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Types of Personality Based Website, Platform, and Objectives

Based on Personality Type Website Static website In a simple, static website can be defined as a website whose content is constant or unchanged. Each page is made with HTML code and shows the same information to each visitor. Only the webmaster or developer who can do an update on a static website content. Static websites are generally made using HTML and CSS by developers who understand the programming and coding. You can also use a static website generator like Jekyll, Hexo, or Hugo. Because static website does not require regularly updated content, a static website does not require a database. Static websites are usually used for corporate websites who only need to provide basic information such as address, contact, and the company's history. Dynamic website Instead, a dynamic website is a website that the content is always updated regularly. Most websites are dynamic because it is easier to maintain than a static website. Dynamic website featuring content from a

Benefits of Website for Personal, Business and Society

Website History - August 6 was marked as the birthday of the website that was opened to the public. Tim Berners Lee is the figure behind the birth of the website. Initially, Tim Berners Lee made the World Wide Web project in 1989 as an automatic communication tool to share information between scientists in various parts of the world. Tim Berners Lee recently took the initiative to open a website for the public on August 6, 1991. Then in 1994, he established the World Wide Web Consortium which functioned to develop protocols and guidelines to ensure the long-term growth of the website. In 1994, there were only 2,738 registered and active websites. The website has increased dramatically every year. In 2017, there were at least 1.7 billion active websites. General Website Benefits Throughout history, the website has changed functions according to the needs of the community. At the beginning of its creation, the website was only used for information exchang

How to Write Articles for Beginners

Image - Being a blogger has his own responsibilities. In addition to the basic minimum coding capabilities, another thing that is not less important is writing. Many bloggers even think that this is not important. He thought blogging was just copying and pasting. The ability to convey something to blog visitors will be added value. At least there are people who easily capture what the blog owner wants to convey. Without this, the blog that we manage is just a grain of dust that even though it is there but will be easily lost. Learning to write will also help many things in our future. In addition to being a blogger who has characteristics, who thinks tomorrow will be a great writer. There are many examples of this. From just writing on a blog to finally becoming a respected writer. Unfortunately, every time this is discussed, there are people who claim not to be talented in the world of writing. Even though it has the intention to be a writer or at least a blogger

How to Install Webuzo on VPS

Image - In this article, I will discuss how to install Webuzo on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Webuzo is slightly different from WHM (Weh Host Manager) which can be used to create multiple cPanel hosting accounts. Webuzo is a single user control panel that is usually used on VPS services. Webuzo can be used like WHM as well as hosting. The Webuzo panel is widely used by VPS users because of its complete and user-friendly features. Not only that, Webuzo installation is also quite easy. Webuzo provides many features that you can use to build websites: domain management, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) user management, database management that uses MySQL and Rockmongo, DNS Zone management, MXEntry records management, CRON management, Advanced Security using IP Block, CSR, Private keys. Minimum Specifications There are also minimum specifications that need to be fulfilled as follows. Supports the following operating systems:  ( the operating system must be fresh instal

How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners

Image - Since bloggers added custom robots header tags to their dashboards a few years ago, users have many options to optimize SEO blogs. If you previously had to access the HTML template to add tags, we can now apply it via the search preferences feature. In this area, you will find 2 options, namely: robots.txt and robots header tags. The purpose of robots header tags is that you are given control of how each page should be indexed by search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc). The tutorial below is the correct robots header tags setting for blogspot users: How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners 1. Dashboard, click Settings —> Search preferences —> Crawler dan indexing —> Custom robots header tags than click Edit. 2. You must activate the feature by pressing the "YES" Button. See picture below for more details. 3. Check the box as shown below: The settings above are recommended so that SE indexes the blog, con

Want to Apply Images or Photos to Blog Articles? Follow the following tips

Image - Blogs that contain several articles will usually be inserted or equipped with a number of photos in them. The existence of photos or images is very important for a blog and its articles to make it more attractive and more favored by netizens and search engines. The existence of photos or images does have its own position in #blogging. For visitors, with pictures or photos, they will have complete, informative and not boring readings. According to Jeff Bullas, a #internet marketing stated that articles that included 94% of the images in them would be seen more than those who did not. And for bloggers who are running a blog monetization, the existence of this photo or picture is one part that will take you to that goal. Content that has a visual component will indeed be very capable of anything including blogs. This is due to the nature of humans who are very fond of visualization. But you must remember that not any photo or picture that can be displayed in t

5 Ways to Increase Domain Authority easily and quickly

Image - Domain Authority is a way how Google or other search engines rank your blog or web. There are several aspects that make your DA high from the age of the domain to several other aspects. Here are some things you can do to improve your web domain authority. 1. Completing a Blog with Various Quality Articles There is a saying that Content is the king. This makes the article that you make will affect the readers, which makes the article better, the more quality your website is. Quality articles do not mean too long but give articles that have a minimum word length of 500 words to make your blog look professional. Also, use original articles that are not copied from various webs. Google currently has the latest algorithms that make copies articles not indexed on Google. You can get various articles from the services of existing writers or can write your own work. Depending on the time you have. 2. Using Social Media Currently, almost the average person in the

