Types of Personality Based Website, Platform, and Objectives

Based on Personality Type Website

Static website

In a simple, static website can be defined as a website whose content is constant or unchanged. Each page is made with HTML code and shows the same information to each visitor. Only the webmaster or developer who can do an update on a static website content.

Static websites are generally made using HTML and CSS by developers who understand the programming and coding. You can also use a static website generator like Jekyll, Hexo, or Hugo.

Because static website does not require regularly updated content, a static website does not require a database. Static websites are usually used for corporate websites who only need to provide basic information such as address, contact, and the company's history.

Dynamic website

Instead, a dynamic website is a website that the content is always updated regularly. Most websites are dynamic because it is easier to maintain than a static website. Dynamic website featuring content from a database that normally can only be accessed by a webmaster or developer.

Nevertheless, a dynamic website makes it possible to have multiple users who can update website content without interfering with the web design.

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Type Website Based Platform

There are various ways to create a website. At least you can build a website with three methods, namely using a CMS, website builder, or code.


The first method is the most popular, ie using a Content Management System (CMS). CMS is a software or system used to create and manage digital content.

You can create a website quickly and easily using the CMS. Some of the most widely used CMS is WordPress, Joomla !, and Drupal.

Third of the popular CMS, WordPress is the easiest to operate. In addition to easy to operate, WordPress also holds the largest market share figure CMS with 59.9 percent

This means that more than half of the CMS is WordPress users. That means you're more likely to get tips and tutorials WordPress. In addition, many developers that provide a WordPress plugin that lets you add features on the website.

You can use WordPress to create any kind of website, company website, online shop website, to blog or personal website. Too many large companies who use WordPress. Some of them are

Although creating a website with CMS includes easy, you still need to learn how to use. Each CMS has a different way of working. However, if you use WordPress, your learning opportunities will be easier because there are many WordPress tutorials on the Internet, as already mentioned previously.

Website Builder

If you want to create a website that is even easier, you can use the website builder. The website builder is a platform that helps you create a website quickly, without the need to understand coding or design skills at all.

The website builder is suitable for those who want to create a website in a short time, do not have the technical ability and no time to study it. Some examples of popular are the Wix website builder, Site Builder, and Weebly.

The advantage of a website builder is that users get a complete package to create a website, from hosting, domain, until the template selection. Users only need to change the content as desired and can be aided by the support of the provider website builder.


These types of websites based on the latter platform is the website using HTML and CSS. Remember the types of websites at the beginning of this article? Yes, static website. Usually, static websites created using this method.

This latter method makes website requires knowledge of coding and programming using HTML and CSS. You can create code for a website using software like Notepad ++, Text Wrangler, or Sublime Text.

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Type Website Based on Interest

Websites are also divided on the purpose of manufacture. Here are some of the most common destination website

Blog or Personal Website

Since the early 2000s, a new trend blog as a personal journal that can be managed and accessed online. If you want to write down personal thoughts, opinions, or stories of travel, you can publish them through blogs.

Blog stories can even be used as a job. Many successful bloggers Indonesia through their blogs like Trinity Traveler, Mastimon, and Sugeng.

E-commerce / Shop Online

You can also use the website to create an online store. Even if you already sell in the marketplace or social media, you still need a website. Just as you have a physical store in the real world, the website serves as "shop" you are in cyberspace.

You can direct potential consumers of social media to the online store website that all transactions take place on the website. So all transactions online store can be recorded automatically and you can evaluate them easily with the help of Google Analytics.

Company website

If your company does not conduct transactions online, you also need to have the official company website so that potential customers can find official information about your company from the official website.

By doing so, consumers' confidence in your company will increase because they can find the official information required through a search engine.

Blog (Content Marketing)

Besides being used as personal journals, blogs can also be used as a means of content marketing. You can bring traffic to the online store website or your company's website through a blog.

You can create content or articles using keywords that are frequently used by your prospects. For example, you sell leather shoes. You can write articles on the blog marketing content with keywords such as "how to care for suede shoes" or "best leather shoes".

Organizations or Government Agencies

The website can also be used as the official website of the organization. This is so that people can access the latest information about the activities of the organization with ease. Usually, the organizations use the .org website or While the website using the domain government agencies.

Online Communities

The website can also be used as an online community. There are various online communities on the Internet with a variety of topics. Usually, the online community website just talking about one specific topic.

In this online community website, visitors can get the latest information, tips, or tutorial from one or more specific topic.

For example, users have a website web hosting Indonesia online community Web Hosting Discussion. The readers also have an online community website Goodreads. There is also an online community of women named Female Daily.

Website News

The website with the aim to spread the word is probably the most familiar type of website for you. In the era of digital, online news portal managed to shift some other media as sources of information.

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The types of websites on the top you can use as a basis what kind of website you will make.

Do you need a website that displays only company brochure? Then we recommend that you create a static website developed with HTML and CSS.

Or your website that the content is always updated regularly? Then you can create dynamic websites by using several options platforms. If you have enough time to learn to use CMS, WordPress, Joomla !, or Drupal could be an option.

However, if you need a website in a short time, no need to learn anything, you can take advantage of a website builder. Website builder has given a complete facility to create a simple website like a blog or portfolio.

The things above you need to know so you can choose the most appropriate type of website for you based on nature, platform, and purpose. Congratulations make the best website!

