How to Make Viral Videos on YouTube For Chanel to Become More Famous

By making viral videos on YouTube, it will make channels more popular and more widely known by the public.

In addition, it will also potentially get a lot of visitors and the number of subscriptions that will continue to grow.

By making videos viral, of course, YouTube's AdSense earnings are also increasing.

How to Make Viral Video

How to Make Viral Videos on YouTube

Based on the recognition of creator content, there are at least 6 ways to make viral videos on YouTube. The six methods are as follows:

1. Create Emotion Video

Be aware that the friend often clicks on a video because the title and the image are very emotional. Not even a few people finally happily reshared the video.

So the best way to get the video we created is to create videos that emotionally stimulate.

Emotional videos are of course many types, yes guys, ranging from angry, sad, touched, entertained, excited, sympathetic and others.

In addition to the contents of a video that can really arouse emotions, the title and video capture should not be underestimated.

Make video titles and images that can also be emotional, so many people who will be hypnotized want to see it.

2. Always Follow Trends in the Community

Make videos that are trending in the community. Even if possible, every time there are warm things discussed in the community.

That way, when many people search for this topic on the internet search engine, then our video will appear on the search.

3. Give Impressions That Are Very Attractive at the Beginning of Duration

Not a few people who make YouTube videos by playing first before entering the main discussion, whereas in the first duration this is very important.

This first duration can determine the attitude of the audience, to keep watching or switch to another Chanel.

Try the first time you meet someone, what you see the first time. Appearance or first impression isn't it?

Similarly, when you go to various public facilities, such as hotels or malls. In these places, it will definitely be made in such a way that the front of it looks very attractive.

This also applies to YouTube videos, therefore, do not waste the first duration.

Make a tempting impression, and make visitors curious in this section. That way visitors will continue to see the video until the end.

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4. Videos Must Have Value

Make a video that is unique and has its own character. Videos must also have a high value.

Make sure the uploaded videos have a positive value and give many benefits to its audience.

Especially when the video is also worth the worship, and it rewards the maker.

Whether it's in the form of interesting information, knowledge, even skills that are useful for them.

Don't upload videos that have negative values, just because you want to make viral videos and get lots of money.

Many negative content makers now regret their actions, because some of them have been caught in legal problems, such as the distribution of hoax videos and Sara.

5. Duration Is Not Too Long

When it's in front of the camera and talking, sometimes forgetting time. Until finally did not realize if the duration of the recorded video was already very long.

Avoid videos with too long duration, do the editing process for the final results so that the video is more comfortable to see.

Some people who don't like YouTube videos are too long, most people prefer the short duration of the video but it's clearly the way to deliver it, like a tweet on Twitter.

The duration of a good and ideal YouTube video is between 6-8 minutes, except for documentation videos or tutorials that require the longer duration.

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6. Can Stand at National Television Programs

Lately, there are not a few videos on YouTube that are used as references, including references to national television media.

YouTube users are widespread throughout the archipelago, even the world. Make anyone able to take video references easily for certain video themes.

If one of the videos from Chanel friend manages to become a reference on one of the national television shows, of course, the opportunity for your video channels to be known to the public is very wide open.

And of course, many people are curious and want to visit channels that you have and have the potential to become viral.

Therefore, make a quality video that makes many people interested and does not hesitate to share it.

Now that's a number of ways that can be done to make YouTube videos viral. If you have questions, please discuss through the comments column.

What is the difference between immature and mature?

Mature or Immature Blogger?

What is the Mature blogger? A person who goes through the stages or process of development has reached the level of maturity or maturity in the mindset and behavior related to his routine as a blogger, while immature blogger is the opposite.

No blogger reaches their maturity without going through the stages or maturation process. Like a butterfly, before becoming an adult must go through the cocoon and imitation phase.

Indeed, it will feel the difference when you first learn. There is an error, making a mistake or wrong that is certain and usually happens. What else? all need time and the process remains a process. Step it up? please skip as much as possible.

As the seconds change minutes, minutes change hours, change days and so on from week to week, month and year to year, bloggers who wrestle their world with earnestness gradually and perhaps unwittingly by him will pass the maturation process.

Mature or Immature Blogger

How to find out who is an adult blogger, still in process or not yet mature?

1. Blogging is not just about money/money oriented 

Mature bloggers are aware of the reality that the world of blogging is not always able to give what they want or what they hope for. They blog because they want to do it without any motive or special reason behind it. Immature bloggers tend to be the opposite, motivated by what they can get from the internet, overshadowed by fame and success that awaits them in the future, attending awards events where everyone witnesses sharing success stories followed by a lively applause from the audience. Then at the end of the event, share free books.

2. Promoting blogger ethics when blogwalking

A blogger's maturity is also evident when blogwalking and how to participate in the comments column. Appropriately in responding to a reading, it does not seem to be overbearing and certainly does not spam.

Conversely, either because it is still in the process of maturity or still childish, just the participation of the participants, leaving only a trail of blog promotion. His interest is not natural to a reading.

Although basically, bloggers know the difference between natural or just mode, usually still agreed as long as it's not spamming comments. Let others judge.

3. Prioritizing the quality of words in the article

Do not hesitate to delete a few words in the article because they are aware of not the most important words but how high the words are used. In addition, they write to please readers rather than search engines.

For those who are adults the number of vocabulary is not so important, writing is adapted to their abilities. If you want you can actually but they stop at a certain amount, 400, 500 or 700 words are enough which are important in quality.

