Benefits of Website for Personal, Business and Society

Website History - August 6 was marked as the birthday of the website that was opened to the public. Tim Berners Lee is the figure behind the birth of the website. Initially, Tim Berners Lee made the World Wide Web project in 1989 as an automatic communication tool to share information between scientists in various parts of the world.

Tim Berners Lee recently took the initiative to open a website for the public on August 6, 1991. Then in 1994, he established the World Wide Web Consortium which functioned to develop protocols and guidelines to ensure the long-term growth of the website.

In 1994, there were only 2,738 registered and active websites. The website has increased dramatically every year. In 2017, there were at least 1.7 billion active websites.
Benefits of Website

General Website Benefits

Throughout history, the website has changed functions according to the needs of the community. At the beginning of its creation, the website was only used for information exchange tools for scientists in universities.

Only in 1994, the website was used for other purposes such as business (Microsoft, IBM and Pizza Hut), organizations (Amnesty International), government agencies (White House), news sites (The Telegraph and The Economist), and search engines (Yahoo !).

In its development, the website is increasingly popular and more accessible to all levels of society. This can be seen from the skyrocketing number of websites reaching around 1.7 billion in 2017.

Now the website is not exclusive to large companies, reputable organizations, or just superpowers. Even websites can be used for personal purposes such as sharing travel experiences, writing tutorials, or displaying works and portfolios.

The website does bring a myriad of benefits that can be applied by anyone, from the owners of large companies to bloggers. The following are the full benefits of the website:

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Benefits of Personal Website

"Order" Name

You can confirm your identity in cyberspace by using a website. Especially if your name includes market names, you must immediately buy the best domain name for your website. Because, the domain name is unique, there are no exact domain names.

For example, your name is galih and want to have a website with the domain name, you must immediately buy the domain name so that it is not taken by someone else who also wants to buy the domain name

If you are late buying a dream domain name, you want it or not have to buy a domain name that is hard to remember. For example, such as , , or .

You don't have a website with ideal domain names? Take it easy, you can check the availability of a domain name here. Take your domain name immediately, before someone else takes it!

Sharing Hobbies and Experiences

Whatever your hobby or experience, everything is suitable for content on the website. Travel, culinary, automotive, technology, literature, marketing, design, photography, parenting, property, gadgets, religion, entertainment, music, art, and many other themes that you can make as the main theme for your personal blog or website.

Display Portfolio

By focusing on one or several specific themes on a personal blog or website, you have indirectly built a portfolio containing your works. The portfolio will be very useful in the future when you are looking for a particular job or project.

Companies can see your works through portfolios that are displayed on personal blogs or websites. Remember, in this digital era, companies don't just recruit employees based on resumes sent and interviews.

The company also conducts background checks by looking at digital traces of prospective employees on the internet. Of course, companies will prefer prospective employees with a good digital footprint, right? Moreover, you have a portfolio that can add to your points in the company's HR assessment.

Make money

If you are not too interested in working full time at a particular company, you can also work freelance on condition that you must always be diligent in updating the work on your blog or personal website so that people who want to hire your services can find out the quality of your work.

The more exposure you get in cyberspace, the more likely people are to recognize you and the work you produce. That way you can still be a full-time blogger and make money through freelance services.

In addition, if your personal blog or website gets a lot of visitors, you can also make money by placing advertisements or endorsements on your personal blog or website.

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Benefits of a Website for Business

Become No. 1 on Google

What do consumers do when they want to buy something online? Where did they get information about the product to be purchased? The answer is Google.

It has become the habit of potential consumers to search for product information to be purchased through the Google search engine. According to AdWeek research, as many as 81 percents of consumers search for product information first on Google, then decide on the purchase.

What happens if your product doesn't appear in Google search results? Of course, potential customers can easily switch to the products they see in Google search results.

Increase Consumer Confidence

The benefits of other websites are to increase consumer trust in the company or business that you run. As explained in the previous point, 81 percent of consumers search for product information on Google first and then make a purchase.

With the appearance of your website in Google search results, the level of consumer confidence in your business will increase.

Based on Verisign's survey, 65 percent of business owners say that websites make their business more credible or trusted. Even 60 percent of business owners reveal the website is one of the keys to the success of a business.

As a Central Shop

Maybe you have been selling online in the marketplace or in social media. However, you will find it difficult to build a brand if you only rely on these two platforms.

You can use social media as a marketing channel to encourage potential customers on social media to visit online store websites.

As for the marketplace, you can use it enough as a branch of your online store website. Because in the marketplace you just ride or rent a stall from the owner of the marketplace. If there are problems or policy changes in the marketplace, of course, you must follow the rules of the owner of the stall.

Unlike a standalone online store website because you are a shop owner, not just renting a stall. All management is in your hands so there is no need to worry about policies or regulations from others.

Have an Email with Your Own Domain

By having a website you can also have an email with a website domain. So your email address no longer uses a free domain name. In addition to looking professional, by using the company's domain email, your credibility also increases in the eyes of customers.

This feature also makes it easy for consumers to find out which emails are official of your company or store. So besides email with the domain is not the company's official email. That way consumers will be more easily protected from fraudulent crime on behalf of your company.

Media for Press Release

Your company requires media exposure as a way to stay connected with customers. On this website, you can publish press releases containing news about company activities, product updates, company events, or articles related to your product. So your company will always look active in the eyes of customers.

Benefits of a Website for Society

The website is not only useful for personal and business. The website also has social benefits that can be felt by all levels of society. Given that Indonesian internet users have reached 143.26 million in 2017 or 54.68 percent of Indonesia's total population.


The first benefit of the website for the community is as a source of information. In this digital era, people spend most of their time in cyberspace. One of the activities that most people do in Indonesia is reading the article.

Based on APJII's research on the behavior of internet users in Indonesia, as many as 55.30 percents of Indonesian internet users use the internet to access information. And of course, the information accessed is news and online media websites.

Accessing Public Services

The second benefit of the website for the public is to access public services. In this digital era, public services are already widely available through the website.

Still based on the APJII report, the following is a public service website that is widely accessed by Indonesian internet users: legal information (16.17 percent), administrative information (12.51 percent), registration of KTP, SIM, passport, BPJS (11.78 percent), tax report (11.12 percent), and complaint report (9.58 percent).

Raising Social Action

The website can also be used as a tool to mobilize social action. Some of the popular social action websites in Indonesia are and KitaBisa.

You may often see on social media, people ask to sign an online petition at to change government policies, show solidarity with certain groups, support or reject certain movements.

Meanwhile, our website can help Indonesian people to raise funds for people who need financial assistance. Maybe you have participated in one of the fundraisings on the website.

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The website has a myriad of benefits that can be felt by anyone. You can use the website for personal purposes such as expressing opinions and experiences. The website can also be used for commercial purposes. The general public can also benefit from the website through public services and information services.

Besides that, now making the website is easier than the previous two decades. Anyone can make websites easily, either using website creation services or independently. You can even learn how to create a website automatically. There are many tutorials available to help you create a website. Congratulations on creating a website!


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