Google Algorithm 2018 and Change Your SEO Strategy - Bloggers, activists and SEO webmasters should always update with Google's latest algorithm, in order to win the competition to get first place on page one. As is known, the Google algorithm is always updated, which makes changes to positions always possible.

So what about this year, about what SEO trends will happen in 2018? What's Google's Algorithm like in 2018, and how to deal with it?

Looking back from last year's trend, here we present some of the SEO trends that will appear in 2018.

The existence of Mobile-Based Index

It is estimated this year, the AMP  Accelerated Mobile Pages will be a factor that affects Google ranking.

The mobile search index is predicted to get a larger search portion of Google. A reasonable move, considering more mobile Internet users than desktop.

The hope, with two different indexing between desktop and mobile, Google will adjust the search results with the device used. For example, if someone googling with a mobile phone, then the preferred is a site whose content has been optimized for mobile devices.

Is there a ranking difference between desktop and mobile, if a site does not have a mobile version? So far unknown.

But clearly, the main factor is its performance and speed. If your site does not have a responsive web design or has not used AMP, now is the right time to start implementing it.

Voice Search Results and Digital Assistants

Voice search is expected to be used more and more. The use of digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby is expected to be more widely used in 2018 and means that someone will prioritize finding information using the digital assistant. This technology changes the way we communicate and process information. In fact, according to Google, 1 of 5 searches now comes from voice search.

By 2018 it is estimated that smart homes will be widely used, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Given that smart homes and digital assistants are now integrated, there is a big gap between SEO to optimize based on sound.

It seems we will see a big change in search in 2018. When we talk about SEO strategies, voice-based searches will provide opportunities for voice search results based on conversation language, not written language.

For example, if you run a toy store online in Barcelona. Maybe if all this time you use keywords like "toy shop in Barcelona". Now you can be more creative by planting the keyword "toy shop around the La Rambla road".

One big impact that is expected to emerge is that search results will be adjusted according to the location and tone of the search voice.

You as an SEO practitioner must begin to shift focus on long and more detailed keywords, rather than simple, short keywords.

Voice Search Results

Content (Visual) is King

Visual is preferred over mere text. Visual content has been proven to create more engagement and more viral.

Although Google has not released an official statement regarding this matter, most SEO experts suspect social media and user behavior towards your content will later become factors that affect the ranking of your articles/content on Google.

If you want to improve engagement on your site and win SEO in a more modern way, then 2018 is the right moment to improve the quality of your content with pictures and videos.

Link Building Methods Changed

Insiders at Google say that backlinks do not disappear completely, but we need to look at link building in different ways.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of links, it's time to focus on where your backlinks come from. No need to come from a big site, the most important is your backlink website is still topic with sites that you hold.

Link building for SEO in 2018 will focus on building mutual relationships between sites. That is, a good backlink comes from the interaction between two sites that are organic and active.

You can be more active by contributing articles to other sites, whether it's guest authors or guest bloggers, or just sharing on editorial sites like Kompasiana.

You need to shift your focus by building a few quality links instead of backlinks in a lot but being spammy.

Well, that's how some Google algorithm changes in 2018 and how to deal with it. Google's algorithm is always changing and changes are often abrupt. Always updating with the development of Google's algorithm will keep your site ahead.


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