While immature bloggers are still enthusiastic about writing contents for their hearts, search engines. Measure the repentance of readers with articles that can be up to five thousand words in length or even more. Force the webpage or blog to appear full.

4. Not always fixated on the blog overview

Mature regular bloggers forget to see visitor statistics. Even if you remember, once or twice a day is more than enough and even then if you have time, if not? check later also doesn't matter to him. Generally, they are not always fixated on the blog overview.

Unlike the case, if it comes many times a day, the difference is thin with the name hooked. Visitor traffic dropped, posting new articles. Still down too? posting again. Again and again, keep on doing that until finally vent.

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5. Pray, try and patiently wait

A new blog for corn, the number of articles 5 mixed niche, unique visitor zero, the title statistics are "Up and Down", there are pages that are still empty too, then list Adsense, be advised to read articles about blogs and money. The reply, "! Don't worry about advertising, take time to write content".

Can it be called an adult? oh ... it can't ... adult loggers don't just wait for three or six months but yearly. The three supplies he brought from the real world were prayer, effort, and patience.

6. Not obsessed with black hat SEO

Adult bloggers are not so obsessed with what is called SEO, especially black hat SEO, but rather put forward Webmaster Guidelines according to Google's instructions.

Conversely, immature bloggers are still learning practices or ways that seem to want to fool Google's search engine, which is actually made by the world's best experts, even though it's not 100% or completely perfect because so far no one has claimed it.

7. Thinking about the future of your blog/web

Mature bloggers tend to think about the future of the blog or website they built, fill it with long-term articles, weigh what to do and what not to do. As much as possible avoid practices that could threaten the survival of the blog or website in the future.

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Immature blogger certainly doesn't think like that, do anything to reach its vision. If the blog is blocked, it can still create a new one. It hasn't occurred to him what is the future of the blog or what will happen later but what happens then happens without thinking.

8. Upholding sportsmanship / fair play

Are there templates with auto-generated content? so you don't have to bother copy and paste again. Maybe there is also something like this, these successful blogger ads can make thousands of dollars a month, I just click on the ad thousands of times to get banned all at once, or is there anyone thinking of breaking someone else's wifi password?

That kind of thing never crossed the minds of adult bloggers because the mindset was ripe and reflected in action. They are competitive in competition, not cheating let alone take something that is not their right, "No! Stealing is wrong".

9. It's not so worrying about the appearance of the blog 

The appearance of a blog isn't that important even though it makes it look good too, but just as necessary. Those who are mature are not very worried about the appearance of the blog but prefer the function and quality of the design because not only how it looks, but how effective it is.

10. Adult bloggers dare to say honestly

Only adult bloggers dare to say honestly. No matter how bitter or as bad as the conditions they will face they will still say honestly because honesty will give birth to trust.

Finally, the author is fully aware and acknowledges that I am not an adult myself as a blogger because this blog post still adapts some articles belonging to other bloggers, still thinking that someday a blog can make money, often see statistics and still need a lot of learning, adding insight and experience. How are you?

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Behind the maturity of a blogger, there is a process that inevitably must be lived and will be passed. When the time comes, the process will guide the steps and mindset of a person to become a better person, fully mature as a blogger.

On paper being an adult blogger is easy, but its implementation cannot be ascertained yet. Prayer, effort, and patience are the keys.

Thank you for reading our article. Does this article help? Voice your opinion in the comment session ... :)

How To Embed Videos Uploaded On Blogger To Be Responsive

Until now I still haven't found a lot of Bloggers who use video uploads on Blogger. Yes, of course maybe the reason is that the videos uploaded on Blogger cannot be cashed like Youtube.

But in my opinion, this is not the right reason not to use this one Blogger feature. We can still produce from advertisements posted on posts. This can be useful for tutorial videos with free video hosting from Blogger.

But another problem is Blogger's video embed code is not yet responsive. Of course, this can interfere with the appearance of the blog on a smaller screen. For that now I will share tricks so that the videos uploaded on Blogger can be responsive.

Uploading videos on Blogger are very easy, obviously, the video file must be prepared, for example with MP4 format. Please click the upload video icon in the top bar in the post editor in compose mode as shown below.

How to Apload Video in Blogger

Please upload your video. After the video upload process is complete, please switch the post editor to HTML mode to get the video code. Usually, the code will look like this.

<object id="BLOG_video-c90f4624c2abcde" class="BLOG_video_class" contentid="c90l4724k2abcde" width="320" height="266" ></object>

The code that I mark is the code needed in the next step.

And here is how to embed videos uploaded on Blogger to be responsive.

1. For Non-Amp blogs

Please add the following CSS in your blog style.

.video-responsive {
  position: relative;
  padding-bottom: 56.25%;
  height: 0;
  overflow: hidden;
.video-responsive video {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;

And use the following code to display the video in the post.

<div class="video-responsive">
<video controls>
 <source type="video/mp4" src=" VIDEO SAVE IN HERE">

Please change the text ID VIDEO SAVE IN HERE with the code that I marked above.

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2. For HTML AMP blogs

Please install the following amp-video js in editing the HTML of your blog, if it already exists then you don't need to install it again.

<script async="" custom-element="amp-video" src=""></script>

Then please use the following code to display the video in the post.

<amp-video width="480" height="270" layout="responsive" controls>
   <source type="video/mp4" src=" VIDEO SAVE IN HERE">

Please change the text ID VIDEO SAVE IN HERE with the code that I marked above.

Here I don't include the demo, but I've tried the codes above and it runs perfectly.

Please try and hopefully be useful.

