Add Live Wallpaper or Gif Animated Images on AMP Blog - Using the AMP template on blogspot is a little extra hard work when writing articles. Moreover, the article requires images, because the AMP template is limited in terms of customizing. This time we will learn how to add animated gif images on the AMP blog.
Live Wallpaper on AMP Blog

If on a regular blogspot template we just need to upload and adjust the width and add alt attributes with the tool in the blogspot editor. But for blog pages with AMP templates, we have to add images manually to write the HTML code.

For animated gif images different from png or jpg images. Gif animations are moving images and in the AMP template, there is a separate way to add them.

Because for Accelerated Mobile Pages Currently, Google is very fond of blogs that use AMP, so do not let your blog do not use AMP. Especially now almost 80% of users access a site through a smartphone.

Adding Gif Animated Images on AMP Blog

In the AMP template on blogspot to add animated gif images, we are required to include the AMP-Anim javascript extension.

Like this :
<script async="async" custom-element="amp-anim" src=""/>

Add the javascript above right in the section <head>.

How to implement in the Blogspot HTML Editor

Now we try to apply the HTML code to add animated gif images in the article posts in the AMP blogspot template.

Add it by using the HTML Format code like the example below.

<amp-anim width=400 height=300 src="my-gif.gif">
  <amp-img placeholder width=400 height=300 src="my-gif-screencap.jpg">

Well, now is the time for you to try on your blog, if you still experience problems please return to this article.

Okay, all right, that's the article about how to add animated gif images on the AMP blog. Hopefully useful and useful for all of us.


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