Benefits of Website for Personal, Business and Society

Website History - August 6 was marked as the birthday of the website that was opened to the public. Tim Berners Lee is the figure behind the birth of the website. Initially, Tim Berners Lee made the World Wide Web project in 1989 as an automatic communication tool to share information between scientists in various parts of the world.

Tim Berners Lee recently took the initiative to open a website for the public on August 6, 1991. Then in 1994, he established the World Wide Web Consortium which functioned to develop protocols and guidelines to ensure the long-term growth of the website.

In 1994, there were only 2,738 registered and active websites. The website has increased dramatically every year. In 2017, there were at least 1.7 billion active websites.
Benefits of Website

General Website Benefits

Throughout history, the website has changed functions according to the needs of the community. At the beginning of its creation, the website was only used for information exchange tools for scientists in universities.

Only in 1994, the website was used for other purposes such as business (Microsoft, IBM and Pizza Hut), organizations (Amnesty International), government agencies (White House), news sites (The Telegraph and The Economist), and search engines (Yahoo !).

In its development, the website is increasingly popular and more accessible to all levels of society. This can be seen from the skyrocketing number of websites reaching around 1.7 billion in 2017.

Now the website is not exclusive to large companies, reputable organizations, or just superpowers. Even websites can be used for personal purposes such as sharing travel experiences, writing tutorials, or displaying works and portfolios.

The website does bring a myriad of benefits that can be applied by anyone, from the owners of large companies to bloggers. The following are the full benefits of the website:

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Benefits of Personal Website

"Order" Name

You can confirm your identity in cyberspace by using a website. Especially if your name includes market names, you must immediately buy the best domain name for your website. Because, the domain name is unique, there are no exact domain names.

For example, your name is galih and want to have a website with the domain name, you must immediately buy the domain name so that it is not taken by someone else who also wants to buy the domain name

If you are late buying a dream domain name, you want it or not have to buy a domain name that is hard to remember. For example, such as , , or .

You don't have a website with ideal domain names? Take it easy, you can check the availability of a domain name here. Take your domain name immediately, before someone else takes it!

Sharing Hobbies and Experiences

Whatever your hobby or experience, everything is suitable for content on the website. Travel, culinary, automotive, technology, literature, marketing, design, photography, parenting, property, gadgets, religion, entertainment, music, art, and many other themes that you can make as the main theme for your personal blog or website.

Display Portfolio

By focusing on one or several specific themes on a personal blog or website, you have indirectly built a portfolio containing your works. The portfolio will be very useful in the future when you are looking for a particular job or project.

Companies can see your works through portfolios that are displayed on personal blogs or websites. Remember, in this digital era, companies don't just recruit employees based on resumes sent and interviews.

The company also conducts background checks by looking at digital traces of prospective employees on the internet. Of course, companies will prefer prospective employees with a good digital footprint, right? Moreover, you have a portfolio that can add to your points in the company's HR assessment.

Make money

If you are not too interested in working full time at a particular company, you can also work freelance on condition that you must always be diligent in updating the work on your blog or personal website so that people who want to hire your services can find out the quality of your work.

The more exposure you get in cyberspace, the more likely people are to recognize you and the work you produce. That way you can still be a full-time blogger and make money through freelance services.

In addition, if your personal blog or website gets a lot of visitors, you can also make money by placing advertisements or endorsements on your personal blog or website.

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Benefits of a Website for Business

Become No. 1 on Google

What do consumers do when they want to buy something online? Where did they get information about the product to be purchased? The answer is Google.

It has become the habit of potential consumers to search for product information to be purchased through the Google search engine. According to AdWeek research, as many as 81 percents of consumers search for product information first on Google, then decide on the purchase.

What happens if your product doesn't appear in Google search results? Of course, potential customers can easily switch to the products they see in Google search results.

Increase Consumer Confidence

The benefits of other websites are to increase consumer trust in the company or business that you run. As explained in the previous point, 81 percent of consumers search for product information on Google first and then make a purchase.

With the appearance of your website in Google search results, the level of consumer confidence in your business will increase.

Based on Verisign's survey, 65 percent of business owners say that websites make their business more credible or trusted. Even 60 percent of business owners reveal the website is one of the keys to the success of a business.

As a Central Shop

Maybe you have been selling online in the marketplace or in social media. However, you will find it difficult to build a brand if you only rely on these two platforms.

You can use social media as a marketing channel to encourage potential customers on social media to visit online store websites.

As for the marketplace, you can use it enough as a branch of your online store website. Because in the marketplace you just ride or rent a stall from the owner of the marketplace. If there are problems or policy changes in the marketplace, of course, you must follow the rules of the owner of the stall.

Unlike a standalone online store website because you are a shop owner, not just renting a stall. All management is in your hands so there is no need to worry about policies or regulations from others.

Have an Email with Your Own Domain

By having a website you can also have an email with a website domain. So your email address no longer uses a free domain name. In addition to looking professional, by using the company's domain email, your credibility also increases in the eyes of customers.

This feature also makes it easy for consumers to find out which emails are official of your company or store. So besides email with the domain is not the company's official email. That way consumers will be more easily protected from fraudulent crime on behalf of your company.

Media for Press Release

Your company requires media exposure as a way to stay connected with customers. On this website, you can publish press releases containing news about company activities, product updates, company events, or articles related to your product. So your company will always look active in the eyes of customers.

Benefits of a Website for Society

The website is not only useful for personal and business. The website also has social benefits that can be felt by all levels of society. Given that Indonesian internet users have reached 143.26 million in 2017 or 54.68 percent of Indonesia's total population.