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5 Tips to Make a Good and Effective Online Ad Description

The mushrooming of online buying and selling sites in the present is indeed much easier for us as economic players in this regard as a seller of goods. Call it Kaskus Buying and Selling Forum, buying and selling forums on Facebook or Behind the convenience of online buying and selling offered, I often see in them (a seller) selling merchandise that seems to be an alias with an important guideline, which is quick to sell and return on capital.

Online Ad Description

Because of this ignorance sometimes causes advertisements made and published on various online buying and selling sites to be unseen and impressed that the seller does not intend to sell his merchandise in the eyes of the buyers. Here through this article, I want to try to share a little about my experience in buying and selling online, especially in making ad descriptions so that the results are effective and according to the goals we want. Here's the review:


1. Create an Ad Strict Title. 

Interesting here in a different sense from the others. This is useful so that your ad is not the same as the other seller's ad titles. For example, I exemplify that you are selling your used mobile phone, namely Nokia Lumia 520. Try to make a title like this: Nokia Lumia 520 Normal Complete or Nokia Lumia 520 Normal Complete 8 months warranty. If you only mention the product and the type of item that sells it, it is impressed that your ad is stiff, just like any other (standard).

2. Make a description of the advertisement as clear as possible.

A clear ad description makes prospective buyers interested in what you offer. Do not occasionally make careless ads descriptions. As a suggestion, if you are selling electronic devices try including the completeness of the item and then explain the real condition of the item. The ad description must be clear but remember not once do you cheat potential buyers. Deceiving in the sense that for example there is a certain part of the problematic item you say is normal. In addition to the items we sell are not blessings, of course, this will make the next selling item not sell because you will be labeled as a fraud.

3. List Contact Person Who Is Easy To Contact.

I often find that I have made such advertisements, but no contact can be contacted. If it is like this, how will the sale and purchase transaction process occur? Include your cell phone number or other contacts if there are such as BBM Pin, WhatsApp, Line and so on. 

4. List your Home Address or Location as a Seller.

By listing your home address or place of residence as a seller the level of buyer confidence will increase. Of course, this will make a sense of security when trading online buying and selling so that it will have a good impact on the sale of items that are sold.

5. COD invitation and personal warranty.

Even though there are many online buying and selling methods, just call transfers between bank accounts, joint accounts, PCBs (Monitor Pay Fit) and COD (Cash On Delivery). When viewed from the characteristics of the Indonesian people at this time, the COD method is still the belle of selling online. Invite prospective buyers to do COD in a safe place or in your residence. Do not forget that even if the product you are selling is still guaranteed by the factory or shop, a personal guarantee is also not wrong. The prospective buyers are certainly happy if the items offered are safe and not problematic.

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Now you understand the theory? if so please refer to the ad described as follows: 

Example 1. Mobile Sales: Nokia Lumia 520 Complete Normal.

For sale a Nokia 520 mobile phone with the following features and conditions:


Mobile and Battery Units, Chargers, Headsets, Data Cables, Dusbooks along with guidebooks, warranty cards. and purchase note.


1) All of the above are still all original.
2) The HP engine is still sealed, the warranty is still 6 months.
3) Has never been damaged or entered the service place.
4) The battery is still durable (normal) not dropped.
5) Windows phone OS upgrade to the latest version 8.1 is more stable.
6) It has been installed with anti-scratch, a bonus of 4GB soft case and MMC.
7) Personal warranty 1 week. Price: Rp. 900,000, - (Negotiable)

Contact Person: Anang (085 x 74x x 88x x 999)

Location: Front of UII Campus. Jl. Kaliurang KM 14, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Preferably COD. Thanks.

Example 2. Car Sales : Daihatsu Xenia LiVVTi Deluxe Plus 2007

For sale a Daihatsu Xenia LiVVTi Deluxe Plus car in 2007. Full Accessories Full Features, such as:

1) Power Steering, Power Window, Central Lock
2) Racing Legs, New Bridgestone Tires
3) 3M Auto Film Glass
4) New car tax until the second month of next year (complete letters) The

the whole car is still good and economical, the number is KM 89 thousand, Paint It is still good that there are no scratches or marks on the body of the car, engine, jog seat and the interior of the car is still good and well maintained.

Price: Rp. 90 million (Negotiable)

Interested and serious please call 085 123 456 746 (Agus) and immediately come to my house on Jl. Raya Jogja - Solo no 43, Kalasan, Sleman. Please bring the technician to check the car body and engine. Do not accept offers before checking the car. thanks.

Example 3. Home Sales: Minimalist House Complete Facilities Location Kalasan, Sleman.

For sale a minimalist house is ready to live with the following conditions and facilities:

1) Environmental conditions are comfortable, beautiful, calm, cars can enter.
2) Near shopping center, Indomaret, Alfamart (10 Minutes), Junior High School High School (10 Minutes), Airport Transportation, Trans Jogja Bus Stop (10 Minutes), Access to Highway (5 minutes)
3) Land Area 95m2, Building Area 50M2, Certificate of Property Ownership
Facilities 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, family room, terrace, garden, and guarantee.
4) The door of teak wood windows, trellis, and the door of the wrought iron fence, ceramic floor, 900Watt electricity, well water.

Price: Rp. 400 million, - (Negotiable)

Location: Jl. Raya Solo No. 45, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Interested please contact Roni (086 123 456 484). Please check come directly home before giving a price. Thanks.

Maybe that is what I can do a little on the speed this time about making a description of a good and effective online ad. Hopefully, the tips above are useful so that in the future if you make ads on the internet more effective and you get the maximum benefit. So and hopefully useful.

