Easy Ways to Stabilize PING Internet When Playing a Mobile Legends

Blogboosters.net - For online games, internet connection is definitely important when we are playing. Where if we do not have a stable internet connection, it will certainly greatly disrupt the game. Well, for those of you who don't know yet, one way to see your internet connection condition is through PING.

Stabilize PING Internet When Playing a Mobile Legends

One of the things that greatly affect the internet connection is the weather. Where when the weather is stormy or rainy the internet connection will also deteriorate. So it's good if you play games when the weather supports but there are also other ways for you to play when the weather is cloudy too.

In addition to the weather, your playing location is also an influence for your internet connection. A more open area like a house terrace will make your internet connection smoother than an area or a closed room like a room. Therefore, here we will explain how easy it is for you to do so that your internet PING will run stable and will give you comfort when playing Mobile Legends games.

This method will be very easy to do on your android because you only need to use the following application to stabilize the internet PING. Don't hesitate to try it because many people have proven and succeeded. With smooth running Game ML, it can be sure to win the match.

Actually, there are lots of IOS and Android-based applications that you can use and are provided for free. But the following application that we recommend might be very effective for you to use every time you play. Here we will provide two ways based on IOS and Android, along with the reviews.

1. Stabilize PING on IOS

The first application that we recommend for IOS users is using the Ping - network utility application. Where can you find the application and download it at the Apps Store? The way to use it is also very easy. You just have to open the application that you have installed and then you click the menu with PING written. After that, you just have to let the application run in the background when you play Mobile Legends.

The next application is that we recommend downloading Network Ping Lite. You will find this application among the various PING applications available in the Apps Store. The advantage is that this application will be very effective to stabilize your internet connection. Its use is also no less easy with the previous application. You just open this application after you install it then press the menu that says IP Address. Then you click Start then the application will run without you having to change it when playing online games.

2. Stabilize PING on Android

The first application for you Android users is PingTools Network Utilities. Where this application has also been widely used by many people around the world with the amount of 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store platform. You can download this application for free for you to use so that your internet connection runs smoothly.

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How to use it as follows:
  1. Download and install the PingTools Network utility application 
  2. Finish then open and look for strip 3 in the upper left corner of the application.
  3. Click the sign then press the PING menu.
  4. Then click on the menu in the upper right corner marked with 3 strips
  5. Click the Settings menu
  6. Select Mode: ICMP and click Mode: HTTPS
  7. On the "number ping 3" menu, click the menu then delete and change the number of unlimited pings and save
  8. Press PING, finish.
Those are some ways to stabilize PING Internet when playing ML Games with an android application. Please try, but try to keep the network smooth and there are no problems when playing Mobile Legends. If there are obstacles or problems, you can ask in the comments column. Good luck and good luck.

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