Creating Sub Domains from Custom Domain Blogspot - Creating Sub Domains from Custom Domain Blogspot - For those of you who already have a blog on Blogger or Blogspot and have used TLDs or custom domains, you can create subdomains from custom domain blogspot for use on other blogs.

This is useful if you want to create a blog with a special niche that is developed from the main domain of your blog. In addition, this, of course, can save you expenses to buy domains for new blogs.

That way you can create many blogs with certain niches that are separate from your main blog.

Suppose you already have a blog with a domain and you want to create a techno niche blog then you can create a subdomain.

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How to Setup a Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain Blog?

If you want to try to create a subdomain from the blogspot domain that you already have, please do the following steps.

1. Please enter the dashboard or client area of your domain, if there are several domains, please select the domain that you want to create a subdomain then select manage DNS. Usually the appearance of the domain dashboard varies, but basically, the function is the same. The important thing is that you enter the manage your domain DNS panel.

2. After entering the DNS manage panel, please add a new record. Select CNAME for the Type then enter the desired subdomain in the Name Host column (for example en) then enter in the Value column. After that, please save the changes.

DNS Management Settings

In the example above, I added 1 subdomains to the domain, namely for en Version. 

That's all you do in the Manage DNS panel to create a subdomain. Next, we wait for the propagation time, there are usually fast ones that are slow to 1-2 hours. 

After that, please enter the Blogger dashboard to pair the subdomain that we created earlier. Enter the blog dashboard that wants to use subdomains, select Settings > Basic > Blog Address and click on writing  + Set up a third-party URL for your blog to start installing subdomains.

Thrid Party Domain Settings

You simply enter the subdomain in the column provided as in the example above and then save. 

Done, now the blog already uses subdomains. Then you can also activate HTTPS on that blog to ensure its security.

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