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What Is Promotion and its Important For Business?

Business always runs smoothly and success is certainly the hope of all business people when starting the business. To get to that stage is certainly not easy and through a long and winding process. Patience, good at seeing opportunities, and continuing to innovate are tips that must be known to anyone who wants to enter the business world.

One of the things that business people need to do to reach that point is the marketing process. An important aspect of marketing is often known as 4p, namely product, price, place, and promotion.

1. Forms of Promotion for Business

In a sense, in addition to part of the marketing activities process, promotion is all the effort made in business to introduce its products to the public so as to attract potential customers to buy these products so as to increase sales income. The question of whether a promotion is important for businesses has a clear answer, that is, yes, promotion to business is obviously very important.

Forms of promotion for businesses vary and according to the strategy of each businessman. The orientation of promotional activities is to increase the proceeds from the sale of products offered both to the superior business products owned by entrepreneurs and businesses to introduce a new product.
Product Lounch

One form of promotion that is popularly used by business people is to advertise their products through both traditional media, such as magazines, banners, billboard boards, to television, as well as through digital media such as the internet. All forms of promotion through the media are still aimed so that the product revenue offered rises rapidly than usual.

As mentioned, forms of promotion for businesses actually have no definite templates and are carried out according to the needs and strategies of each businessman. An example of a promotion, for example, by offering a purchase of several products at once for a cheaper price or even offering to buy one product will get another product (buy 1 get 1). These promotions will certainly be very attractive to prospective customers so that these consumers will certainly tend to take the offer so that it can increase business revenue.
buy 1 get 1 free

2. Things to Look For in Promotion

Promoting business products is important, but there are some things that must be considered. Although promotional activities tend to be carried out by looking at the long-term prospects, there is no harm in thinking about the long-term aspects because it will be more efficient.

One of the things that must be considered when promoting is the activity budget. Will the operational costs of the promotion be covered by profits or not.

Then, also pay attention to ways of promotion for the long-term aspects, for example, the amount of income in the product being promoted increases. However, whether the promotion period has ended the product will still be favored by consumers? For this reason, promotion must be realistic, but it still provides the view that consumers are very benefited by purchasing these promotional products.

To help solve the problem of promotion, the Jakarta Advertising Agency is here to provide these solutions for business people. Advertising Agency Jakarta which is an expert in digital marketing has products that provide benefits for business people, one of them is Digital Campaign which is very good to help marketing activities.

In addition, if the business already has its own application, it can also be used as a promotional media such as providing discount coupons for every purchase through the application. To manage company applications, Advertising Agency Jakarta also has a solution, namely by applying Application Maintenance & Management.

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Blogs are one part of the internet that provides a place for bloggers to create an article, information, work, place of communication and many more functions. Blogs are the essence of an article, where without a digital paper blog you cannot publish. In the 90s, blogs were rarely heard, usually, an author made works through notebooks, magazines or newspapers. Now everything has been replaced and slowly these things are no longer used since the blog provider gives the platform openly and is free for writers to work. Okay, see 12 of the best 2018 free blogging platforms.

Here are the Top 12 Best Free Blogging Platforms (2018)

Maybe many people ask, why not make a work on social media only? The answer is limited data processing rights. So many writers have turned to bloggers to devote the sheets so that many people can see them. Many blogging platform providers that you can use in creating an article. Here are the 12 Best 2018 Top Free Blogging Platforms launched by Bier Pinter.

1. Blogger

Blogger Platform

As the name suggests Blogger is also the function. Almost all writers start their digital pages using bloggers. Blogger was developed by Google. No wonder many blogs are deleted because they do not match the standards and provisions made by Google. So, be careful in using bloggers. It's quite easy in the registration process, just enough to use your google account to automatically connect to blogger.

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2. WordPress

Wordpress Platform

No less competitive too, now WordPress is the place for content writer choices. With a dynamic look and easy to understand, many developers become WordPress as their blogging media. You can quickly understand how to manage the parts provided by WordPress. You can make WordPress as a CMS on your web hosting and certainly a lot of features that are broader if you manage WordPress using hosting.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr Platform

Until now, Tumblr became a halfway house between WordPress and Twitter. Tumblr tends to provide more concise output than other blogging sites. Tumblr has a very dynamic and responsive appearance, therefore not a few are using Tumblr. You can customize the theme on Tumblr to your liking. Tumblr also has a strong social undercurrent, through the following models combined with favorite notes.

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4. Wix
Wix Platform

Wix is ?? the right platform if you want to develop websites/blogs to be more attractive. Wix is ?? the only drag and drop-building website with HTML5 capabilities. This blogging platform provider provides 500 designer-made templates and lots of additional features and applications that can improve your website's performance. Wix provides 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth with a free Wix account. Wix can be used as an online store platform.

5. Weebly

Weebly Platform

Weebly, one of the blogging platforms targets itself more than just a blog. Various interesting features are provided by this provider so that developers can create a more sophisticated web system. You get access to customizable layouts, many free themes, and are open to HTML editors.

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6. Platform

Like the name of the site, you can write a work on This platform is somewhat different from the others. The user does not need to log in and instead the user will specify the URL for a post and provide the password for the post. You can insert an image and can create multi-page posts using tags.

7. Ghost

Ghost Platform

From its name, this possibility is a creepy platform. There are many mysteries here. No, the purpose of this platform was developed, unlike its name. This platform is open source which in a word meaning you can use it for free. It's just that, you have to download and install it yourself. In the post, there will be a direct preview of how your post will end. Use this platform not to scare.

