How to Install Webuzo on VPS - In this article, I will discuss how to install Webuzo on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Webuzo is slightly different from WHM (Weh Host Manager) which can be used to create multiple cPanel hosting accounts.

Webuzo is a single user control panel that is usually used on VPS services. Webuzo can be used like WHM as well as hosting. The Webuzo panel is widely used by VPS users because of its complete and user-friendly features. Not only that, Webuzo installation is also quite easy.

Webuzo provides many features that you can use to build websites: domain management, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) user management, database management that uses MySQL and Rockmongo, DNS Zone management, MXEntry records management, CRON management, Advanced Security using IP Block, CSR, Private keys.

Minimum Specifications

There are also minimum specifications that need to be fulfilled as follows.
  • Supports the following operating systems:  (the operating system must be fresh installed)
  1. CentOS 6.x / 7.x
  2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x / 7.x
  3. Scientific Linux 6.x / 7.x
  4. Ubuntu LTS
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended for better performance)
  • Minimal 5GB Disk Space (10 GB recommended for better performance)
  • PHP, Apache, and MySQL have not been installed on the server
  • Username and password to access the server

How to Install Webuzo on VPS

When the server is ready, the next step is the process of installing the webuzo on the VPS. There are several steps that need to be done, namely preparing SSH access, installation, then Webuzo configuration.

You need to know a little about basic Linux commands. Because the way to install Webuzo on this VPS uses text commands for the installation process. The steps are quite simple, you just have to follow them.

VPS Access Using SSH

The first time that needs to be done is to make sure that the server can be accessed using SSH. Make sure you have got the IP server address, username, and password to access the server.

If you use the Linux operating system, just enter the username and the IP address of the server through the ssh command. After that, enter the password to enter the ssh account.

After successfully accessing SSH, the next section will explain the steps to install Webuzo on the VPS.

Steps to Install Webuzo on VPS

There will be at least 4 steps that need to be done until the process of installing Webuzo is complete at VPS. The first step is to ensure that the server has not installed several services such as PHP, Apache, and MySQL.

Before proceeding to the next ledge, type ' yum update ' to make sure all packages are in the latest repository.

Step 1 - Delete the Web Server Installation

Make sure that Apache, PHP, and MySQL have not been installed in the VPS. This is because Webuzo already has its own web server configuration. On CentOS, type the following command in the terminal.
$ yum list installed | grep http

$ yum remove httpd httpd-tools
The above command will delete the web server that is on the server. The first command to check if there is Apache installed. The second command is used to delete all Apache that has been installed on the server system.

Step 2 - Download Webuzo

The second step is to download the executable file used for the automatic Webuzo installation process. Use the following command line on the terminal to download the file.
$ wget -N
When finished, you can check using the ' ls ' command to check whether the file has been downloaded or failed.

Step 3 - Install Webuzo

There is only one command to run the automatic installation of Webuzo using the file already obtained. Use the following command line to continue the installation process.
$ sh
The file name matches the name of the file you downloaded earlier.

The installation process can be seen using the tail command.
$ tail -f /root/webuzo-install.log
There are at least 4 processes carried out, namely:
  • Installing Libraries and Dependencies
  • Setting up WEBUZO
  • Downloading and Installing Webuzo
  • Downloading System Apps
After everything is finished, you will get the following view.

How to Install Webuzo

Step 4 - Configure

When the installation process has been successfully carried out, the next step is to configure the Webuzo user interface. You can access Webuzo using a browser by typing in the VPS IP address, which is http: // address IPVPS: 2 004.

For example, for example, your server's IP address is then what needs to be typed into the browser is

Step 4.1 – Webuzo Initial Setup
On this page, you need to enter some information related to the account. Also, enter the nameservers that will be used for VPS with Webuzo.

How to Install Webuzo Initial Setup-1

Step 4.2 - Entering the Key License
You may also enter the license key for Webuzo if already. If you have not already, you can buy it first to use Webuzo for a long period of time.

How to Install Webuzo Initial Setup-2 Insert Key License

Then click " Install " then the installation process will be completed. Wait a few moments until the following page appears.

how to make the cpanel start page of the webuzo installation successful

Finished. Webuzo has been successfully installed into your VPS server. The next step is to access Webuzo using the account that was created earlier.

How to  Login Panel Webuzo

The easiest way to log in to Webuzo is to access it using a server IP. Type http: // the IP address: 2004 in the browser, the Webuzo login page will appear and you can just enter your username and password according to the account on your system. Not the username created in the initial setup.

how to Webuzo Login

The following is a Webuzo view without a license.

How to Install Webuzo Display

You can also access the Softaculous Webuzo Enduser Panel by accessing it using port 2002. The way is the same as accessing the Webuzo Admin panel. Only by accessing http: // addressIP: 2002 in the browser.

The Webuzo installation process is quite simple, not too many steps to go through. Things that need to be considered are the steps that must be sequential and the system environment that matches the minimum needs.

After following this guide you already have a VPS that has Webuzo installed in it. So, you can now configure several things including connecting VPS with an existing domain.

Hopefully, the guide on how to install Webuzo on this VPS helps you in developing an online system. To make it easier for you to find information and make other configurations. Here are some articles that you might be interested in reading.


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