How to Write Articles for Beginners - Being a blogger has his own responsibilities. In addition to the basic minimum coding capabilities, another thing that is not less important is writing. Many bloggers even think that this is not important. He thought blogging was just copying and pasting.

How to Write Articles for Beginners

The ability to convey something to blog visitors will be added value. At least there are people who easily capture what the blog owner wants to convey. Without this, the blog that we manage is just a grain of dust that even though it is there but will be easily lost.

Learning to write will also help many things in our future. In addition to being a blogger who has characteristics, who thinks tomorrow will be a great writer. There are many examples of this. From just writing on a blog to finally becoming a respected writer.

Unfortunately, every time this is discussed, there are people who claim not to be talented in the world of writing. Even though it has the intention to be a writer or at least a blogger. One thing that must be believed from the start, no one is born directly with talent. Even if there is, 99 percent is the will. Talent only has a small contribution.

I really appreciate and respect people who are persistent in learning. Although classified as still exquisite in the world of writing, some people voluntarily invited me to just share how to write well.

My time is not entirely for Blogboosters. There are many side jobs that I work on. One of them wrote for several national media. Not a few of the book writing projects involved me. Either use names or just editors to ghostwriters or shadow writers.

But on this blog, I am Blogboosters. People who also thirst for a lot of knowledge. This article is a bit of dedication from another person I play. Hopefully, it can be used so that then one by one copy paste habits in the world of blogging can be lost.

Nature and Characteristics of Writing

"Do you know why I love you more than anyone? Because you wrote. Your voice will not go out in the wind, it will last forever, far, far away ".
Pramoedya Ananta Toer wrote those words in the book 'Child of All Nations'. The above sentence refers to the words of his mother who wholeheartedly loved Pram. And sure enough, until Pram left this world, his words never died. He remains eternal.

Such is the description of how important it is to write it. He seemed to have life and life. Especially if the writing is full of impressions for the reader. Because of life, the writing should also have characteristics and characteristics.

Starting writing means that you begin to understand what you write. Because writing that is animated is writing that is also easily understood by others. Writing that is lifeless can be because the author barely understood what he was saying.

Not only in scientific writing, just writing on blogs must also have strong character and character. The more characterized our writing is, the easier it will be for people to identify. Although copied by someone else, the author's character will still be read easily.

In general, writing has scientific properties. Among them:

Straightforward: This means that writing does not contain excessive emotional elements in it. Nor does it contain broad meaning. Suppose you want to write about how to write, which is discussed how to write, do not include other measures such as how to repair a bicycle in it

Logis: The words used in writing do not break the rules, the alias is arranged consistently. If you write how to cook curry, it should be more consistent with logical reasoning. Don't make people think the way we convey is impossible.

Effective: The sentence presented is unanimous. Do not present sentences that make the reader forehead shrink because they do not understand. In it, there is an element of emphasis and efficient development.

Efficient: It is better to present writing, the words chosen are common languages that are easy to understand by humans. Don't write to please robots, because those who judge in the end are human. If there is a less popular word, you should look for the equivalent.

Standard: Our Indonesian language is very rich. Good writing uses standard words. Don't because you want to be accused of being a modern child, language also fits everyday words. In short,  writing with many abbreviations and elements of letters and numbers. Do not.

The basic nature of the writing above is important to note. Even though writing on a blog is not always necessary. But the most basic thing is that the text is easy to understand and the message to be voiced reaches the reader.

So far, I still continue to learn how all readers can understand what I write. Because every article has its own market. That is hard work. Not all articles on this blog are easy to understand. There is something specifically devoted to those who do not understand certain topics at all. Some are intended for people to understand follow-up.

Writing blogging tutorial articles for example. The writer should understand what he wants to convey. An easy way to understand it by trying it directly. Never write something that has not been applied and succeeded. Because if so writing is lifeless.

There are three tactical steps that must be taken to write articles. With any topic, this concept still applies.

1. Pre-writing

Before starting writing on a particular topic, the first thing to do is to understand what is written. Look for the data until making observations if necessary. After all is presented, then enter the next stage.

2. Writing

When writing, understand first, the writing will be presented in hard or soft. Hard means the delivery is clear and soft says more. Inverted pyramid method is needed and understanding of 5W + 1H is also needed. Equally important, understand the SPOK problem.

3. Revision

The final touch in writing is to revise. When I first wrote, all of our ideas were put into writing. Sometimes there are things that are not important to join in. Then it is necessary to make a revision before it is finally published.

Explanation of each step above needs its own top-up. I will discuss it in another article. If everything is implemented, the articles we produce will be rich and not considered to be superficial. This is necessary for blogs that have made bloggers a profession.

Writing for digital media, this kind of blog also has a special touch. There is an element called SEO that must be considered. Starting from writing the title to the contents, the steps are different. Thinking online will be very helpful.

The question of how to get written also needs good knowledge. But the easiest way that can be done is to diligently read. Anything that interests you, you should read. Learn how they compose words until you want to finish them completely.


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