5 Best Battle Royale Games (PUBG) on Smartphones

The Battle Royale PUBG game is very tense and exciting, but the control of the game still makes it frustrating

The Battle Royale PUBG

The phenomenon of battle royale genre games has been felt by gamers around the world. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or PUBGs are made by Bluehole Studio, followed by Fortnite from Epic Games, for example, their popularity is unstoppable.

After 'breaking down' on PC and console platforms, the fame of the game with the last man standing formula is now 'flowing' into the mobile realm. There are at least five mobile battle royale games with quality that you can play to get rid of the curiosity for those who don't get to play PUBG on PC.

1. PUBG Mobile

Yes, PUBG games are officially available on the Android and iOS platforms. Called PUBG Mobile, this game is the result of a collaboration between PUBG Corporation and the internet giant from China, Tencent which is also the guide of the MOBA Arena of Valor game.
Like the PC and Xbox One versions, PUBG Mobile also offers battles with 100 players on a remote island. Fight with each other to survive and become the last person in a competitive battle.
PUBG Mobile

2. ‎Fortnite Mobile

The success of PUBG on PC is followed by Fortnite made by Epic Games, as well as on mobile platforms. Shortly after PUBG expanded to Android and iOS, Epic Games also launched Fortnite Mobile for iOS and Android soon to follow.

The striking difference between Fortnite and PUBG is the graphic treat, where Fortnite has a cartoon-like look like Overwatch or Paladins, while PUBG looks more realistic.

3. ‎Rules of Survival

Long before the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile were available for smartphone devices, the Rules of Survival under NetEase Games had already come to treat mobile gamers who could not taste PUBG on a PC.

The mechanism of this game is very similar to PUBG with very good graphics quality. The content also continues to grow and mature because it keeps getting updated regularly. Here you can not only play with 120 player mode but also 300 players with a wider 8 × 8 kilometer map.

Rules of Survival

4. ‎Free Fire

Free Fire

Unlike the others, Garena Indonesia's Free Fire presents a fight with 50 players. Initially, this survival shooter game was a game project that was carried out by a team of developers under the auspices of Garena which slowly continued to grow and meet high standards such as other Garena games.

The mechanism is the same, every player (given the nickname of survivor ) is sent to an island empty-handed, they get weapons and other supplies, survive in the safe zone of the game, as well as killing enemies encountered.

Garena Free Fire

5. Knives Out

Knives Out

This PUBG-style game made by NetEase is identical like the Rules of Survival, but the Knives Out presents a much smaller map area, which is 6 × 6 kilometers, followed by 100 players. For comparison, the normal map of the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game itself has an area of 8 × 8 kilometers.

Like the others, you can choose to join the game as a solo (solo), duo, or as a squad (four people). Players enter there by skydiving without supplies. Hurry straight to find a house to get weapons and supplies.

Knives Out Game

Game battle royale mobile it's really fun to play, the graphics quality is pretty good, but the game controls still make it frustrating. But once you find the tension and almost or have won, we want to feel again


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