Types of Personality Based Website, Platform, and Objectives

Based on Personality Type Website

Static website

In a simple, static website can be defined as a website whose content is constant or unchanged. Each page is made with HTML code and shows the same information to each visitor. Only the webmaster or developer who can do an update on a static website content.

Static websites are generally made using HTML and CSS by developers who understand the programming and coding. You can also use a static website generator like Jekyll, Hexo, or Hugo.

Because static website does not require regularly updated content, a static website does not require a database. Static websites are usually used for corporate websites who only need to provide basic information such as address, contact, and the company's history.

Dynamic website

Instead, a dynamic website is a website that the content is always updated regularly. Most websites are dynamic because it is easier to maintain than a static website. Dynamic website featuring content from a database that normally can only be accessed by a webmaster or developer.

Nevertheless, a dynamic website makes it possible to have multiple users who can update website content without interfering with the web design.

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Type Website Based Platform

There are various ways to create a website. At least you can build a website with three methods, namely using a CMS, website builder, or code.


The first method is the most popular, ie using a Content Management System (CMS). CMS is a software or system used to create and manage digital content.

You can create a website quickly and easily using the CMS. Some of the most widely used CMS is WordPress, Joomla !, and Drupal.

Third of the popular CMS, WordPress is the easiest to operate. In addition to easy to operate, WordPress also holds the largest market share figure CMS with 59.9 percent

This means that more than half of the CMS is WordPress users. That means you're more likely to get tips and tutorials WordPress. In addition, many developers that provide a WordPress plugin that lets you add features on the website.

You can use WordPress to create any kind of website, company website, online shop website, to blog or personal website. Too many large companies who use WordPress. Some of them are

Although creating a website with CMS includes easy, you still need to learn how to use. Each CMS has a different way of working. However, if you use WordPress, your learning opportunities will be easier because there are many WordPress tutorials on the Internet, as already mentioned previously.

Website Builder

If you want to create a website that is even easier, you can use the website builder. The website builder is a platform that helps you create a website quickly, without the need to understand coding or design skills at all.

The website builder is suitable for those who want to create a website in a short time, do not have the technical ability and no time to study it. Some examples of popular are the Wix website builder, Site Builder, and Weebly.

The advantage of a website builder is that users get a complete package to create a website, from hosting, domain, until the template selection. Users only need to change the content as desired and can be aided by the support of the provider website builder.


These types of websites based on the latter platform is the website using HTML and CSS. Remember the types of websites at the beginning of this article? Yes, static website. Usually, static websites created using this method.

This latter method makes website requires knowledge of coding and programming using HTML and CSS. You can create code for a website using software like Notepad ++, Text Wrangler, or Sublime Text.

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Type Website Based on Interest

Websites are also divided on the purpose of manufacture. Here are some of the most common destination website

Blog or Personal Website

Since the early 2000s, a new trend blog as a personal journal that can be managed and accessed online. If you want to write down personal thoughts, opinions, or stories of travel, you can publish them through blogs.

Blog stories can even be used as a job. Many successful bloggers Indonesia through their blogs like Trinity Traveler, Mastimon, and Sugeng.

E-commerce / Shop Online

You can also use the website to create an online store. Even if you already sell in the marketplace or social media, you still need a website. Just as you have a physical store in the real world, the website serves as "shop" you are in cyberspace.

You can direct potential consumers of social media to the online store website that all transactions take place on the website. So all transactions online store can be recorded automatically and you can evaluate them easily with the help of Google Analytics.

Company website

If your company does not conduct transactions online, you also need to have the official company website so that potential customers can find official information about your company from the official website.

By doing so, consumers' confidence in your company will increase because they can find the official information required through a search engine.

Blog (Content Marketing)

Besides being used as personal journals, blogs can also be used as a means of content marketing. You can bring traffic to the online store website or your company's website through a blog.

You can create content or articles using keywords that are frequently used by your prospects. For example, you sell leather shoes. You can write articles on the blog marketing content with keywords such as "how to care for suede shoes" or "best leather shoes".

Organizations or Government Agencies

The website can also be used as the official website of the organization. This is so that people can access the latest information about the activities of the organization with ease. Usually, the organizations use the .org website or .or.id. While the website using the domain .go.id government agencies.

Online Communities

The website can also be used as an online community. There are various online communities on the Internet with a variety of topics. Usually, the online community website just talking about one specific topic.

In this online community website, visitors can get the latest information, tips, or tutorial from one or more specific topic.

For example, users have a website web hosting Indonesia online community Web Hosting Discussion. The readers also have an online community website Goodreads. There is also an online community of women named Female Daily.

Website News

The website with the aim to spread the word is probably the most familiar type of website for you. In the era of digital, online news portal managed to shift some other media as sources of information.

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The types of websites on the top you can use as a basis what kind of website you will make.

Do you need a website that displays only company brochure? Then we recommend that you create a static website developed with HTML and CSS.

Or your website that the content is always updated regularly? Then you can create dynamic websites by using several options platforms. If you have enough time to learn to use CMS, WordPress, Joomla !, or Drupal could be an option.

However, if you need a website in a short time, no need to learn anything, you can take advantage of a website builder. Website builder has given a complete facility to create a simple website like a blog or portfolio.

The things above you need to know so you can choose the most appropriate type of website for you based on nature, platform, and purpose. Congratulations make the best website!


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