Introduction Of  WEEBLY

Blogboosters.net - Weebly is a means to create a free website. Using the widget format, allows the user to create a page with just a few clicks, dragging and dropping different page elements (images, text, or interactive content, etc.) onto the page and populating the content. The site was created by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, and Chris Fanini, and all who attend Penn State for a bachelor's degree. Weebly was included in Time magazine as the best Fourth Site of fifty sites in 2007. So if we conclude Weebly is a free domains provider site. Simple like Blogspot.

Features Existing On WEEBLY

The Weebly editor's interface allows users to easily and quickly "drag and drop" content into open web pages, which is a key weekly feature. In addition, Weebly users can create theme designs, add blogs, and of course free of ads. Weebly consists of 2 types of account that are free account and pro account, for the free account only limited to make 2 websites only, while for the pro account can make up to 10 websites.

In addition, pro accounts have advantages such as increased file size for uploading files, uploading videos, page protection, favicon, removing Weebly foot links, and premium support. In Weebly, you can also download other users to edit their website. Weebly also allows users to use custom domain names for free versions. It gives a chance to try Weebly before deciding to upgrade to the pro version. In addition, there are features "archive" when want to migrate to other hosting service providers. An e-commerce feature or an online store is also available weekly. So the preferred by this site is the ease in editorial and designing websites that want to be managed.

How I Choose WEEBLY

How I Choose WEEBLY
Actually functionally, Weebly and Blogspot have almost the same function, but there are some things that convince me to choose Weebly as my personal website. Here is one of them:

1. Blogspot is too 'mainstream', even many bloggers who blaspheme that blogger Blogspot it away by filling his website with the contents that are not useful, therefore I do not want to be labeled as a person who is considered negative by 'them-them'.

2. Weebly management system of course much easier than Blogspot very complicated. why did I say that? Due to the way of adding elements and features its features are very difficult to understand. Compare to Weebly using the drag system into place to fill content.

3. Design provided on Weebly much more cool and stylish than Blogspot that looks stiff and old. Weebly has a lot of cool designs especially for today's young kids who want casual styles.

Here I do not want to be a hypocrite with only a Weebly crazy flatter. I will also let you know all about Weebly shortcomings. Here it is:

Deficiency at Weebly

  1. Spread or publication media, in Indonesia, Weebly less known, so many people who no matter with Weebly. 
  2. In the search on google also Weebly still less, because sometimes require the word "weekly" in the search box. 
  3. There are still many people who do not understand what Weebly, so it is difficult in the management.
So I think for the bloggers who want to try new things can try Weebly for you to use.

Thanks, hopefully useful :)


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