5 Tips to Make a Good and Effective Online Ad Description

The mushrooming of online buying and selling sites in the present is indeed much easier for us as economic players in this regard as a seller of goods. Call it Kaskus Buying and Selling Forum, buying and selling forums on Facebook or OLX.co.id. Behind the convenience of online buying and selling offered, I often see in them (a seller) selling merchandise that seems to be an alias with an important guideline, which is quick to sell and return on capital.

Online Ad Description

Because of this ignorance sometimes causes advertisements made and published on various online buying and selling sites to be unseen and impressed that the seller does not intend to sell his merchandise in the eyes of the buyers. Here through this article, I want to try to share a little about my experience in buying and selling online, especially in making ad descriptions so that the results are effective and according to the goals we want. Here's the review:


1. Create an Ad Strict Title. 

Interesting here in a different sense from the others. This is useful so that your ad is not the same as the other seller's ad titles. For example, I exemplify that you are selling your used mobile phone, namely Nokia Lumia 520. Try to make a title like this: Nokia Lumia 520 Normal Complete or Nokia Lumia 520 Normal Complete 8 months warranty. If you only mention the product and the type of item that sells it, it is impressed that your ad is stiff, just like any other (standard).

2. Make a description of the advertisement as clear as possible.

A clear ad description makes prospective buyers interested in what you offer. Do not occasionally make careless ads descriptions. As a suggestion, if you are selling electronic devices try including the completeness of the item and then explain the real condition of the item. The ad description must be clear but remember not once do you cheat potential buyers. Deceiving in the sense that for example there is a certain part of the problematic item you say is normal. In addition to the items we sell are not blessings, of course, this will make the next selling item not sell because you will be labeled as a fraud.

3. List Contact Person Who Is Easy To Contact.

I often find that I have made such advertisements, but no contact can be contacted. If it is like this, how will the sale and purchase transaction process occur? Include your cell phone number or other contacts if there are such as BBM Pin, WhatsApp, Line and so on. 

4. List your Home Address or Location as a Seller.

By listing your home address or place of residence as a seller the level of buyer confidence will increase. Of course, this will make a sense of security when trading online buying and selling so that it will have a good impact on the sale of items that are sold.

5. COD invitation and personal warranty.

Even though there are many online buying and selling methods, just call transfers between bank accounts, joint accounts, PCBs (Monitor Pay Fit) and COD (Cash On Delivery). When viewed from the characteristics of the Indonesian people at this time, the COD method is still the belle of selling online. Invite prospective buyers to do COD in a safe place or in your residence. Do not forget that even if the product you are selling is still guaranteed by the factory or shop, a personal guarantee is also not wrong. The prospective buyers are certainly happy if the items offered are safe and not problematic.

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Now you understand the theory? if so please refer to the ad described as follows: 

Example 1. Mobile Sales: Nokia Lumia 520 Complete Normal.

For sale a Nokia 520 mobile phone with the following features and conditions:


Mobile and Battery Units, Chargers, Headsets, Data Cables, Dusbooks along with guidebooks, warranty cards. and purchase note.


1) All of the above are still all original.
2) The HP engine is still sealed, the warranty is still 6 months.
3) Has never been damaged or entered the service place.
4) The battery is still durable (normal) not dropped.
5) Windows phone OS upgrade to the latest version 8.1 is more stable.
6) It has been installed with anti-scratch, a bonus of 4GB soft case and MMC.
7) Personal warranty 1 week. Price: Rp. 900,000, - (Negotiable)

Contact Person: Anang (085 x 74x x 88x x 999)

Location: Front of UII Campus. Jl. Kaliurang KM 14, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Preferably COD. Thanks.

Example 2. Car Sales : Daihatsu Xenia LiVVTi Deluxe Plus 2007

For sale a Daihatsu Xenia LiVVTi Deluxe Plus car in 2007. Full Accessories Full Features, such as:

1) Power Steering, Power Window, Central Lock
2) Racing Legs, New Bridgestone Tires
3) 3M Auto Film Glass
4) New car tax until the second month of next year (complete letters) The

the whole car is still good and economical, the number is KM 89 thousand, Paint It is still good that there are no scratches or marks on the body of the car, engine, jog seat and the interior of the car is still good and well maintained.

Price: Rp. 90 million (Negotiable)

Interested and serious please call 085 123 456 746 (Agus) and immediately come to my house on Jl. Raya Jogja - Solo no 43, Kalasan, Sleman. Please bring the technician to check the car body and engine. Do not accept offers before checking the car. thanks.

Example 3. Home Sales: Minimalist House Complete Facilities Location Kalasan, Sleman.

For sale a minimalist house is ready to live with the following conditions and facilities:

1) Environmental conditions are comfortable, beautiful, calm, cars can enter.
2) Near shopping center, Indomaret, Alfamart (10 Minutes), Junior High School High School (10 Minutes), Airport Transportation, Trans Jogja Bus Stop (10 Minutes), Access to Highway (5 minutes)
3) Land Area 95m2, Building Area 50M2, Certificate of Property Ownership
Facilities 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, family room, terrace, garden, and guarantee.
4) The door of teak wood windows, trellis, and the door of the wrought iron fence, ceramic floor, 900Watt electricity, well water.

Price: Rp. 400 million, - (Negotiable)

Location: Jl. Raya Solo No. 45, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Interested please contact Roni (086 123 456 484). Please check come directly home before giving a price. Thanks.

Maybe that is what I can do a little on the speed this time about making a description of a good and effective online ad. Hopefully, the tips above are useful so that in the future if you make ads on the internet more effective and you get the maximum benefit. So and hopefully useful.

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