How to check the Dead Link, Broken Link or the URL is off - How to find out the external links in our blog are no longer active or broken links. Dead URLs like this are quite dangerous for our blog's performance in the eyes of search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Moreover, the trust of a blog visitor, because he feels cheated when he will visit the link from the suggestion of our article, does not exist.

For many bloggers who plant outbound links, they often have to check which article links are no longer active. Sometimes we are not aware when deleting one of the articles turns out to affect other articles. When you create an internal link that points to the article, an error will occur.

Then how to check the links that have died if the article has been thousands.  It is impossible for me to check articles one by one, it can be a full month I just check the link. By reducing or even eliminating the error link on our blog it will affect the performance of the blog.

To check it easily and with just one click, all links that have died will appear so you can follow the following tutorial:

1. Please buddy to the site
2. Please fill in your blog address like the example then press Find broken link
Online Broken Link Checker

3. Fill in the Security Code and select Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower) then press Find broken link now!

Online Broken Link Checker2

4. Wait a few moments then the list of inactive links will appear as shown below. For example, there are 6 links that have died on the site, all of them are because of the deposit articles and some of the articles I deleted.

Online Broken Link Checker4

Below is an example of blog.marahmerah. com site that does not have a broken link.

Online Broken Link Checker3

5. To find out where the link is located, please click src in the Page Where Found column, then you will be directed to the article link (see the top link). Please check directly on Blogger to edit the article by deleting the dead link.

6. Finished

How easy is it not to fix the dead link on the blog. Please edit with the active link or new link. You can also delete the link so that it doesn't cause problems on your blog. Good luck, hopefully, useful and if you experience difficulties please ask in the comments column, so and thank you.

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