The first benefit of the website for the community is as a source of information. In this digital era, people spend most of their time in cyberspace. One of the activities that most people do in Indonesia is reading the article.

Based on APJII's research on the behavior of internet users in Indonesia, as many as 55.30 percents of Indonesian internet users use the internet to access information. And of course, the information accessed is news and online media websites.

Accessing Public Services

The second benefit of the website for the public is to access public services. In this digital era, public services are already widely available through the website.

Still based on the APJII report, the following is a public service website that is widely accessed by Indonesian internet users: legal information (16.17 percent), administrative information (12.51 percent), registration of KTP, SIM, passport, BPJS (11.78 percent), tax report (11.12 percent), and complaint report (9.58 percent).

Raising Social Action

The website can also be used as a tool to mobilize social action. Some of the popular social action websites in Indonesia are and KitaBisa.

You may often see on social media, people ask to sign an online petition at to change government policies, show solidarity with certain groups, support or reject certain movements.

Meanwhile, our website can help Indonesian people to raise funds for people who need financial assistance. Maybe you have participated in one of the fundraisings on the website.

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The website has a myriad of benefits that can be felt by anyone. You can use the website for personal purposes such as expressing opinions and experiences. The website can also be used for commercial purposes. The general public can also benefit from the website through public services and information services.

Besides that, now making the website is easier than the previous two decades. Anyone can make websites easily, either using website creation services or independently. You can even learn how to create a website automatically. There are many tutorials available to help you create a website. Congratulations on creating a website!

How to Write Articles for Beginners - Being a blogger has his own responsibilities. In addition to the basic minimum coding capabilities, another thing that is not less important is writing. Many bloggers even think that this is not important. He thought blogging was just copying and pasting.

How to Write Articles for Beginners

The ability to convey something to blog visitors will be added value. At least there are people who easily capture what the blog owner wants to convey. Without this, the blog that we manage is just a grain of dust that even though it is there but will be easily lost.

Learning to write will also help many things in our future. In addition to being a blogger who has characteristics, who thinks tomorrow will be a great writer. There are many examples of this. From just writing on a blog to finally becoming a respected writer.

Unfortunately, every time this is discussed, there are people who claim not to be talented in the world of writing. Even though it has the intention to be a writer or at least a blogger. One thing that must be believed from the start, no one is born directly with talent. Even if there is, 99 percent is the will. Talent only has a small contribution.

I really appreciate and respect people who are persistent in learning. Although classified as still exquisite in the world of writing, some people voluntarily invited me to just share how to write well.

My time is not entirely for Blogboosters. There are many side jobs that I work on. One of them wrote for several national media. Not a few of the book writing projects involved me. Either use names or just editors to ghostwriters or shadow writers.

But on this blog, I am Blogboosters. People who also thirst for a lot of knowledge. This article is a bit of dedication from another person I play. Hopefully, it can be used so that then one by one copy paste habits in the world of blogging can be lost.

Nature and Characteristics of Writing

"Do you know why I love you more than anyone? Because you wrote. Your voice will not go out in the wind, it will last forever, far, far away ".
Pramoedya Ananta Toer wrote those words in the book 'Child of All Nations'. The above sentence refers to the words of his mother who wholeheartedly loved Pram. And sure enough, until Pram left this world, his words never died. He remains eternal.

Such is the description of how important it is to write it. He seemed to have life and life. Especially if the writing is full of impressions for the reader. Because of life, the writing should also have characteristics and characteristics.

Starting writing means that you begin to understand what you write. Because writing that is animated is writing that is also easily understood by others. Writing that is lifeless can be because the author barely understood what he was saying.

Not only in scientific writing, just writing on blogs must also have strong character and character. The more characterized our writing is, the easier it will be for people to identify. Although copied by someone else, the author's character will still be read easily.

In general, writing has scientific properties. Among them:

Straightforward: This means that writing does not contain excessive emotional elements in it. Nor does it contain broad meaning. Suppose you want to write about how to write, which is discussed how to write, do not include other measures such as how to repair a bicycle in it

Logis: The words used in writing do not break the rules, the alias is arranged consistently. If you write how to cook curry, it should be more consistent with logical reasoning. Don't make people think the way we convey is impossible.

Effective: The sentence presented is unanimous. Do not present sentences that make the reader forehead shrink because they do not understand. In it, there is an element of emphasis and efficient development.

Efficient: It is better to present writing, the words chosen are common languages that are easy to understand by humans. Don't write to please robots, because those who judge in the end are human. If there is a less popular word, you should look for the equivalent.

Standard: Our Indonesian language is very rich. Good writing uses standard words. Don't because you want to be accused of being a modern child, language also fits everyday words. In short,  writing with many abbreviations and elements of letters and numbers. Do not.

The basic nature of the writing above is important to note. Even though writing on a blog is not always necessary. But the most basic thing is that the text is easy to understand and the message to be voiced reaches the reader.

So far, I still continue to learn how all readers can understand what I write. Because every article has its own market. That is hard work. Not all articles on this blog are easy to understand. There is something specifically devoted to those who do not understand certain topics at all. Some are intended for people to understand follow-up.

Writing blogging tutorial articles for example. The writer should understand what he wants to convey. An easy way to understand it by trying it directly. Never write something that has not been applied and succeeded. Because if so writing is lifeless.

There are three tactical steps that must be taken to write articles. With any topic, this concept still applies.