How to check the Dead Link, Broken Link or the URL is off

Image - How to find out the external links in our blog are no longer active or broken links. Dead URLs like this are quite dangerous for our blog's performance in the eyes of search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Moreover, the trust of a blog visitor, because he feels cheated when he will visit the link from the suggestion of our article, does not exist. For many bloggers who plant outbound links, they often have to check which article links are no longer active. Sometimes we are not aware when deleting one of the articles turns out to affect other articles. When you create an internal link that points to the article, an error will occur. Then how to check the links that have died if the article has been thousands.  It is impossible for me to check articles one by one, it can be a full month I just check the link. By reducing or even eliminating the error link on our blog it will affect the performance of the blog. To check it easily and with just one click, all

How to Redirect Automatic Error 404 Page To Homepage With Javascript

Image - How To Redirect Error 404 Pages To Homepage With Javascript - It could be that a blog has an error page 404 or a page not found. Usually, the page has been deleted or by other causes such as writing errors in posting URLs, and others. For that, usually a blog or web create a page or landing page specifically for error 404 page by giving a statement that the destination page has been deleted or no longer exists. The rest is given a button to the homepage or provided a search box to search for the desired post again. Now this time I will give a trick to automatically redirect or redirect the error 404 page to the compilation so that visitors do not need to click the button to the homepage. Actually, posts like this have a lot on Google, but there are Blogboosters friends who have difficulty implementing it because the script does not work in some templates, especially templates that use conditional tags for error 404 pages. If you want to try it, please cop

Easy Ways to Stabilize PING Internet When Playing a Mobile Legends

Image - For online games, internet connection is definitely important when we are playing. Where if we do not have a stable internet connection, it will certainly greatly disrupt the game. Well, for those of you who don't know yet, one way to see your internet connection condition is through PING. One of the things that greatly affect the internet connection is the weather. Where when the weather is stormy or rainy the internet connection will also deteriorate. So it's good if you play games when the weather supports but there are also other ways for you to play when the weather is cloudy too. In addition to the weather, your playing location is also an influence for your internet connection. A more open area like a house terrace will make your internet connection smoother than an area or a closed room like a room. Therefore, here we will explain how easy it is for you to do so that your internet PING will run stable and will give you comfort when playing Mo

Creating Sub Domains from Custom Domain Blogspot

Image - Creating Sub Domains from Custom Domain Blogspot - For those of you who already have a blog on Blogger or Blogspot and have used TLDs or custom domains, you can create subdomains from custom domain blogspot for use on other blogs. This is useful if you want to create a blog with a special niche that is developed from the main domain of your blog. In addition, this, of course, can save you expenses to buy domains for new blogs. That way you can create many blogs with certain niches that are separate from your main blog. Suppose you already have a blog with a domain  and you want to create a techno niche blog then you can create a subdomain. Read Also:   How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners How to Setup a Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain Blog? If you want to try to create a subdomain from the blogspot domain that you already have, please do the following steps. 1. Please enter the

How to Make Script Boxes in Blog Posts

Image - Embedding boxes in blog posts look attractive and beautiful. Many bloggers use boxes in posts to put important information, one of which is HTML, Java scripts and so on. But the box embedded in this post is not provided by blogspot, so we are required to make it ourselves. It's easy, follow the steps below. Login to blogger and choose 'New Entry' Make writing, examples like pictures. Look at the red ones, the writing position is 'Compose'. After that, copy paste this script, and return to your post on blogger. <div style="border: 3px #1780dd Double; padding: 10px;background-color:#ffffff;text-align: left;">.blogboosters (replace this type).</div> Then select 'HTML' (for details see picture) Paste the script that was copied below the post (it's up to want to put it where). Return to activate 'Compose' and see the results. Tradaaa ... there is already a box. Then the r

HTML Color Code and How to Use it

Meaning HTML color code - Understanding of web color according to Wikipedia is the colors used in designing a website, whereas (HTML) or Hyper Text Markup Language is: a programming language used to create a web page, displaying various information in an Internet web browser and formatting simple hypertext source: Finished according to Blogboosters, the meaning of HTML color code is a code (in the form of numbers or letters to display colors in a blog or website) In English usually called HTML color code. Usually, this HTML color code is written in an article preceded by a sign (#), for example, # 708090 or with an English word for example: (gray) color code HTML text for gray color (red) text color code them for red color (white) color code HTML text for white color etc. After knowing the meaning of HTML color code, then next is knowing some color codes commonly used in a blog or website HTML color code commonly used on a website There a