8. LiveJournal

LiveJournal Platform

LiveJournal is the grandfather of various platforms. He started publishing in general in 1999. In this era, internet use has not become a necessity. The goal is to give you your own space in forming a community, but this can also encourage your communication interactions. You can have a discussion on each article that has been posted.

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9. Jekyll

Jekyll Platform

The Jekyll platform presented by GitHub is certainly a good platform. We can see from a reliable developer. They have a slogan, namely: Simple, Static and Blog-aware. From the slogan, we can mean that this web is very static and simple. Using Jekyll, you can avoid the need to work with technical problems such as databases, upgrades and so on. You can build a blog starting from scratch without thinking about deep technical problems.

10. Yola

Yola Platform

Yola says bring your online business with Yola today. Development is easy to do, the display is very dynamic and responsive. There are no third-party ads that can pollute the walls of your blog. Yola only gives you two sites and three web pages. But, the advantage is that you can use large storage and 1GB bandwidth. Page speed from Yola is very fast.

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11. Contentful

Contentful Platform

Full of fun using this platform. Many don't know how he can start blogging and what they have to tell. Contentful provides a way for you to start blogging here and separate your content and design. All your content will be stored on their server in a safe condition. This is the key for you if you want to build a different site in general.

12. Medium

Medium Platform

The last platform discussed is Medium. This platform is formed from Twitter ideas. Aim Bluebird companies are making this platform to do long reads what they have done for microblogging. You can find a million new stories on this platform. You can be socially oriented with the writing that you have and a million people will see your work.

These are the Top 2018 Best Free Blogging Platforms that help your blogging activities. If this article is interesting and the information is needed by many people. Like and share yes. Thank you,

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One to Whiz?? These are 7 Tips to Become a Pro in Fornite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Game

Rarely or even never get Victory Royale when playing Fortnite Battle Royale? Check out the tips below to become a pro in Fortnite Battle Royale

It's not easy to win the Fortnite Battle Royale game if you just start playing it. You need tips on how to become a pro at Fortnite Battle Royale, as you read this. Why? Because you can die in less than a minute after jumping off the bus if you land late to pick up a weapon.

Fortnite Battle Royale is one example of a game with the successful Battle Royale theme. In the midst of being a tough competitor of Playerunknown's Battleground, Fortnite Battle Royale, which is still in the Early Access stage, successfully stole the attention.

The number of viewers is more crowded than PUBG on streaming media Twitch has recently proven its popularity. Fortnite Battle Royale itself can be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms for free. Even now it can be played on mobile iOS.

Then, how to get the Victory Royale title? Here are some tips that players can learn when playing Fortnite Battle Royale to become a pro:

1. Selecting Landing Sites

Selecting Landing Locations
Selecting Landing Locations [source: Dakotaz]
You must choose the right landing location. Since the latest patch update, Tilted Towers is the most visited location because of a large number of chests scattered there. If you are a beginner and are not expert at aiming for a headshot, don't ever jump at the Tilted Towers location. Choose a rather quiet location like Moisty Mires or Anarchy Acres so you have time to boot.

2. Collect Material

Collect Material
Collect Material [source: Dakotaz]
Usually known as farming. Fortnite Battle Royale has the theme "Fight and Build". If you are good at Fighting but not good at Building and vice versa, you might have trouble killing your opponent. But if you can both, you will have a much greater chance of winning. Collect some material that is scattered for your resources.

There are three materials, Wood, Stone, and Metal. Wood will accumulate a lot if you destroy the pile of yellow wood or big trees. Stone will accumulate a lot if crushing rocks. Metal will accumulate a lot if it breaks the car.

3. Get used to close combat

Get used to close combat
Get used to close combat [source: Dakotaz]
Fighting at close range allows you to aim your opponent's head more accurately whether it's using a Shotgun or Assault Rifle. Always get used to and lure your opponent to fight at close range and jump as often as possible to make it difficult for your opponent to shoot you. The best weapon for a short distance is the Shotgun or Pump Shotgun.

4. Always Use Highground

Always Use Highground
Always Use Highground [Source: Dacotaz]
If you meet opponents and are quite adept at using the Building feature. Get used to always making a high ground path so that your position is above your opponent. This will make it easier for you to shoot your opponent and on the contrary, your opponent will have a hard time aiming at you because the shooting space is getting narrower.

5. Using Slots

Using Slot
Using Slot [source: Dakotaz]
Unlike PUBG where players can carry many items depending on the level of backpack used. At Fortnite Battle Royale, you only have five slots. You must really choose weapons and items that best match your fighting style.

If confused, you can carry three types of normal weapons. Each for the close range such as a shotgun, medium distance like Assault Rifle, and long distance like Sniper. Leave two more slots to fill with Medic Kit / Bandage and Shield Potion items to increase your blood and armor.

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6. Track and Take Supply Drop

Track and Take Supply Drop
Track and Take Supply Drop [source: Dakotaz]
Every few minutes, Supply Drop will be dropped and contains rare weapons like Gold Bazooka and items like Boogie Bomb. You can see your surroundings to make sure the location of the Supply Drop falls when you hear the whistle. Then, give a one-shot shot to the Supply Drop blimp so that the Supply Drop status is always displayed on your screen.