1. Pre-writing

Before starting writing on a particular topic, the first thing to do is to understand what is written. Look for the data until making observations if necessary. After all is presented, then enter the next stage.

2. Writing

When writing, understand first, the writing will be presented in hard or soft. Hard means the delivery is clear and soft says more. Inverted pyramid method is needed and understanding of 5W + 1H is also needed. Equally important, understand the SPOK problem.

3. Revision

The final touch in writing is to revise. When I first wrote, all of our ideas were put into writing. Sometimes there are things that are not important to join in. Then it is necessary to make a revision before it is finally published.

Explanation of each step above needs its own top-up. I will discuss it in another article. If everything is implemented, the articles we produce will be rich and not considered to be superficial. This is necessary for blogs that have made bloggers a profession.

Writing for digital media, this kind of blog also has a special touch. There is an element called SEO that must be considered. Starting from writing the title to the contents, the steps are different. Thinking online will be very helpful.

The question of how to get written also needs good knowledge. But the easiest way that can be done is to diligently read. Anything that interests you, you should read. Learn how they compose words until you want to finish them completely.

How to Install Webuzo on VPS - In this article, I will discuss how to install Webuzo on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Webuzo is slightly different from WHM (Weh Host Manager) which can be used to create multiple cPanel hosting accounts.

Webuzo is a single user control panel that is usually used on VPS services. Webuzo can be used like WHM as well as hosting. The Webuzo panel is widely used by VPS users because of its complete and user-friendly features. Not only that, Webuzo installation is also quite easy.

Webuzo provides many features that you can use to build websites: domain management, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) user management, database management that uses MySQL and Rockmongo, DNS Zone management, MXEntry records management, CRON management, Advanced Security using IP Block, CSR, Private keys.

Minimum Specifications

There are also minimum specifications that need to be fulfilled as follows.
  • Supports the following operating systems:  (the operating system must be fresh installed)
  1. CentOS 6.x / 7.x
  2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x / 7.x
  3. Scientific Linux 6.x / 7.x
  4. Ubuntu LTS
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended for better performance)
  • Minimal 5GB Disk Space (10 GB recommended for better performance)
  • PHP, Apache, and MySQL have not been installed on the server
  • Username and password to access the server

How to Install Webuzo on VPS

When the server is ready, the next step is the process of installing the webuzo on the VPS. There are several steps that need to be done, namely preparing SSH access, installation, then Webuzo configuration.

You need to know a little about basic Linux commands. Because the way to install Webuzo on this VPS uses text commands for the installation process. The steps are quite simple, you just have to follow them.

VPS Access Using SSH

The first time that needs to be done is to make sure that the server can be accessed using SSH. Make sure you have got the IP server address, username, and password to access the server.

If you use the Linux operating system, just enter the username and the IP address of the server through the ssh command. After that, enter the password to enter the ssh account.

After successfully accessing SSH, the next section will explain the steps to install Webuzo on the VPS.

Steps to Install Webuzo on VPS

There will be at least 4 steps that need to be done until the process of installing Webuzo is complete at VPS. The first step is to ensure that the server has not installed several services such as PHP, Apache, and MySQL.

Before proceeding to the next ledge, type ' yum update ' to make sure all packages are in the latest repository.

Step 1 - Delete the Web Server Installation

Make sure that Apache, PHP, and MySQL have not been installed in the VPS. This is because Webuzo already has its own web server configuration. On CentOS, type the following command in the terminal.
$ yum list installed | grep http

$ yum remove httpd httpd-tools
The above command will delete the web server that is on the server. The first command to check if there is Apache installed. The second command is used to delete all Apache that has been installed on the server system.

Step 2 - Download Webuzo

The second step is to download the executable file used for the automatic Webuzo installation process. Use the following command line on the terminal to download the file.
$ wget -N
When finished, you can check using the ' ls ' command to check whether the file has been downloaded or failed.

Step 3 - Install Webuzo

There is only one command to run the automatic installation of Webuzo using the file already obtained. Use the following command line to continue the installation process.
$ sh
The file name matches the name of the file you downloaded earlier.

The installation process can be seen using the tail command.
$ tail -f /root/webuzo-install.log
There are at least 4 processes carried out, namely:
  • Installing Libraries and Dependencies
  • Setting up WEBUZO
  • Downloading and Installing Webuzo
  • Downloading System Apps
After everything is finished, you will get the following view.

How to Install Webuzo

Step 4 - Configure

When the installation process has been successfully carried out, the next step is to configure the Webuzo user interface. You can access Webuzo using a browser by typing in the VPS IP address, which is http: // address IPVPS: 2 004.

For example, for example, your server's IP address is then what needs to be typed into the browser is

Step 4.1 – Webuzo Initial Setup
On this page, you need to enter some information related to the account. Also, enter the nameservers that will be used for VPS with Webuzo.

How to Install Webuzo Initial Setup-1

Step 4.2 - Entering the Key License
You may also enter the license key for Webuzo if already. If you have not already, you can buy it first to use Webuzo for a long period of time.

How to Install Webuzo Initial Setup-2 Insert Key License

Then click " Install " then the installation process will be completed. Wait a few moments until the following page appears.

how to make the cpanel start page of the webuzo installation successful

Finished. Webuzo has been successfully installed into your VPS server. The next step is to access Webuzo using the account that was created earlier.

