Blogs are one part of the internet that provides a place for bloggers to create an article, information, work, place of communication and many more functions. Blogs are the essence of an article, where without a digital paper blog you cannot publish. In the 90s, blogs were rarely heard, usually, an author made works through notebooks, magazines or newspapers. Now everything has been replaced and slowly these things are no longer used since the blog provider gives the platform openly and is free for writers to work. Okay, see 12 of the best 2018 free blogging platforms.

Here are the Top 12 Best Free Blogging Platforms (2018)

Maybe many people ask, why not make a work on social media only? The answer is limited data processing rights. So many writers have turned to bloggers to devote the sheets so that many people can see them. Many blogging platform providers that you can use in creating an article. Here are the 12 Best 2018 Top Free Blogging Platforms launched by Bier Pinter.

1. Blogger

Blogger Platform

As the name suggests Blogger is also the function. Almost all writers start their digital pages using bloggers. Blogger was developed by Google. No wonder many blogs are deleted because they do not match the standards and provisions made by Google. So, be careful in using bloggers. It's quite easy in the registration process, just enough to use your google account to automatically connect to blogger.

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2. WordPress

Wordpress Platform

No less competitive too, now WordPress is the place for content writer choices. With a dynamic look and easy to understand, many developers become WordPress as their blogging media. You can quickly understand how to manage the parts provided by WordPress. You can make WordPress as a CMS on your web hosting and certainly a lot of features that are broader if you manage WordPress using hosting.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr Platform

Until now, Tumblr became a halfway house between WordPress and Twitter. Tumblr tends to provide more concise output than other blogging sites. Tumblr has a very dynamic and responsive appearance, therefore not a few are using Tumblr. You can customize the theme on Tumblr to your liking. Tumblr also has a strong social undercurrent, through the following models combined with favorite notes.

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4. Wix
Wix Platform

Wix is ?? the right platform if you want to develop websites/blogs to be more attractive. Wix is ?? the only drag and drop-building website with HTML5 capabilities. This blogging platform provider provides 500 designer-made templates and lots of additional features and applications that can improve your website's performance. Wix provides 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth with a free Wix account. Wix can be used as an online store platform.

5. Weebly

Weebly Platform

Weebly, one of the blogging platforms targets itself more than just a blog. Various interesting features are provided by this provider so that developers can create a more sophisticated web system. You get access to customizable layouts, many free themes, and are open to HTML editors.

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6. Pen.io
Pen.io Platform

Like the name of the site, you can write a work on Pen.io. This platform is somewhat different from the others. The user does not need to log in and instead the user will specify the URL for a post and provide the password for the post. You can insert an image and can create multi-page posts using tags.

7. Ghost

Ghost Platform

From its name, this possibility is a creepy platform. There are many mysteries here. No, the purpose of this platform was developed, unlike its name. This platform is open source which in a word meaning you can use it for free. It's just that, you have to download and install it yourself. In the post, there will be a direct preview of how your post will end. Use this platform not to scare.

8. LiveJournal

LiveJournal Platform

LiveJournal is the grandfather of various platforms. He started publishing in general in 1999. In this era, internet use has not become a necessity. The goal is to give you your own space in forming a community, but this can also encourage your communication interactions. You can have a discussion on each article that has been posted.

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9. Jekyll

Jekyll Platform

The Jekyll platform presented by GitHub is certainly a good platform. We can see from a reliable developer. They have a slogan, namely: Simple, Static and Blog-aware. From the slogan, we can mean that this web is very static and simple. Using Jekyll, you can avoid the need to work with technical problems such as databases, upgrades and so on. You can build a blog starting from scratch without thinking about deep technical problems.

10. Yola

Yola Platform

Yola says bring your online business with Yola today. Development is easy to do, the display is very dynamic and responsive. There are no third-party ads that can pollute the walls of your blog. Yola only gives you two sites and three web pages. But, the advantage is that you can use large storage and 1GB bandwidth. Page speed from Yola is very fast.

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11. Contentful

Contentful Platform

Full of fun using this platform. Many don't know how he can start blogging and what they have to tell. Contentful provides a way for you to start blogging here and separate your content and design. All your content will be stored on their server in a safe condition. This is the key for you if you want to build a different site in general.

12. Medium

Medium Platform

The last platform discussed is Medium. This platform is formed from Twitter ideas. Aim Bluebird companies are making this platform to do long reads what they have done for microblogging. You can find a million new stories on this platform. You can be socially oriented with the writing that you have and a million people will see your work.

These are the Top 2018 Best Free Blogging Platforms that help your blogging activities. If this article is interesting and the information is needed by many people. Like and share yes. Thank you,

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