7. Put the Trap

Put Trap
Put Trap [source: Dakotaz]
The type of trap that is often encountered is Spikes. Spikes will bring out sharp spines when the opponent stands on it. Damage is large enough, that is equal to 125. You can put in the house at the top of the stairs or in front of the door so that the opponent did not realize it when it ran. Or lure your opponent by placing the Magic Potion item below which there are Spikes.

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The Result of Quipped Ericko Lim, Reasons Reza Oktovian to Close His Youtube Channel??

Reza Oktavian Arap known as a Youtuber made a surprising decision. He closed his Youtube channel, Rapyourbae. Even though the channel actually has a lot of subscribers.

In his Instagram stories, Reza Arap stated that he deleted his Youtube channel, and wanted to focus on real life. But many people argue that the reason is not that simple.

Many people suspect this is the aftermath of his dispute with Youtuber Ericko Lim. Even Ericko had the chance to upload a song on his channel which was clearly dissenting Arap.

The single was titled No Sm: (Le Zone M.RO. This single itself became the number 1 trending on Youtube Indonesia with 59,000 comments and almost 2 million viewers when this news was revealed.

After the single was released, Arap also uploaded some Insta Stories which revealed that he no longer needed Youtube and intended to delete the channel.

Of course, this was originally only thought of by Reza Arap. Until finally what he said really happened. You will not be able to access the Rapyourbae channel again on Youtube.

For those of you who don't know, Reza Arab is one of the first Indonesian Gaming Youtuber and with the largest subscribers. More than 2 million people have subscribed to the channel and are a milestone in the development of Channel Youtube Gaming in Indonesia.

Why did Reza Arab then close the Youtube channel? The beginning was because one of the Indonesian Youtuber Ericko Lim had a private chat with Reza asking Reza to come and attend one of the biggest events, Youtube Rewind Indonesia.

Ericko asked Reza to open the Youtube Rewind. But the response from Reza himself was very bitter.  Feeling unappreciated, Ericko Lim immediately made a song intended to satire Reza Octovian.

Does this song cause Reza to delete the YouTube channel? In the video uploaded by Michael Show, Ericko tried to argue that the song was not the cause of Reza removing his Youtube channel.

" I think it's just a sweet revenge. I feel not appreciated, so I make that song. Simultaneously when he released his new album, "said Ericko.

Furthermore, Ericko said that it was impossible for Reza to feel sidelined to immediately delete the Youtubenya channel. And Ericko Lim gave a defense.

" You is not ever said in class, constantly suddenly you said at the time he was immediately not to go to school again kept one whom ?," said Ericko

He continued that many people blamed him for Reza Arap closing his private Youtube channel.

"The time at diss once closed the channel immediately,, then you want to blame me . I didn't say Arap blamed us ,"  he said.

5 Best Battle Royale Games (PUBG) on Smartphones

The Battle Royale PUBG game is very tense and exciting, but the control of the game still makes it frustrating

The Battle Royale PUBG

The phenomenon of battle royale genre games has been felt by gamers around the world. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or PUBGs are made by Bluehole Studio, followed by Fortnite from Epic Games, for example, their popularity is unstoppable.

After 'breaking down' on PC and console platforms, the fame of the game with the last man standing formula is now 'flowing' into the mobile realm. There are at least five mobile battle royale games with quality that you can play to get rid of the curiosity for those who don't get to play PUBG on PC.

1. PUBG Mobile

Yes, PUBG games are officially available on the Android and iOS platforms. Called PUBG Mobile, this game is the result of a collaboration between PUBG Corporation and the internet giant from China, Tencent which is also the guide of the MOBA Arena of Valor game.
Like the PC and Xbox One versions, PUBG Mobile also offers battles with 100 players on a remote island. Fight with each other to survive and become the last person in a competitive battle.
PUBG Mobile

2. ‎Fortnite Mobile

The success of PUBG on PC is followed by Fortnite made by Epic Games, as well as on mobile platforms. Shortly after PUBG expanded to Android and iOS, Epic Games also launched Fortnite Mobile for iOS and Android soon to follow.

The striking difference between Fortnite and PUBG is the graphic treat, where Fortnite has a cartoon-like look like Overwatch or Paladins, while PUBG looks more realistic.

3. ‎Rules of Survival

Long before the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile were available for smartphone devices, the Rules of Survival under NetEase Games had already come to treat mobile gamers who could not taste PUBG on a PC.

The mechanism of this game is very similar to PUBG with very good graphics quality. The content also continues to grow and mature because it keeps getting updated regularly. Here you can not only play with 120 player mode but also 300 players with a wider 8 × 8 kilometer map.

Rules of Survival

4. ‎Free Fire

Free Fire

Unlike the others, Garena Indonesia's Free Fire presents a fight with 50 players. Initially, this survival shooter game was a game project that was carried out by a team of developers under the auspices of Garena which slowly continued to grow and meet high standards such as other Garena games.

The mechanism is the same, every player (given the nickname of survivor ) is sent to an island empty-handed, they get weapons and other supplies, survive in the safe zone of the game, as well as killing enemies encountered.

Garena Free Fire

5. Knives Out

Knives Out

This PUBG-style game made by NetEase is identical like the Rules of Survival, but the Knives Out presents a much smaller map area, which is 6 × 6 kilometers, followed by 100 players. For comparison, the normal map of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game itself has an area of 8 × 8 kilometers.

Like the others, you can choose to join the game as a solo (solo), duo, or as a squad (four people). Players enter there by skydiving without supplies. Hurry straight to find a house to get weapons and supplies.