How to  Login Panel Webuzo

The easiest way to log in to Webuzo is to access it using a server IP. Type http: // the IP address: 2004 in the browser, the Webuzo login page will appear and you can just enter your username and password according to the account on your system. Not the username created in the initial setup.

how to Webuzo Login

The following is a Webuzo view without a license.

How to Install Webuzo Display

You can also access the Softaculous Webuzo Enduser Panel by accessing it using port 2002. The way is the same as accessing the Webuzo Admin panel. Only by accessing http: // addressIP: 2002 in the browser.

The Webuzo installation process is quite simple, not too many steps to go through. Things that need to be considered are the steps that must be sequential and the system environment that matches the minimum needs.

After following this guide you already have a VPS that has Webuzo installed in it. So, you can now configure several things including connecting VPS with an existing domain.

Hopefully, the guide on how to install Webuzo on this VPS helps you in developing an online system. To make it easier for you to find information and make other configurations. Here are some articles that you might be interested in reading.

How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners - Since bloggers added custom robots header tags to their dashboards a few years ago, users have many options to optimize SEO blogs. If you previously had to access the HTML template to add tags, we can now apply it via the search preferences feature. In this area, you will find 2 options, namely: robots.txt and robots header tags.

The purpose of robots header tags is that you are given control of how each page should be indexed by search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc). The tutorial below is the correct robots header tags setting for blogspot users:

How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners

1. Dashboard, click Settings —> Search preferences —> Crawler dan indexing —> Custom robots header tags than click Edit.

Custom Robots Header Tags

2. You must activate the feature by pressing the "YES" Button. See picture below for more details.

Custom Robots Header Tags2

3. Check the box as shown below:

Custom Robots Header Tags3

The settings above are recommended so that SE indexes the blog, content, homepage, articles and does not index the archive/label, does not allow the Open Directory Project (noodp) User-agent to explore your blog.

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Of course, you can change this feature to an advanced level. But before anything is changed, it's good to know all the tags above.

Allow SE indexes all pages and web content.

Does not allow SE to index pages in search results, nor to display "cached" links in the SERP.

This tag does not allow SE to follow links on a page.

Has the same value as noindex, nofollow.

Noarchive does 
not allow SE to display a "Cached" link in the SERP.

SE is not permitted to show a brief description of the SERP of a page.

This Noodp 
The tag does not allow SE to use metadata from the Open Directory Project on the title of a page.

No translate 
SE cannot display translate a page into the SERP

The image on the article page is not allowed to be indexed by search engines.

A page will not be displayed on the SERP on certain days or hours.

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As blogger writes: use this tool careful. So don't just check the box, cause your blog can get a penalty or even disappear from the search engine. If you want to blog more SEO friendly, just use the default settings as shown above.

Want to Apply Images or Photos to Blog Articles? Follow the following tips

Want to Apply Images - Blogs that contain several articles will usually be inserted or equipped with a number of photos in them. The existence of photos or images is very important for a blog and its articles to make it more attractive and more favored by netizens and search engines. The existence of photos or images does have its own position in #blogging.

For visitors, with pictures or photos, they will have complete, informative and not boring readings. According to Jeff Bullas, a #internet marketing stated that articles that included 94% of the images in them would be seen more than those who did not. And for bloggers who are running a blog monetization, the existence of this photo or picture is one part that will take you to that goal.

Content that has a visual component will indeed be very capable of anything including blogs. This is due to the nature of humans who are very fond of visualization. But you must remember that not any photo or picture that can be displayed in the article on this blog. Then what are the steps or how to create and apply photos or images for this blog? Here's the review.

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1. Adjust the Article Theme 

The first step to applying an image or photo to a blog is to set and adjust the theme of the article. Yes, pictures or photos must be in accordance with the theme of the content or article that has been written. How strange it is if the picture or photo attached to the article does not match the content or writing. If this inappropriate image is then you force it, visitors who read article content can feel lazy or can be annoyed.

From here if you don't want things like this to happen on a blog, then you can't help adjusting photos or images with the contents or theme of the article. How do you do it? So before installing a photo, it would be nice to finish the writing until it is complete, then put up the photo or picture.

2. Use Photos or Images with High Resolution

Well after finding photos that match the contents or theme of the article, the next step in applying photos to blogs is to choose photos or images that have high resolution. Why should photos and images release high resolution? because with photos that have a high resolution, the image quality will get better.

Yes, thus the visitors who come to your blog will be more comfortable because they feel happy with the appearance. Besides that, this high-resolution image will also make your article more interesting and support the information that you present better and in more detail.

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3. Use the Documentation Image or Photo yourself

To make your articles and blogs more professional, you can use your own documentation. To obtain the images or photos for this blog is you can get it from #mesin search (search engine). But the weakness is if you use photos or images from searching via this search engine then your blog will feel less stable and also less supportive of monetization activities.

Well, therefore, if you are able to look for photos with your own documentation, your article or blog will feel more professional. The visitors (visitors) even when you see the photos produced by documentation you will prefer and like it. And what is certain is that with this photo taken by yourself, this blog monetization activity will be better supported.

4. Edit Photos Also Nothing wrong

The last step and tips in terms of applying photos on a blog are to do photo editing if it feels necessary. Yes, if you really feel that there is something wrong and not good at the image or photo that is suitable and will be installed, then there is no harm in editing or changing. By using a number of #software or existing photo editing applications, you will be able to make your photos far more interesting and memorable for visitors.

