7 Functions of VPS You Need to Know

VPS Hosting

Compared to shared hosting, VPS is less popular. Most people use shared hosting first because the cost is more affordable and the operation is relatively easier than VPS. Maybe you are also a shared hosting user.

Even so, it doesn't hurt to increase knowledge about VPS. Maybe you need to increase your hosting needs from shared hosting to VPS in the near future.

There are various VPS functions that you can use to improve the performance of the website or business that you manage. VPS services can be used for various things. Here are seven VPS functions

7 VPS function 

1. Super High Traffic Website

If you manage websites with super high traffic, VPS is a service that is suitable for your website. If you are using a shared hosting service, you can switch services from shared hosting to VPS services.

Super high traffic on websites that still use shared hosting services can result in domain suspensions because they have the potential to interfere with the shared resources used by shared hosting.

Usually, the hosting service provider that you use will tell you if the traffic on your website is too high and need to move to a VPS service. In addition, you also need to check website traffic regularly to determine when the right time to move services to VPS.

2. Small Scale Web Hosting

For those of you who have a website creation service or developer, you can use VPS services for your web hosting clients. By using VPS, you have complete control over websites that use your VPS service.

3. File hosting

Maybe you are familiar with sites like MediaFire, Zippy Share, Dropbox, Google Drive, and various other file storage sites. The online file storage site makes it easy for you to save and access files online.

The VPS service also allows you to store large files, both to be accessed privately and accessed by visitors to your website. You cannot find this feature in shared hosting services because usually disk space shared hosting is only allowed for the purpose of creating a website.

If you need online file storage features such as backup storage, file sharing services, storage of movies, photos, software, and storage of other large files, VPS is the service that suits you best.

4. Remote Desktop

VPS also allows you to access and use your computer or server remotely. You have complete control of the server without being restricted to the location. You can control the server wherever you are.

5. VPS as VPN

VPS can also be used as a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPN is briefly defined as networks connected via the internet, but can only be accessed by certain people.

The VPS function as a VPN can be used by companies or organizations that need private networks for employees or members only. Companies or organizations can make their VPS as a VPN to store important data and still be able to exchange data safe while on the VPN network.

6. Experiment Server

If you are developing software, applications, operating systems, or framework, of course, you need a server at an affordable price, but provide enough facilities to conduct software or application experiments.

You can just use a dedicated server, but the price is certainly very expensive. As an alternative, you can use the VPS service to conduct experiments. VPS services are relatively cheaper compared to dedicated servers but have provided enough features for the trial phase server.

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7. Private Backup

Usually, VPS service packages are specifically listed to provide how many gigabytes of disk space. VPS service packages are available from 20 GB to 160 GB. Besides you can use to save files online, you can also use them to store backup data.

Infografik VPS Function

When to move to a VPS?

After knowing the seven VPS functions, then what you need to understand is when is the right time to move from shared hosting services to VPS.

Website traffic is too high

When your website starts to get too high traffic, you should immediately move from shared hosting services to VPS services. Why do you have to move immediately? Because the resource you use in shared hosting is a shared resource. So disk space and bandwidth in shared hosting are used for several different websites.

When one of the websites in the shared hosting uses too many resources to exceed the existing provisions it will certainly interfere with the performance of other websites in the same shared hosting.

The worst possibility is that you can get a suspension from a company that provides your shared hosting services. However, usually, the hosting service provider company will give a warning if your website has used shared hosting resources too much.

Full Control against Server

If you run a large company or organization that needs full control of the server, of course, shared hosting services are not enough for you. By using the VPS service, you have complete control over the server and all its settings.

Large Size File Storage

Usually shared hosting services do not allow users to store large files because it can interfere with the performance of websites that are in one shared hosting.

Therefore, if you need a large disk space provided only for your website, we recommend using VPS services. Besides you can choose how much disk space is needed, you will also not be disturbed by other users because the disk space you buy is not shared with shared hosting services.

Better Server Security

Because you have complete control of the server, VPS security is more secure than shared hosting services. You can set the VPS security configuration according to the standards you need. In addition, disk space and bandwidth in VPS services are not divided as in shared hosting so it is safer and more stable.

Sufficient Knowledge to Manage VPS

The last point is the most important, which is sufficient knowledge in managing VPS. In general, VPS services available on the market are divided into two types, namely managed and unmanaged.

Managed VPS services are services where VPS providers manage the settings and configuration of the VPS that you buy. Meanwhile, unmanaged VPS service is a service where the settings and configuration are carried out independently by the user.

Most VPS providers provide unmanaged VPS services. Therefore, you must be able to manage VPS independently. If you can't manage it yourself, you can use the services of people who are skilled at managing VPS for you.

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Hosting purchases must be done based on the needs and goals to be achieved. If you really need the VPS function as mentioned above, there is no need to hesitate to buy a VPS service.

Shared hosting services are cheap, but have many restrictions and you don't get full control. While a dedicated server can be too expensive for those of you who don't need dedicated server features. VPS service is a middle way for those of you who need features almost like a dedicated server, but at a cheaper price.


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