Knives Out Game

Game battle royale mobile it's really fun to play, the graphics quality is pretty good, but the game controls still make it frustrating. But once you find the tension and almost or have won, we want to feel again

Causes of Promotion Failure on Social Media

The Causes of Promotion Failure in Social Media, Create a Crowded Blog Visitors are an absolute thing for some bloggers who do aim to make money from the internet, especially bloggers. To capture visitors to our blog, it takes several techniques and one of them is by using step P, which is by Promotion.

Every blogger definitely wants success, but to be successful being a blogger must need good traffic on the blogs that are managed. Why traffic? because traffic is MONEY. An example is easy, it's useless if you have an Adsense account but your blog is quiet, who wants to click?

One way to capture visitors is by promoting on social media. It looks easy, but many bloggers have failed when promoting on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G +, and other social media. then are your Causes of Promotion Failed on Social Medal?

Causes of Promotion Failure in Social Media

1. Only Using 1 Social Media Account

Social Media Icon
The Causes of Promotion Failure in Social Media the first is to only use one social media. I take the example here, my friend only uses Facebook for promotional media. Surely you often share your blog postings on your Facebook home with the hope that many will click and stop by your blog.

Actually, it can bring visitors but depends on how many friends you have on Facebook. If you have a friend of 1000 people but only 100 online, there will be some of them who will visit your blog but only a few because you are not interested in your discussion.

good is to build a Fanspage. What's the difference between fans page and Share on our homepage. If we share in Fanspage, it will certainly bring abundant traffic because those who like the fan page, of course, have the same interests or topics as you.

So, you should use some social media to promote your work, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and especially G +. G + is owned by Google, of course, many users can use it to capture more traffic to our favorite websites.

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2. The Content Share Is Not Interesting (Unattractive Content)

The Content Share Is Not Interesting
The second cause of promotion failure in social media is the core of your blog. If your blog does not have meaningful content, of course, people will also be lazy to read it because it can be seen from the title, it is less interesting to read. Sharing unique and unique content will usually contribute more traffic to the blog.

Tedious and non-weighting content makes social media users too lazy to open it. Try to compare the title of the title is weird and full of contradictions, for example, "Photo of Jar of Duo Wolf" I am sure your blog traffic has increased very very drastically.

3. Less active on social media

The third factor that causes promotion failure on social media is the lack of time to routinely share social media content. Feeling already made a promotion yesterday and lazy to do another promotion today. If you think so, then I think your campaign failed. For free promotion on social media need perseverance and patience.

To capture the abundant traffic you must be active in the social media to reach the desired target. The easy way is that you can join the Facebook Group that has the same interests as you, Share on Twitter by using Hashtag which is being the topic of comparison, or making friends in G + as much as possible.

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4. Perform Spam Actions

No Spam
In this mortal world, spam becomes an enemy for internet users, especially social media users. They will usually feel upset when someone who is not known to send something that is not overly understood. Actions like this will usually make a friend block by that person.

We recommend that you promote, avoid using tools that automatically share posts on social media because using automated tools will certainly send posts continuously and with the same content. It's better to do it manually by getting closer to your friends on social media.

5. Not Consistent

Consistent is the key
As I mentioned in point 3 that for promotion it takes perseverance and patience, in this case, is consistency. Some bloggers only share a few articles on social media because they think other articles are less needed by others, this is also a cause of social media promotion failure.

Always think positively during promotions, don't miss an article to share on social media because who knows someone needs it. Although the articles that you share on social media have less interest, there are still those who need and get more if the person also shares them with friends.

That's what some of the main causes you have failed when promoting on social media. You should keep learning from the experiences you have experienced. The experience of every blogger is different, so learn from your own experience because the experience is the best teacher. If there is a shortage in my explanation please add to the comment column, thank you.

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What is the Process of Hurricane Irma/Typhoon/Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone?

What is the Process of Hurricane Irma/Typhoon/Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone?
Hurricane is a tropical cyclone storm that commonly occurs in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with wind speeds of> 75 mph. This cyclone is a low-pressure center and brings stormy weather and heavy rainfall. Where the wind blows hard towards the center in a circular direction.

Hurricane Irma

Cyclones are formed and become large above the ocean which then moves ashore. Generally high temperatures that develop over the warm Pacific Ocean, starting in May and beyond. Because the temperature continues to rise, a low-pressure area is formed above the ocean east of the Philippines. At the same time, warm air from the south meets cold air from the north. The wind starts to blow to the center of low pressure. Where the wind starts to move in a spiral with a counterclockwise direction. Once formed, the storm moves west towards the Philippines. With winds moving as fast as 120-200 km per hour, this typhoon causes great damage to human property. This storm can take the form of a tornado that has very high speed. To be able to form this tropical cyclone storm,

  • The temperature of the warmth of the ocean (> 80 degrees F) with a minimum depth of 60 m.
  • Very small or no transverse wind.
  • Air pressure is very small, especially at 5 degrees North and South latitude.
  • There is rotation caused by wind.

Generally, hurricanes have a low pressure center where the wind blows very hard to the center in a counter-clockwise direction. There are speeds that reach 50 m / sec. When the wind blows up and out from the central area, a giant rain cloud forms. Cumulonimbus clouds are so high that it will cause very heavy rain. At the center of the storm, there was a weak wind area and cracked clouds. Where the air flowed down and the front side of the hurricane was covered in thick clouds and the back side of the cloud was more fragmented. If the hurricane is finished, the weather will be bright again.

Staying for a few days the wind will still blow hard. The most dangerous when a hurricane is occurring is when the tide wave rises. Then it will have the potential to cause massive flooding that enters the land. This combination of disaster will be very dangerous for human life.