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5 Ways to Increase Domain Authority easily and quickly - Domain Authority is a way how Google or other search engines rank your blog or web. There are several aspects that make your DA high from the age of the domain to several other aspects. Here are some things you can do to improve your web domain authority.

How to Increase Domain Authority

1. Completing a Blog with Various Quality Articles

There is a saying that Content is the king. This makes the article that you make will affect the readers, which makes the article better, the more quality your website is. Quality articles do not mean too long but give articles that have a minimum word length of 500 words to make your blog look professional.

Also, use original articles that are not copied from various webs. Google currently has the latest algorithms that make copies articles not indexed on Google. You can get various articles from the services of existing writers or can write your own work. Depending on the time you have.

2. Using Social Media

Currently, almost the average person in the world has social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or various other social media. It will be useful if you use your social media wisely. Use your social media to post your web posts or share them. That way you will get visitors either from your friends or your family who are connected to you on social media.

Use it wisely this way. Surely it must be accompanied by posting various articles that have good quality because your good name is at stake here. Social Media here like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google+, Twitter, and BBM. In one day don't do too much promotion or posting because don't let your link be considered spam which results in you no longer being able to promote.

3. Manage existing links and posts

Manage your various posts. Delete some posts if you copy from another web. This will make your blog have original articles that will make you a pure blog. Then is managing the link on your website. Do not let you save spam or other links that will make your web appearance become unclear or reduce your web credibility.

For example, you should check regularly to find a link out of your dead blog. In addition to healthy blogs, the performance of your blog will increase if there are no broken links.

To fix it or remove the dead link, you can follow this article I made:  How to check the Blog Link that is Off, Broken Link or the URL is off.

4. Have lots of friends and Relationships

This is an effective way of having many friends and relationships, especially friends who also have an interest in the world of blogs, will make you have friends who can provide backlinks only - Just. This backlink will give your web a much better ranking than before.

The more backlinks you will get various conveniences. This will make your website better than before. Visiting other people's unknown blogs is also good. Make good communication, if you need to promote each other between blogs so that they are mutually beneficial.

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5. Improve SEO that makes your article One Page.

There are many articles on the internet that discuss how to improve SEO, learn the methods and apply it on your website. The way that starts from linking your keywords to the URL using LSI keywords to using an external link. If you are a beginner, you must be confused about SEO, but the longer you play Blog, the more you understand.

SEO here is the quality of the articles that we make such as between paragraphs from one another to different discussions to complement each other. Expand the vocabulary and suggest discussing one article to the end and long so that visitors feel satisfied for a long time on your blog. Use language that is easy to understand and do not rush to finish writing.

Those are some ways that you can apply to improve your website's DA (Domain Authority). The key to the way the method above is always trying to keep learning. When you always learn, new ways will emerge that will make you more trained and become better than before. Continue to be passionate in the world of blogging and always enthusiastic about training. Don't forget to always pray and ask God Almighty.

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How to check the Dead Link, Broken Link or the URL is off - How to find out the external links in our blog are no longer active or broken links. Dead URLs like this are quite dangerous for our blog's performance in the eyes of search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Moreover, the trust of a blog visitor, because he feels cheated when he will visit the link from the suggestion of our article, does not exist.

For many bloggers who plant outbound links, they often have to check which article links are no longer active. Sometimes we are not aware when deleting one of the articles turns out to affect other articles. When you create an internal link that points to the article, an error will occur.

Then how to check the links that have died if the article has been thousands.  It is impossible for me to check articles one by one, it can be a full month I just check the link. By reducing or even eliminating the error link on our blog it will affect the performance of the blog.

To check it easily and with just one click, all links that have died will appear so you can follow the following tutorial:

1. Please buddy to the site
2. Please fill in your blog address like the example then press Find broken link
Online Broken Link Checker

3. Fill in the Security Code and select Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower) then press Find broken link now!

Online Broken Link Checker2

4. Wait a few moments then the list of inactive links will appear as shown below. For example, there are 6 links that have died on the site, all of them are because of the deposit articles and some of the articles I deleted.

Online Broken Link Checker4

Below is an example of site that does not have a broken link.

Online Broken Link Checker3

5. To find out where the link is located, please click src in the Page Where Found column, then you will be directed to the article link (see the top link). Please check directly on Blogger to edit the article by deleting the dead link.

6. Finished

How easy is it not to fix the dead link on the blog. Please edit with the active link or new link. You can also delete the link so that it doesn't cause problems on your blog. Good luck, hopefully, useful and if you experience difficulties please ask in the comments column, so and thank you.

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How to Redirect Automatic Error 404 Page To Homepage With Javascript - How To Redirect Error 404 Pages To Homepage With Javascript - It could be that a blog has an error page 404 or a page not found. Usually, the page has been deleted or by other causes such as writing errors in posting URLs, and others.
 Redirect  Error 404 Page To Homepage

For that, usually a blog or web create a page or landing page specifically for error 404 page by giving a statement that the destination page has been deleted or no longer exists. The rest is given a button to the homepage or provided a search box to search for the desired post again.

Now this time I will give a trick to automatically redirect or redirect the error 404 page to the compilation so that visitors do not need to click the button to the homepage.

Actually, posts like this have a lot on Google, but there are Blogboosters friends who have difficulty implementing it because the script does not work in some templates, especially templates that use conditional tags for error 404 pages.

