How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners - Since bloggers added custom robots header tags to their dashboards a few years ago, users have many options to optimize SEO blogs. If you previously had to access the HTML template to add tags, we can now apply it via the search preferences feature. In this area, you will find 2 options, namely: robots.txt and robots header tags.

The purpose of robots header tags is that you are given control of how each page should be indexed by search engines (google, bing, yahoo, etc). The tutorial below is the correct robots header tags setting for blogspot users:

How to Custom Robots Header Tags Guide For Blogger Beginners

1. Dashboard, click Settings —> Search preferences —> Crawler dan indexing —> Custom robots header tags than click Edit.

Custom Robots Header Tags

2. You must activate the feature by pressing the "YES" Button. See picture below for more details.

Custom Robots Header Tags2

3. Check the box as shown below:

Custom Robots Header Tags3

The settings above are recommended so that SE indexes the blog, content, homepage, articles and does not index the archive/label, does not allow the Open Directory Project (noodp) User-agent to explore your blog.

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Of course, you can change this feature to an advanced level. But before anything is changed, it's good to know all the tags above.

Allow SE indexes all pages and web content.

Does not allow SE to index pages in search results, nor to display "cached" links in the SERP.

This tag does not allow SE to follow links on a page.

Has the same value as noindex, nofollow.

Noarchive does 
not allow SE to display a "Cached" link in the SERP.

SE is not permitted to show a brief description of the SERP of a page.

This Noodp 
The tag does not allow SE to use metadata from the Open Directory Project on the title of a page.

No translate 
SE cannot display translate a page into the SERP

The image on the article page is not allowed to be indexed by search engines.

A page will not be displayed on the SERP on certain days or hours.

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As blogger writes: use this tool careful. So don't just check the box, cause your blog can get a penalty or even disappear from the search engine. If you want to blog more SEO friendly, just use the default settings as shown above.


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