Causes of Promotion Failure on Social Media

The Causes of Promotion Failure in Social Media, Create a Crowded Blog Visitors are an absolute thing for some bloggers who do aim to make money from the internet, especially bloggers. To capture visitors to our blog, it takes several techniques and one of them is by using step P, which is by Promotion.

Every blogger definitely wants success, but to be successful being a blogger must need good traffic on the blogs that are managed. Why traffic? because traffic is MONEY. An example is easy, it's useless if you have an Adsense account but your blog is quiet, who wants to click?

One way to capture visitors is by promoting on social media. It looks easy, but many bloggers have failed when promoting on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G +, and other social media. then are your Causes of Promotion Failed on Social Medal?

Causes of Promotion Failure in Social Media

1. Only Using 1 Social Media Account

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The Causes of Promotion Failure in Social Media the first is to only use one social media. I take the example here, my friend only uses Facebook for promotional media. Surely you often share your blog postings on your Facebook home with the hope that many will click and stop by your blog.

Actually, it can bring visitors but depends on how many friends you have on Facebook. If you have a friend of 1000 people but only 100 online, there will be some of them who will visit your blog but only a few because you are not interested in your discussion.

good is to build a Fanspage. What's the difference between fans page and Share on our homepage. If we share in Fanspage, it will certainly bring abundant traffic because those who like the fan page, of course, have the same interests or topics as you.

So, you should use some social media to promote your work, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and especially G +. G + is owned by Google, of course, many users can use it to capture more traffic to our favorite websites.

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2. The Content Share Is Not Interesting (Unattractive Content)

The Content Share Is Not Interesting
The second cause of promotion failure in social media is the core of your blog. If your blog does not have meaningful content, of course, people will also be lazy to read it because it can be seen from the title, it is less interesting to read. Sharing unique and unique content will usually contribute more traffic to the blog.

Tedious and non-weighting content makes social media users too lazy to open it. Try to compare the title of the title is weird and full of contradictions, for example, "Photo of Jar of Duo Wolf" I am sure your blog traffic has increased very very drastically.

3. Less active on social media

The third factor that causes promotion failure on social media is the lack of time to routinely share social media content. Feeling already made a promotion yesterday and lazy to do another promotion today. If you think so, then I think your campaign failed. For free promotion on social media need perseverance and patience.

To capture the abundant traffic you must be active in the social media to reach the desired target. The easy way is that you can join the Facebook Group that has the same interests as you, Share on Twitter by using Hashtag which is being the topic of comparison, or making friends in G + as much as possible.

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4. Perform Spam Actions

No Spam
In this mortal world, spam becomes an enemy for internet users, especially social media users. They will usually feel upset when someone who is not known to send something that is not overly understood. Actions like this will usually make a friend block by that person.

We recommend that you promote, avoid using tools that automatically share posts on social media because using automated tools will certainly send posts continuously and with the same content. It's better to do it manually by getting closer to your friends on social media.

5. Not Consistent

Consistent is the key
As I mentioned in point 3 that for promotion it takes perseverance and patience, in this case, is consistency. Some bloggers only share a few articles on social media because they think other articles are less needed by others, this is also a cause of social media promotion failure.

Always think positively during promotions, don't miss an article to share on social media because who knows someone needs it. Although the articles that you share on social media have less interest, there are still those who need and get more if the person also shares them with friends.

That's what some of the main causes you have failed when promoting on social media. You should keep learning from the experiences you have experienced. The experience of every blogger is different, so learn from your own experience because the experience is the best teacher. If there is a shortage in my explanation please add to the comment column, thank you.

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