If you want to try it, please copy the following javascript code and save it above the code </body>or &lt;!--</body>--&gt; &lt;/body&gt;

1. For non AMP blogs

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType in {&quot;error_page&quot;}'> <script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.replace("<data:blog.homepageUrl/>"); }, 8000); //will call the function after 8 seconds. </script> </b:if>

The above code will automatically redirect the error 404 page to the homepage after 8 seconds so that visitors can still read the message on the error 404 page, you can set/change the number 8000to set the waiting time. 1 second = 1000.

If you want to directly redirect, use the following code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType in {&quot;error_page&quot;}'> <script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.replace("<data:blog.homepageUrl/>"); }); </script> </b:if>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType in {&quot;error_page&quot;}'> <script> window.location.replace ("<data:blog.homepageUrl/>"); </script> </b:if>

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2. For blogs that use mobile URLs? M = 1 as AMP, use the following code that will only apply to desktop URLs

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType in {&quot;error_page&quot;} and data:blog.isMobileRequest == &quot;false&quot;'> <script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.replace("<data:blog.homepageUrl/>"); }, 8000); //will call the function after 8 seconds. </script> </b:if>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType in {&quot;error_page&quot;} and data:blog.isMobileRequest == &quot;false&quot;'> <script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.replace("<data:blog.homepageUrl/>"); }); </script> </b:if>

3. This can also be used in Wordpress, please save this code in the 404.php section at the bottom.

<script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.replace("<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>"); }, 8000); //will call the function after 8 seconds. </script>
<script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.replace("<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>"); }); </script>

Maybe useful...

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Easy Ways to Stabilize PING Internet When Playing a Mobile Legends - For online games, internet connection is definitely important when we are playing. Where if we do not have a stable internet connection, it will certainly greatly disrupt the game. Well, for those of you who don't know yet, one way to see your internet connection condition is through PING.

Stabilize PING Internet When Playing a Mobile Legends

One of the things that greatly affect the internet connection is the weather. Where when the weather is stormy or rainy the internet connection will also deteriorate. So it's good if you play games when the weather supports but there are also other ways for you to play when the weather is cloudy too.

In addition to the weather, your playing location is also an influence for your internet connection. A more open area like a house terrace will make your internet connection smoother than an area or a closed room like a room. Therefore, here we will explain how easy it is for you to do so that your internet PING will run stable and will give you comfort when playing Mobile Legends games.

This method will be very easy to do on your android because you only need to use the following application to stabilize the internet PING. Don't hesitate to try it because many people have proven and succeeded. With smooth running Game ML, it can be sure to win the match.

Actually, there are lots of IOS and Android-based applications that you can use and are provided for free. But the following application that we recommend might be very effective for you to use every time you play. Here we will provide two ways based on IOS and Android, along with the reviews.

1. Stabilize PING on IOS

The first application that we recommend for IOS users is using the Ping - network utility application. Where can you find the application and download it at the Apps Store? The way to use it is also very easy. You just have to open the application that you have installed and then you click the menu with PING written. After that, you just have to let the application run in the background when you play Mobile Legends.

The next application is that we recommend downloading Network Ping Lite. You will find this application among the various PING applications available in the Apps Store. The advantage is that this application will be very effective to stabilize your internet connection. Its use is also no less easy with the previous application. You just open this application after you install it then press the menu that says IP Address. Then you click Start then the application will run without you having to change it when playing online games.

2. Stabilize PING on Android

The first application for you Android users is PingTools Network Utilities. Where this application has also been widely used by many people around the world with the amount of 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store platform. You can download this application for free for you to use so that your internet connection runs smoothly.

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How to use it as follows:
  1. Download and install the PingTools Network utility application 
  2. Finish then open and look for strip 3 in the upper left corner of the application.
  3. Click the sign then press the PING menu.
  4. Then click on the menu in the upper right corner marked with 3 strips
  5. Click the Settings menu
  6. Select Mode: ICMP and click Mode: HTTPS
  7. On the "number ping 3" menu, click the menu then delete and change the number of unlimited pings and save
  8. Press PING, finish.
Those are some ways to stabilize PING Internet when playing ML Games with an android application. Please try, but try to keep the network smooth and there are no problems when playing Mobile Legends. If there are obstacles or problems, you can ask in the comments column. Good luck and good luck.

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Creating Sub Domains from Custom Domain Blogspot - Creating Sub Domains from Custom Domain Blogspot - For those of you who already have a blog on Blogger or Blogspot and have used TLDs or custom domains, you can create subdomains from custom domain blogspot for use on other blogs.

This is useful if you want to create a blog with a special niche that is developed from the main domain of your blog. In addition, this, of course, can save you expenses to buy domains for new blogs.

That way you can create many blogs with certain niches that are separate from your main blog.

Suppose you already have a blog with a domain and you want to create a techno niche blog then you can create a subdomain.

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How to Setup a Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain Blog?

If you want to try to create a subdomain from the blogspot domain that you already have, please do the following steps.

1. Please enter the dashboard or client area of your domain, if there are several domains, please select the domain that you want to create a subdomain then select manage DNS. Usually the appearance of the domain dashboard varies, but basically, the function is the same. The important thing is that you enter the manage your domain DNS panel.

2. After entering the DNS manage panel, please add a new record. Select CNAME for the Type then enter the desired subdomain in the Name Host column (for example en) then enter in the Value column. After that, please save the changes.

DNS Management Settings

In the example above, I added 1 subdomains to the domain, namely for en Version. 

That's all you do in the Manage DNS panel to create a subdomain. Next, we wait for the propagation time, there are usually fast ones that are slow to 1-2 hours. 

