list of cheap domain prices
.co: For the Koorporasi website.
.net: For network technology website. For example blogboosters.net
.org: For nonprofit organizations website.
.info: For information website.
.biz: For business website.
.pro: For certain profession websites.
.jobs: For human resources website.
.travel: For the tourism industry website.
.name: individual name.
.museum: museum.
.coop: cooperative.
.int: international.
.tv: television.
.aero: aircraft industry.
.arpa: Address and Routing Parameter Area.

TLD Special Website in the USA

.mil: military (exclusive to the United States military)
.edu: education (exclusive to the United States Department of Education)
.gov: government (exclusive to the United States government)

Root Zone Database

The Root Zone Database represents the delegation details of top-level domains.

But in practice today .edu is also used for some Indonesian sites. For example Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia Education University),  upi.edu

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