The last few weeks the world is busy talking about Irma. Yes, right, the Irma is not the name of a beautiful girl selling uduk rice in the Cilandak area, which is usually the Bacadulu.News team hanging out, but the name of the Hurricane yesterday crashed into Florida America. We review how the great Irma emerges.

Hurricane Irma was first seen as a tropical disturbance off the coast of the Cape Verde Islands in late August, before an Atlantic storm that was heading for the Caribbean and the US.

Hurricanes are often also called tropical cyclones. It is an extreme weather disturbance in the atmosphere and specifically affects the earth's surface. Symptoms of a normal occurrence begins with strong winds that appear together with lightning, lightning, or lightning. In addition, the rain that fell heavily and continuously accompanied by the wind and ice that fell also are some of the symptoms that can be watched.

Storms are formed when there is a low air pressure in the middle of a high-pressure area.

The combination of these two opposing forces produces a vortex of wind that can form a cumulonimbus cloud. Clouds that form above sea level move in the direction of the wind at a speed of about 20 km / hr. However, when it reaches land, the cloud carries a strong wind with a force of up to 250 km / h and has the potential to damage anything in front of it.

Storms that sweep an area can endanger the safety of life and property. Heavy rains accompanied by winds can lead to catastrophic flooding which has left dozens of houses damaged and access to transportation hampered. In addition, lightning and lightning can potentially trigger fires and electrical disturbances and communication waves. In general, storms have a large impact both materially and non-materially.

Well, already acquainted with the powerful Hurricane Irma.

How to Install Ads in the Middle-End of Blog Posts / Articles

Installing advertisements in the article, either at the beginning, middle or end of the article is indeed effective enough to optimize PPC ad revenue (Adsense, KlikSaya, Innity, etc.) if compared to installing it in the sidebar. Until now, this method was indeed effective enough to get an increase in income.
How to Install Ads in the Middle-End of Blog Posts

Generally, if you place your advertisement to place your ad in the article, there will be an increase in earnings up to 30-50%, so don't expect that you will get a high earning increase just by placing ads in the article.

Before Continue, Please Parse First Your Adsense Ads
Parse is an activity that formats the ad code into a different format. This is done to prevent clashing an advertisement by coding a blog template.

To parse ads, you can visit the following site

Parse HTML

On this occasion, I will provide some tutorials that you can do to place Google Adsense ads or other advertisements to be placed in articles with different styles and placements.

I will give  installation tutorials on Blogger platforms,  Here's the tutorial:

1. Installing an Ad at the Beginning of the Article (Under the Title)

If you follow the tutorial below, your Adsense ad will appear just below the article title or at the beginning of the article.

Ads placed on the left side

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below above <data: post.body />

<div style="float: left;">
Adsense ad code

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

Ads Placed on the Right Side

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below above <data: post.body />

<div style="float: right;">
Adsense ad code

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

Ads Placed in the Middle 

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below above <data: post.body />

<div style="text-align: center;">
Adsense ad code

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

Ads placed side by side (2 side by side ads, left and right)

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below above <data: post.body />

<table border="0">
<td>Adsense ad code</td>
<td>Adsense ad code</td>

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

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2. Installing Ads in the Middle of Articles (In the Middle of Paragraphs) 

Ads Placed on the Left Side Ads
Not Available

Placed on the Right Side
Not Available 

In the Middle

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and look for the code <data: post.body />
Note: Look for the <data: post.body /> code marked with a conditional tag that shows the post body that will be displayed on the posting page (not on the homepage). For example, as shown below

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

Add the code <div id = 'a-centerads'> above it and the code </ div> below it, so that it becomes

<div id='a-centerads'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

Look for the code </ body> and place the code below above

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
#centerads{display: none;}
<div id='centerads'>
Adsense ad code</div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var str1=document.getElementById(&quot;a-iklantengah&quot;).innerHTML;
var str2=str1.length;
var str3=str2/2;
var substr = str1.substring(str3, str2);
var n =;&lt;br&gt;&quot;);
n = substr.indexOf(&#39;.&#39;);
var firsthalf = str1.substring(0, str3+n+1);
var secondhalf = str1.substring(str3+n+1, str2);
var firsthalf = str1.substring(0, str3+n+4);
var secondhalf = str1.substring(str3+n+4, str2);
var addcode=&quot
var newbody=firsthalf+addcode+secondhalf;
var strnew=document.getElementsByClassName(&quot;post-body entry-content&quot;);

Change the Adsense ad code with your google ad script that has been parsed

Advertisements Placed Side by Side (2 Side by Side Ads, Left and Right)
Not Available

3. Adverts at the End of Articles (End of Articles / Posts) 

Ads Placed on the Left Side 

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below below <data: post.body />

<div style="float: left;">
Adsense ad code

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

Ads Placed on the Right Side

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below below <data: post.body />

<div style="float: right;">
Adsense ad code

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

Ads Placed in the Middle 

Login to your Blog Dashboard
Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below below <data: post.body />

<div style="text-align: center;">
Adsense ad code

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

Ads placed side by side (2 side by side ads, left and right)

Select the Template menu -> Edit HTML
Press CTRL + F and search for the code <data: post.body />
Note: There will be more than one code <data: post.body /> , so please try one
Place the code below below <data: post.body />

<table border="0">
<tr><td>Adsense ad code</td>
<td>Adsense ad code</td>

Change the Adsense ad code with your Google Adsense ad script that has been parsed (this method supports ads other than Adsense)

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