After that, please enter the Blogger dashboard to pair the subdomain that we created earlier. Enter the blog dashboard that wants to use subdomains, select Settings > Basic > Blog Address and click on writing  + Set up a third-party URL for your blog to start installing subdomains.

Thrid Party Domain Settings

You simply enter the subdomain in the column provided as in the example above and then save. 

Done, now the blog already uses subdomains. Then you can also activate HTTPS on that blog to ensure its security.

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How to Make Script Boxes in Blog Posts - Embedding boxes in blog posts look attractive and beautiful. Many bloggers use boxes in posts to put important information, one of which is HTML, Java scripts and so on.

But the box embedded in this post is not provided by blogspot, so we are required to make it ourselves. It's easy, follow the steps below.

  • Login to blogger and choose 'New Entry'
  • Make writing, examples like pictures. Look at the red ones, the writing position is 'Compose'.
Make Script Boxes in Blog Posts

  • After that, copy paste this script, and return to your post on blogger.
<div style="border: 3px #1780dd Double; padding: 10px;background-color:#ffffff;text-align: left;">.blogboosters (replace this type).</div>
  • Then select 'HTML' (for details see picture)

Copy Paste on HTML

  • Paste the script that was copied below the post (it's up to want to put it where).
  • Return to activate 'Compose' and see the results. Tradaaa ... there is already a box.
make a box in the post

  • Then the rest of you change the writing '. Blogboosters (replace this article). 'with the writing you want to place there, it can be in the form of a script or other writing. It's easy, right...!
It's easy, but maybe you don't agree with the example box above. You can change it as you like. Following is the script explanation.

<div style="border:3px #1780dd Double; padding: 10px;background-color:#ffffff;text-align: left;"> .blogboosters (replace this type). </div>

  • border: 3px = thickness of the script box. and # 1780dd = script box color.
  • Double: box shape. (this code can be replaced with the following code or can also be removed).

.blogboosters (replace this type).
  • padding: 10px = length of the box down, for the width automatically to the end of the post.
  • background-color: ffffff; = color in the box.
  • And text-align: left; = position of writing in the box on the left 
Now that's the explanation of the HTML code to form the script box in the post. Please modify it according to your taste. It's not difficult, isn't it? In the next post we will create a box by a scroll in the post, so ... stay cool.
    For this blog, the above script is modified like the following box.

    <div style="background-color: #f3f3f3; padding: 10px; text-align: left;"> .blogboosters (script box on this blog) </div>

    For those of you who have questions, don't hesitate, leave your comments. Hopefully beneficial. :)

    HTML Color Code and How to Use it

    Meaning HTML color code

    HTML Color Code - Understanding of web color according to Wikipedia is the colors used in designing a website, whereas (HTML) or Hyper Text Markup Language is: a programming language used to create a web page, displaying various information in an Internet web browser and formatting simple hypertext source:

    Finished according to Blogboosters, the meaning of HTML color code is a code (in the form of numbers or letters to display colors in a blog or website) In English usually called HTML color code. Usually, this HTML color code is written in an article preceded by a sign (#), for example, # 708090 or with an English word for example:
    (gray) color code HTML text for gray color
    (red) text color code them for red color
    (white) color code HTML text for white color etc.
    After knowing the meaning of HTML color code, then next is knowing some color codes commonly used in a blog or website

    HTML color code commonly used on a website

    There are some HTML color codes that are normal to use
    1. HTML color code 6 digits / RGB
    sample writing HTML code is (# 000000) to make HTML color (black)
    2. HTML color code 3 digits the
    example of writing the HTML code is (#fff) to make HTML color (white)
    3. color code in English
    writing example in HTML code (color = "blue")
    4. Color code CMYK
    95, 73, 0, 0 = for blue 5. HSV
    240, 100, 100 = color code for Color blue
    After explaining the example of writing HTML color code Next is ... How to use it

    HTML color code and how to use it

    To use the HTML color code in the post it is divided into several parts 

    1. How to use the HTML code to color a word or sentence,
    Blogboosters Friend, can use the HTML color code online below:
    (using the English color code) For example
    how to make this article red with HTML color code writing HTML color code using this code ==>
    <font color = "red"> this article is red </ font>
    and to make it easier to write on a friend's blog, please copy it in text area below,

    <font color="red">this article is red</font>

    2. Using the 6-digit color code
    This article is blue using a blue color code
    Using this code ==>
    <font color = "# 0000ff"> this text is blue </ font>
    Please copy in text area Below

    <font color="#0000ff">this text is blue</font>

    Pay attention to the second way of writing the color code above ^ writing HTML color code in English does not use a sign (#) 

    3. example using color code in a special tag 
    Example using color code color: red; in the b tag in HTML.
    friends can use this code ===>
    <b style = "color: blue;"> Example of using color code: blue; in the b tag in html. </ b>
    or directly copy paste in the textarea column below,

    <b style = "color: blue;"> Example of using color code: blue; in the b tag in html. </ b>

    4.The use of HTML color code to color
    The example link :
    To be able to color a link with the html code is to use the following code ===>
    <a href = "" / > <span style = "background: blue; color: #fff;"> </ span> </a>
    or companion can also copy and paste directly in textarea below ,

    <a href=""/><span style="background: #708090;color:#000fff;"></span></a>

    To make a variety of colors in the creation of posts on blogs or websites,, friends all can use the HTML color code below :