Want to Apply Images or Photos to Blog Articles? Follow the following tips

Want to Apply Images

Blogboosters.net - Blogs that contain several articles will usually be inserted or equipped with a number of photos in them. The existence of photos or images is very important for a blog and its articles to make it more attractive and more favored by netizens and search engines. The existence of photos or images does have its own position in #blogging.

For visitors, with pictures or photos, they will have complete, informative and not boring readings. According to Jeff Bullas, a #internet marketing stated that articles that included 94% of the images in them would be seen more than those who did not. And for bloggers who are running a blog monetization, the existence of this photo or picture is one part that will take you to that goal.

Content that has a visual component will indeed be very capable of anything including blogs. This is due to the nature of humans who are very fond of visualization. But you must remember that not any photo or picture that can be displayed in the article on this blog. Then what are the steps or how to create and apply photos or images for this blog? Here's the review.

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1. Adjust the Article Theme 

The first step to applying an image or photo to a blog is to set and adjust the theme of the article. Yes, pictures or photos must be in accordance with the theme of the content or article that has been written. How strange it is if the picture or photo attached to the article does not match the content or writing. If this inappropriate image is then you force it, visitors who read article content can feel lazy or can be annoyed.

From here if you don't want things like this to happen on a blog, then you can't help adjusting photos or images with the contents or theme of the article. How do you do it? So before installing a photo, it would be nice to finish the writing until it is complete, then put up the photo or picture.

2. Use Photos or Images with High Resolution

Well after finding photos that match the contents or theme of the article, the next step in applying photos to blogs is to choose photos or images that have high resolution. Why should photos and images release high resolution? because with photos that have a high resolution, the image quality will get better.

Yes, thus the visitors who come to your blog will be more comfortable because they feel happy with the appearance. Besides that, this high-resolution image will also make your article more interesting and support the information that you present better and in more detail.

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3. Use the Documentation Image or Photo yourself

To make your articles and blogs more professional, you can use your own documentation. To obtain the images or photos for this blog is you can get it from #mesin search (search engine). But the weakness is if you use photos or images from searching via this search engine then your blog will feel less stable and also less supportive of monetization activities.

Well, therefore, if you are able to look for photos with your own documentation, your article or blog will feel more professional. The visitors (visitors) even when you see the photos produced by documentation you will prefer and like it. And what is certain is that with this photo taken by yourself, this blog monetization activity will be better supported.

4. Edit Photos Also Nothing wrong

The last step and tips in terms of applying photos on a blog are to do photo editing if it feels necessary. Yes, if you really feel that there is something wrong and not good at the image or photo that is suitable and will be installed, then there is no harm in editing or changing. By using a number of #software or existing photo editing applications, you will be able to make your photos far more interesting and memorable for visitors.

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